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Forming the 5D body – October Angel Forecast

You went through such a powerful portal of light in September and that has granted you a milestone in your ascension path. You have undergone energy clearing and activations, you released ego illusions, and you got glimpses of the power

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Endings and Beginnings: April Angel Forecast

April is a powerful month. It is a month of endings and beginnings. Powerful clearing of patterns take place, that shift us from the old way of being, thinking and reacting. The past flashes before your eyes, but it does no longer define you, it rather shifts you towards the greater version of yourself.

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Ascension speeds up on a different level : March Angel Forecast

In March we step away from the energy of 2018, and finally emerge in the 2019 with all its glory. In a gist this is yet another powerful month. A new form of energy downloads begin to occur, new phenomena take place, New inventions are created, extinct species awaken, and we shift from the ego thinking to oneness. Read the channeling from ascension angels and lighted beings that prepare us for the energy of March.

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The 4rth dimension: February Forecast

What an intense period January has been! Since 2019 joined, it has intensified the ascension symptoms and triggered the 5D getaway to open. What you are experiencing is not the 5D however, but glimpses of it. But hang on, let’s step back a bit. If we were in the 3rd dimension and we are heading to the 5th, what is the 4rth dimension? Newsflash: You are in the 4rth dimension right now!

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ANGEL FORECAST: 7.1.19 – 13.1.19

Great things are already set into motion for this year. Things are changing for the better, even if you cannot really see that yet. The message for this week is to allow great things to unfold. What a wonderful week

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