New Earth Emerges – August Channeled Energy Report

Whenever you are guided to read this post, it is valid for you at that time. it can spark a remembrance, give you activations or help you progress on your spiritual transformation.

The following is a direct Divine channeling:

“The cycle of clearings concludes in August. The first second and third wave of lightworkers concludes their initiations. New light will flow through them connecting them directly to divine source, and the crystalline grid. You are no longer on the outside, everything now occurs through you directly. You are connected to the grid, above, (source), below (new earth), and all around (with each other). This grid connects you with pure light and you share it forward, as well as you receive it from others (and from the crystalline grid) that’s all connected. You are no longer alone in this transformation, and you cannot lose your way for you are always connected with all. The remembrance that this will bring you, the gifts, the transformations are continuous. (Read the lightworker article)

You have made it to the first cycle. It is done.

August brings lighhworkers their powers

During august many revelations will be revealed, understandings and gifts begin to activate. The next stage of your awakening begins. This one doesn’t have to do with clearings, and karma release as those are now concluding, but it has to do with your inner power and the gifts of your soul. You are being called to rise higher than ever before, many star beings, ascended masters and ancestors wait to accompany you during this time. This path is illuminated, it is blessed, it is for those who have advanced; and the next cycle begins.

In August you go through the portal of initiations that marks the end of the first cycle of your activations/clearings, and the beginning of the next. This new cycle helps you be connected with the grid of light – of source – and of the high frequency blueprint of the earth. you learn to adjust to the new influxes and frequencies easier, you learn to carry those with you, and spread it to those around. You share the light through your deeds and thoughts. You have become a very powerful light being, even if you don’t yet notice. (How to speed up your ascension)



Crystalline grid connects with you

During this part, you are anchoring light into the earth, and calling forth the crystalline blueprint to merge with the earth. You are more connected to it, you see it, feel it, and are in resonance with it. this step will need 4 months to conclude at which time you will feel more and more powerful and aligned.

Your life also begins to spiral upward. What used to be in density exits, what relationships and affairs you bothered yourself with, that were not in resonance mark their endings. This is a time of endings and beginnings (lasting through august and September).


The new earth awakens

Animals get their own initiations. Not those who are close to your houses or the towns, but those who are closer to nature. As the crystalline grid slowly begins to shine its light and emerge, they get their own alignment with it. Animals in the jungles and the oceans start with it first. Unusual sounds, and behavior from those animals will occur signaling their remembrance and their welcoming of the new crystalline grid on earth. (Read animals and their powers.)

(I’m being show an energy web that they call the grid, spreading through the world connecting sources of light, lightworkers, animals who are ready, big trees, places within the ocean and light locations with each other and with the ethereal version of the new earth).


The grid work

The new phase of grid work from lightworkers has begun. You’ve been called forward to anchor your energy into the earth. to visit light locations to re-charge and spread their light forward. You’ll be directed to create and share grids of light forward through the collective. You are called to remember your gifts and use them now to help anchor the new light on earth. This is an important time for the collective. The preparation has concluded, the clearings of past timelines and karma have for the most part exited, now the new earth is ready to emerge and we’re calling for the lightworkers, the grid-workers to activate their gifts and aid this light forward to merge and connect with it in the here and now.

This is not an easy task, and thus many lightworkers are needed. You’ve come here for this. Close your eyes and connect with us now. we ask you to feel our presence with you. Ask us once you are ready: how can I be of service?

So we will guide you. We will direct you to movements, to gifts, to remembrance, to talents and alchemy that your soul carries. The grid of crystalline light is ready to emerge, and you’re already connecting with it. That is why so many of you experience so many symptoms, inner vibrations, and unsettlement. You’re attuning to it, and it is time to bring it forward.

The new earth is upon you. Those who have the talent of seeing energy close your eyes now. See the new earth emerging from the old earth itself, like a sunken civilization emerging from the ocean. You are the one holding its strings through your connection with the grid.

Lightworker you’re called forward to remember. This now is not the earth that you are used to. This is not the earth that is supposed to stay. Your soul knows the high vibrational earth we speak of that needs to anchor. Your soul remembers it. All of you who walked on that high-frequency earth, know; all those gifts and remembrance of then, now awakens.

In August the next cycle begins. We are so pleased that we speak these words. We are so pleased that you are here to read them. Remember. It is time.”


Beautiful souls, we are in the most life-changing phases of our ascension journey!
 I dedicate a lot of my time to keep you updated with what’s happening either with Divine channelings or updates regarding symptoms, geo storms, and Schumann amplitudes, once sometimes even twice a day.
I would appreciate any donations if my posts help you during this time. This will help me carry on dedicating my time and effort to help you through the ascension.
Thank you

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