Time in the spirit world

All of you are wondering how does time work in other dimensions. Time exists to serve a purpose along with anything else that exists around you. It is indeed a blessing for those living in this plane, in other planes however, time does not exist.

Time and spirit

Angels and spirits do not have a sense of time the way we do. They might be in a place in what feels like a minute, for us on earth is in fact a year. Time does not hold spirits grounded, nor it is needed for them.That is the reason angels and lighted beings always are available to hear your prayers. They move to all other planes, all other time periods in a split of a second. Spiritual expansion works differently for them, they do not need to experience it in that way. They are free to move in time as they cannot get affected by their old actions. Everything happens at the same time, there is no past and no future in spirit planes. Time moves unrecognizable, as Expansion for spirit happens in the now and not in the past. Spirit learns as they make choices and it happens simultaneously.

Benefits of time

Moreover, Time exists to keep a time line, to keep past, present and future linear so we, physical beings, are allowed to gain new experiences and make choices with our free will. Time allows us not to contradict our lessons based on memories of another life. It helps us not to overwrite old beliefs and troubles, but forget or heal things that do not serve us. We stay in a time line where the past cannot be relived in order to make new choices and start again.

Let’s assume you were burned from a candle as a kid. If time were replayed and time did not exist that time incident will me eminent in your experience and it would not allow you to move on from it, neither learn from it since you would have been experiencing it over and over. As Time works as a healer, it helps you grow, and gain experiences in the form of memories. Memories have no effect in the present moment but bring lessons and help us re-experience emotions.

time and future

Physical beings, like us, do not understand a dimension without time, because we have lived with it our entire lives. Everything moves according to time, our physical bodies are programmed to age with time, to learn with the past and to not know the future. When we reside from this physical plane we will be aware of all other options. The future will not be unknown but we will know the outcome of every choice that appears in our way, so that we choose the one that has the better result for our expansion. Good spiritual mediums, or clairvoyants know this. One of the favorite question of clients is: “What will it happen?” The response is not that simple as there is not only one option but several starting from three at less and moving to hundreds depending on your choices and free will.

As I often ask this question to Angels, they inform of some possible options or pathways that exist in the form of energy based on our current choices. There is not one path, not one destiny, but all exists at the same time. The point of matter is that we only benefit from those we do choose, from those we do experience.

Time and the present

 Furthermore, time is given to experience a new way of living, to appreciate every moment that goes by, to enjoy every second. If you pause now and look around, you will notice so many things happening at the same time. All you have to do is pause and notice. The birds’ song, the neighbors talking, the cats mewing, the kids playing. Everything happens simultaneously, if you do not notice them as they happen, you allow time to move unnoticed, and pass you by. However, you are given the choice to experience, to be present, to notice. Older people always say: “I can’t believe it has been so many years already.” Why do you think that is? You let time move by, and you are left with the memories, the experiences, the choices. For this reason we are given time, and a time limit that we exist in our physical bodies. Spirits and angels do not have this advantage, everything they experience happens at the same time. We on the other hand only have one time to focus on a time. Now.

 past and

the future in spirit world

Past, present and future, happen simultaneously. There are various paths, various options, various time zones that life is experienced. If you go left there is a different outcome than if you go right. In the same way there is a different outcome to all experiences, choices and lives. Why choose only one? Why not do them all? That is how all spirits walk by. This is how spirit is “omnipotent”, it exists everywhere. If you call an angel, they will come because they can do all things at once. they don’t have limitations of time and space. There is not only one, there are all options, happening at the same time. They go left and right. In this way they experience and expand and live with no boundaries. They enjoy all that their  life brings with no worry. They choose not to do something that they know they won’t be beneficial for them. They know the future, they live in it, they live in the past and in the now. In this way, they do not only live in one plane, but they live in all others as well.

Incarnation happens at the same time as well. Another part of you, may live now in 3000 A.C, and 3000 B.C at the same time. When you reside from this physical body and return to the ether, you will be aware of all other lives. Time now does not allow you to remember, because you must make new choices, paths and experiences in order to gain new perspective and wisdom. But after you return to non physical all of these experiences will link together to empower your spirit. Now there is not only one of you, but many of you. Your soul “splits” in many pieces, one small piece of you is now here, the other is in the non physical learning new lessons. As you croak, you will be whole.

And so, there is no past and no future where we are, there is only present. Enjoy all this life brings and you will know about all the other lives, lessons and experiences soon enough.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. I looked this up because a lucid dream I once had that basically told me that in that world people can communicate past,present,future all at once and another dream of archangel Micheal I had where he was lecturing me for hrs in a forest on sitting on rocks can’t remember his face clearly but it was golden beautiful with a sword by his side with a warmth like fire that demanded plutonic love and respect

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