The month of Initiations – April ANGEL FORECAST

april 2021 energy news

This is a direct Divine channeling:

“The potent energies have prepared you to jump in a different frequency that you haven’t yet experienced in this lifetime. The constant shifts and upgrades and activations of the past 5 months brought you in this moment of beautiful re-alignment that you will embark upon this April. Describing the energy of this month in a single phrase we would say that it’s the month of initiations.

Spiritual initiation

Initiation starts with the presentation of new talents, skills, paths, then with the acknowledgment, the knowing, the calling to fulfill them, embark upon them, and use them. In April you will begin to awaken forgotten information about yourself that resides within your soul. The soul never forgets, it always recognizes and knows what it’s supposed to be doing. Now as the mind, the body, the awareness attunes to a higher frequency; one that it’s closer to the soul, all the information becomes known. It’s like a door that has just become unlock for you. A lot of new information and realizations will flow through and we want you to be aware, notice, and listen. In those lie your life’s purposes, ascension acceleration wisdom, knowing of the soul (twin flames, soul mate relationships, karmic bonds ready to clear).


The soul remembers

As you come in alignment with the higher essence, memories of who you really are, also begin to flow through. You might get flashes of past lives, of people, emotions of life experiences you never actually lived in this life, as well as longings of places you never knew existed. As your soul memory awakens, you become more and more powerful, holding parts of those energetics within as those have activated. To give you a symbolism for this, it’s like you finally unwrap a gift that has been sitting there for a while. Once it is presented you acquire a new item that’s to be used, and give you benefit. Those gifts of newly activated DNA bring you lots of empowerment, wisdom, skills, gifts, memories. As more and more of this occurs, the veil of illusion, the forgetfulness about who you really are, finally subsides, exposing you to the powerful version of you that was there all along.


Karma clears

In April lots of things conclude and many others begin. Relationships are one main element of which we speak of. The karma you came here to clear with certain souls finally concludes and this marks the end of many relationships in your life. Loose ends with projects, people, hobbies, and situations finally end as they are no longer a vibrational match to the new lighted you. They do not bring benefit, and you already feel it so. You might be called to make big changes in your life dear one. Move, re-locate, change jobs, partners, start new business, or projects. Whatever that urge is, follow it, and trust it as you’re being presented with callings from your soul. (Here’s an article on that.)

Karmic relationships come to an end, as the cycle of 3D karma finally concludes. You are no longer bound to learn hard lessons, to suffer to acquire certain wisdom and knowing. You who read this now have reached a turning point in your soul progress that no longer requires difficult attunement, experiences, and lessons. You are being initiated. The tough lessons finally conclude, you’re being freed from them. We are very happy that this occurs. However, know that not everyone is ready to achieve this. Many who have not yet made progress in their paths, who are not listening to their wisdom, who are observant of the ego alone, are not ready for this and will continue to live under the same karmic lessons until they are ready to move on (Probably in different lifetimes not on earth).

 Ascension waves of April

April continues to present you opportunities for growth, choices to apply the new way of living and reacting. Some density will still be felt, processed and experienced as you’re still learning to navigate the new wave of higher frequency. However as the density is felt, more and more light is also felt, giving you access to more moments of bliss and joy. While you are not yet ready to move in 5D completely, you shift between the higher 4D which is a step closer to 5D. We congratulate you on this. Know however that 4D is not stable and it moves like water in a moving glass, which means you will quickly shift on and off a variety of emotions high and low (lower 4D).


You have made such powerful progress the past few months that you’re ready for what’s coming next. We couldn’t be more proud, as well as happily excited for you.”

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Amelia Bert

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