May reveals glimpses of 5D – May ANGEL FORECAST

The following is channeling from Divine Light beings:

“We watch you grow and expand a little each time, but with April especially you are a step closer to embark on the next phase of your ascension journey. With lots timelines exiting and traumas clearing you’re becoming a shinier diamond. With each wave, with each light influx, you align more with that true version of yourself. In May you will finally catch glimpses of that bright illuminated side. The curtains are drawn so that more light can enter and you can see clearly.

Moving from density to the light

Not many people are ready to embark on this new journey in their lives (of higher consciousness) because they are not in tune with the higher frequency of it. They still have clouds of ego darkening their judgment, doubts and fears shadowing their progression for this many don’t even feel the light waves as they occur. Only those who are progressing actively shed and release and clear thus they feel the impact of the light influxes. And while you are in this path of constant shedding and re-adjusting, you are slowly ready to emerge to the next stage of recognizing where you are, having insights of what’s happening during this ascension time, and uncovering many soul gifts that have awakened within you.

While it felt as you were in a cocoon not seeing past the darkness, just experiencing the shifts occurring, now in May you’ll feel the light entering, your wings are ready and the cocoon is breaking revealing glimpses of what’s in store.

And we know that many of you have patiently been waiting for the confirmation, we let you know that it has begun. You’ve made it this far, you’re almost ready to embark on your new journey.

You are eager to know what this journey has in store, but that’s for you to figure out as you go. All that we can say is that it’s magnificent.


Moving to your 5D path

You’re here and now living on this earth to help it rise, so each one of you has different paths as to how this will occur, but have faith that those will be revealed to you in due time. You are a magnificent being of light coming back to your true power. That’s where the light joining and the light you emit have no distinction. You become the light dearest one, the light that will aid masses to grow and expand, the light that will infuse the earth with the necessary stepping stones it needs to fully align with the 5D.

Those magical realizations are soon to join. May brings glimpses of heaven on earth as you continue to prepare for the next phase.


New lightworkers awaken

While May brings you even closer to those moments, yet the shifts will continue more intently for some. Many newly awakened souls will find May intense and might need the support of other lightworkers to help them through. The light influxes, eclipses, moon phases, and energy gateways bring potent energy from pure source which is very high vibrational and needs time to adjust to the human vessel. If you were accustomed to this light energy by now, it anchors and moves faster, otherwise, it needs a while to alchemize and move.

Some might even begin to finally move deeper in 5D states while still alternate back and forth often. If that’s you, know that it will adjust the more light influxes you receive. You’re not yet ready to fully move in 5D fully as the world is in distress. When the collective elevates you’ll have no forces pulling you backward.


Collective energy and ascension

The collective is clearing and shifting with each lightworker shining brighter and brighter. All of you together spread in different continents, towns, and in various stages of your journey emit light around you clearing the density automatically, and anchoring the light influxes in the earth. That’s what’s needed right now. As more and more will awaken and this ascension process becomes more rapid.

You are very well along your way. In fact, you’re doing such an exceptional job the earth began to shift and elevate.

Stand in your truth, notice the tiny shifts that occur within you, acknowledge the knowing coming thru, the insights being revealed. That’s your confirmation. You are doing an exceptional job. Without you, the earth would be sucking deeper in lower frequency but you took the stand, you reincarnated here and now, you help it lift and elevate. You are being celebrated, you are honored.

There’s support for you, many light souls, galactic beings, star beings, ascended masters choose to aid this important work you are doing. Ask them for help, call for them if you ever need upliftment, guidance, healing.

You are on track. All is well.”


Beautiful souls, as with many of you, I’m also going through a major shift and I’m experiencing many symptoms.
I however know how important it is to have guidance during this time when density rises and symptoms run wild. So I dedicate a lot of my time to keep you updated with what’s happening either with Divine channelings or updates regarding symptoms, geo storms and Schumann amplitudes, once sometimes even twice a day.
I would appreciate any donations if my posts help you during this time. This will help me carry on dedicating my time and effort to help you through the ascension.
Thank you


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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