Your new earth timelines are being created – September Channeled Energy Report

september energy report

Whenever you are guided to read this post, it is valid for you at that time, regardless for what month it is posted. It educates on the ascension and it can spark a remembrance, give you activations or help you progress on your spiritual transformation.

The following is a direct Divine channeling:

“You are crossing the bridge to the ‘new world’ as we speak. The initiations, the clearings, the karma release all have prepared you for what’s to follow. If your ascension progress has speeded up the past few months you are the ‘front-runner’ who will help bring and anchor the new earth forward. For this to happen you have to navigate the shifts first.

The ego-self fades

In August and all the previous months, you did the inner work. The light has flooded and revealed all the shadow parts of yourself that needed to heal and transform. As this progress continues into September, you will notice parts of your previous self, fade. The illusion, misconception, outdated beliefs, the lingering in fear, anger, jealousy and hate, all those are the parts of the old self that fade so that you can stand brighter than ever, in alignment with the new earth that unfolds before you. – – I see a vision of you having crossed over to the new earth, standing boldly, proudly, happy, shining and the old earth is below you, slowly making its transformation forward. (Click to read why your triggers are a good thing.)

Many of you wonder and ask is if this intensity will last. The truth is it will not stay. All you go through now prepare you, cleanse you, harmonize you so that you can hold, withstand and shine under the brightest new body, holding much higher frequency like never before. When you reach that state, little will rattle you and bring you down. You have the ability to withstand the ‘rocking of the boat’ once you have shifted to the new earth. Lightworkers like you, the front-runners, are needed to hold the space to the higher frequency as the entire earth will make its way forward.


The turmoil of the earth

During that time as you go through your own inner turmoil now, the earth and the entire collective will undergo its own turmoil. You are needed to hold the light. collective energy has already begun to shake you see. You are the illuminators, holding the space for others to follow, to be calm during the intense waters. But your boat will not sink, it might shake but you won’t be affected. You have done all the work which is concluding as we speak. Yes it will continue through September and for some even in October but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get there.

Once the inner clearings and initiations have concluded, a new perspective will suffice from within you. The gifts, the clarity, the divine connection and power will never be too far away from you. Then when the 3D world will collapse, you will hold your space in love. – in the vision I see you standing on the new earth, I see the old earth below you breaking apart, people fighting, in distress and agony, wild natural phenomena show up and more, but you are away from everything, you are not in that world, you stand above in the New earth holding your peace among the chaos.

So when you ask us will this intensity last, we tell you not to worry. You are right on track. Releasing all the attachments of the old earth is not easy as you have carried it with you for generations, and reincarnations. Yes the intensity has sped up for you but it’s not anything you cannot handle. You will get there. The new earth awaits you.


Old corrupted ideals come to light and clear

As we mentioned earlier the old earth begins to collapse. The government of corruption comes to light, the items, services, companies that are of negative energy will no longer withstand staying in the new light. So much light flows now and it exposes all the hidden, the dark elements of the collective, of the people in power, of the unhealthy products and environments and concepts. Nothing dense can stay when the light is cast. And this will bring up many situations, many people will be affected, jobs will be lost, and people will be forced to return to the aftermath of their actions. If you have been unjustly accused or treated wrongly the light will shine the brightest on you. Have no fear; all shall be well dearest one. (Click to read the latest article on the covid19 vaccine)


Your new earth timelines are being created

During September (and October) you are asked to go inward. Consider what ideals, beliefs, concepts you want to carry over the new earth. What parts of your life and traits and ideals do you want to carry over? Set the intentions for the whole earth as you want it to be. Then set the intentions of your own new self, and lastly of your life in the new earth. Think well and decide what really matters to you. What changes would you want to make, what things would you want to finally change? This is the moment of truth. Choose wisely dearest ones as the new timelines are prepping as we speak.

Choose harmony, choose peace, choose well-being, choose vitality and forgiveness. Choose ONENESS and LOVE. No longer carry the burdens of the past. Forgive those who have wronged you, release and let go of the traumas and fears. Intend for all those to be left behind. The timelines of the new earth for you appear, direct them.

Anything made of love and high vibration can withstand and remain, the corruption of the past has no part in where you are going. You are no longer to stay in distress, disharmony, fear, hate, poverty, loneliness. Release and let go. Choose the new timelines of peace, harmony, love, abundance, companionship.


What’s the new Earth

What’s the new earth you ask us, and for that we respond: new earth is not a place, it is a frequency. It is the frequency much closer to where you are originally from so it feels natural, safe, home. It is aligned with beautiful energies of love and peace of mind, and bliss. It aligns you with all parts of you – mind, body and spirit as those are in harmony – – in the opposite of now when the spirit is not anchored as much as the ego. When all 3 parts are aligned you are rooted in love and oneness, you are In connection with your divine aspect and many gifts are present, such as knowing, and clear seeing. A soul uninhabited by fear brings a body in perfection as a whole complete union with love frequency. (Click to read the article on the New Earth).


So as September might continue to shower you with those waves of light to help you restore to ultimate well-being and vitality and prepare you for the energy jump into a higher vibration, we want you to have faith and trust in the knowing that you will return to much higher alignment, greater than ever before. As the wind blowing sweeps you off-balance momentarily, you quickly jump back on the boat and hang on tighter! The current moments feel stronger than those before because you speed up towards your destination, the new earth self.

 Similarly, the earth with the collective energy has already begun to sway and shift making it difficult to stay on course. We promise you all is well. If you ever find yourself swaying harder just close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat. Every beat brings you closer to the light. You are safe. We are honored to come forward to bring you this message at this moment. This is the life-changing journey you came here to experience, and help hold the space in the new earth. You are fast approaching your destination.” – – I see a vision of you on your boat reaching a beautiful land and getting ready to harbor.

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Beautiful souls, we are in the most life-changing phases of our ascension journey! I dedicate a lot of my time to keep you updated with what’s happening either with Divine channelings or updates regarding symptoms, geo storms, and Schumann amplitudes, once sometimes even twice a day.
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Thank you




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  1. I want to personal thank you for all of your divine ‘work’, your sacred offerings and open channel to and for humanity during this magnificent time on another Earth.
    Your offerings of unconditional love to humanity and the divine are so acknowledged by and from my divine sacred heart. I bow to creator for the gift of you, for your life and your presence at this very special time! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do! I honor you! I bless you! I cherish you! I love you! ❤️
    Thank you for showing up, thank you for answering your souls highest calling, purpose and mission! I will see you in the New Earth my dear friend and my arms will be wide open to embrace you!
    All my love,

    Journey Home

    1. One of the most heartfelt and beautiful messages I have received. Thank you so much! I appreciate you!!

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