How to get rid of negative ascension symptoms

As we go through the ascension, you might experience strong negative emotion, density, fear arising. Some of those fears might seem familiar, while others unjustified. The truth is you don’t only go through a personal ascension, but you also experience the ascension of the universe in a collective level. If you are sensitive to energy, then you might be affected by the collective clearing.
This collective ascension has to do with clearing of various timelines attached to our third dimension. Learn more on these timeline clearing below, as well as learn from archangel Metatron channeling, who shares an easy way to stay shielded from those intense energies and rise above the ascension symptoms.

Ascension and timelines

We are halfway through the ascension process and it already might have been intense for you. This is because right now the timelines have shifted and light flows freely into all dimensions across the space of time, to clear and illuminate. Why? Because all the negativity, fear, negative emotions, thoughts, pain that occurred in the past, present and even future, worth of lifetimes and lifetimes on earth, exist still. All those intense energies are stored in energetic timelines attached to our own, and they are still active. Emotions and fears of the collective consciousness still exist into this one, and are carried through still, they continue to be charged by attention, by fear and even hate. What the divine realm tries to do now, is fill those timelines with so much light, that all those dense, heavy records are cleared. Yet as they do try to clear, they are brought up so that they are released. They rise into our lifetime first to be cleared, and they may pass through your awareness, through your emotions. Many of you sense them, that is why you notice negative symptoms attached to the ascension process.
Those dense energies transform into anxiety, fears, sadness, restlessness, negative thought or more negative symptoms, and are sensed by those who are highly sensitive to the energies of ascension.
so the question is, how come such a beautiful even such as the return to more light, make us suffer, and feel so dense and negative? And more importantly, what can we do about it? How can we make the ascension more subtle, less intense than it is?

The answers come through Archangel Metatron directly:

How to protect from ASCENSION SYMPTOMS

We greet you with respect, with love, appreciation, gratitude at this moment, to reveal a way in which you can shield your energy through this intense period.
The message that we bring you today is love. When you tune into greater love, you elevate beyond the consciousness that arises. When you are uplifted, you will rise above the densities of the timelines that come up to be cleared.
When you vibrate in a different frequency than they are, you rise above them because you are not a match with them. So spend time elevating your vibration, clearing your energy field, tuning into divine love, to ensure that your energy will remain uplifted and protected through the densities that the ascension energy brings up. Whatever is going on energetically, it will not affect you in a negative way, you will, however, sense the clearing process, and benefit from it. When you are in a high vibration, you sense the intense energies that surround your dimension, yet you are not consumed by its density.

connect mind, body and spirit

Whenever you experience struggle, fear, it is because you have allowed the fear to join your energy; you were not attuned to divine love and to your spirit. To return you into this place of elation; where everything seems to viewed from a different checkpoint, it is not enough to simply shield, to clear your energy, as you will continue to attract lower vibrations and distortions because you are not elevated enough and connected with divine love.
Your goal should be to tune in to the light, search for this connection within, feel the light that is connected within you at all times. Feel your connection with all, feel your inner power, feel the love that we bring you now; and bask in that emotion, let it elevate you. Pause in that state in between thoughts for a while. The more you practice returning to this set point of love, the easier it will be for you to find love. So, the message for you today is to dedicate 5 minutes twice a day to experience this divine love within and all around.

How to connect with your divine light

To help you follow the steps to reach your inner light and divine love within:

Start by sitting in a comfortable position upright. Place your hand on your chest to help you find the core of your connection which lies beyond the heart.
Set the intention of tuning into your core center, into the energy of love that is God, that is the universe, that is all.
Pause, focus on the center on your heart chakra.
It helps to visualize it glowing and becoming more illuminated as you focus on it. The more it lights up, the more you connected you become with the universe, with your spirit, with all; the more uplifted you become.

You don’t really need outside sources to be elevated, to be happy, you just need to find your core center and that will keep you uplifted, with a raised vibration, attune to all.
When the lower distortions of timelines and lower vibrations rise, they will pass you, and not go around you. it will be as if you are invisible to them because you are in a different vibrational wave link.

How the dense energies affect you

The energies that are trying to be released and cleared at this time of ascension, are dense, heavy and magnetic. They try to find a way to attach. When you are in a vibration that allows them to attach, by being low in energy (sad, angry, upset, worried) they do attach to you. When this happens, they feed off your energy, living you more worried, or exhausted, and generate negative thoughts within you. That is how you might experience sudden fear, stress, negative thought; they are transformed into a different energy vibration based on your fears and thoughts. and so, you continue carrying those, until you release them.
Thankfully, you can find protection from ascension symptoms and from the densities of these energies, by staying connected, tuned in to your core light, twice a day 5 minutes each time.

You can Ask us to help you stay connected with your loving energy and soul light. from that place of love, upliftment joy, you can be of service to the world because you would have increased the light frequency of the universe. From that space of love, you vibrate higher and help the collective energy do so as well.
Find your core, find the love within. ( there is a free meditation to help you [button link=”” newtab=”on”]HERE[/button])

There might be times that you feel disconnected from your spirit that is when the energies that surround you make it difficult for you to tune into your soul energy, your true self. Perhaps there will be times that you would have consumed those dense energies and that will make it challenging for you to connect with love. in that case, cleanse your energy. Ask us to step in to come and clear your energy, help you to find your core light, shed away the density into the light, and remove you from all that doesn’t serve your true happiness and joy. Then tune in again to your core light, silence all thought and try even if it seems challenging, know that your light shines brightly within at all times, all you need is a shift of frequency in order to tune into it. Focus on your heart, visualize the light within, see it becoming more intense and radiant, magnetizing more light and love your way.

Stay uplifted, stay connected, and enjoy the energies of ascension that come to expand you, and elevate you in a collective level. You are expanding and growing with more love and light possible to you, more than ever before while in this physical experience.


Did you know that Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and divine channel? check out Amelia Bert Library


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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