Entering the new Earth – FEBRUARY ANGEL FORECAST

Since the beginning of 2021 we have witnessed some wild new energies streaming in. Many lightworkers and empaths have felt those as intense or new symptoms flooding very frequently and disturbing their natural flow of energy. As February joins the energies soften, while the influx of new energies continues presenting new opportunities for advancement, re-calibration, and a dive into the new earth portal.

The following is a direct divine channeling:

Entering into the 5D Earth

“The truth is 2021 is here to move you into a new sense of reality as the frequency being broadcast now is new and you are still trying to adjust to it. Know that just because it gets intense, it doesn’t mean that it’s not beneficial; on the contrary, these energies are is so high vibrational, that they completely reset your energy systems with huge upgrades. Like a snake shedding skin you’re transforming to a new updated version that can withstand the energy of the new earth.

You have arrived in this new dimension, yet everything is so new (just like any change) that it feels heavy, dense, overwhelming, and intense. This feeling will not stay. You have crossed the threshold into the new earth, now you’re standing at the entrance of the portal, still affected by the effects of the old, yet receiving the properties of the new earth.

Think of a baby that has just come into this new world. Everything is new, it’s different, with baby – steps as you say, you will slowly adjust and learn, and grow and expand and dive deeper into this new earth energy.

Living in 5D

The dimensions have opened. You are crossing the bridge to the 5D earth. this brings unlimited opportunities, experiences, gifts so you might feel over floated with various energies. We advise you to consider what you would like to experience in this new earth. Where do you want to give your attention, what would you like to manifest, be, enjoy?

As you are further in the 5D, the bounds of the 3D world that kept you from manifesting the thoughts to reality have become really thin. As a result you have nearly full power in the energy to manifest thoughts and attentions to reality.

If you have not yet mastered the power of focus attention we advise you to start now. Don’t carry the frequencies of the old earth to the new. Focus on the positive aspects, on the newly found blessings, on the good feeling thoughts and emotions – – those have ultimate manifesting power as you will begin to notice.

Let go of the past, you’re in the new earth now – new reality begins to develop just choose wisely how it will unfold through your attention and thoughts.

The changes to the Earth

As you have jumped in a higher dimension – 5D new realizations will occur, gifts, experiences and people that are in greater alignment with your soul and gifts. Follow those and trust your intuition as you manifest needed changes.

Moreover, the 3D energies and collective density still alchemizes and dissipates. In February more of the density will continue to be felt until March. More layers and layers of it unfold you see, and as you hold greater light and anchor this new earth reality, more of the old will clear, bringing further lightness, as well as temporary chaos and collective distress in their exit.  Don’t get alarmed, just know you’re headed towards the right direction.

You continue to transform and illuminate your life, and everything in your way is shining brighter by the minute! Soon you will have anchored to the new earth, well enough to harness the benefits and notice all changes within and all around.

February gives you an opportunity to get a glimpse of the new earth, yet remember you’re still at the entrance of it, that so many of the density of the 3D is still felt.

Welcome the new. You have made it to the other side! We’re so proud of you!

2021 will be a year of adjustment, new opportunities and powerful shifts. We are so excited for you!”



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