The change is here – June Channeled Energy Report

The following is channeling from Divine Light beings:

In June your eyes will awaken to new perspectives and realizations. Like someone who’s just awakening from a long, dark dream, you will begin to adjust to the influxes that will continue to enter in June.

The rise of Earth

You’ve spent your life and many other lifetimes wrapped in that cocoon of illusion, ego, and dense consciousnesses made of fear and corruption. That was the theme on earth for hundreds of years. Those who chose to incarnate during that time, would mask their own light consciousness so that they can withstand the dense frequency on earth. So many gifts, knowledge and wisdom stayed with you hidden, forgotten, asleep. But now the energy of the collective, of the whole earth now lifts up, and the grasp of that illusion fades each week and more. This allows the frequency to rise. as it does, it can withstand higher and higher consciousnesses, gifts, light influxes and beings. (Read Atlantis on Earth Article).

Your ascended self appears

Currently, your own gifts, and wisdom, those that you have once masked is coming to the surface to be remembered. You will be waking up with innate gifts you didn’t know you and, realizations that help you break free from toxic situations and experiences that kept you hostage to lower frequency. You are getting back your power with each light influx, with each rise of the energy.

This ascension is a collective task, yet individually you slowly begin to comprehend, to acknowledge your power. Once you begin to observe through this awakened state, you will feel more of what’s unraveling, feel the power of the light streaming in, and remember more and more of your truth. This has already begun, even if you feel confused or fearful at times at the current symptoms or events that unravel on earth, you will soon see beyond the mist, the truth of all that is. (Read experiences of the New earth.)

Galactic beings enter the Earth

Gaia rises!

As the earth’s frequency increases in light, it allows higher vibrational entities to join you, to assist in this transformation of the planet. They come from the galactic planes, from the physical and nonphysical galaxies as they hear the call of the ascension. Earth is ready.

They come to aid, to teach, to transfer pure energetics, and they flood in the earth as we speak, helping it keep a higher vibration through grids that spread across the globe. Those grids are like pillars holding and transmitting high frequency. They keep those grids infused with pure crystalline light. Those lightworkers, those who are awakening and are ready to heal, to work with light and energy, that are ready to remember, draw from those grids more light so that they can carry these high-frequency actions masterfully. (Read about Light locations on Earth).

Your innate gifts and senses awaken

You won’t need to remember how to do this, it happens naturally, like a thirsty fawn being drawn to the stream. Many of you will wake up with known gifts and talents this June.

 Many of you will notice their vision becomes clear. You will even begin to see beyond the physical, with your very own eyes. As the veil of illusion fades, as the earth raises in vibration, things and beings hidden in higher vibrations will be seen not only with your psychic senses but with your physical eyes. You might see the grids of light showering influxes of pure energy, you might feel the galactic friends aiding, you might look up at the sky and see us blessing and celebrating, beings of light standing before you. Your other senses might pick up high-frequency activity beyond the physical. (Such as songs, guidance, touches of light, harmonious emotions, even taste beyond what you were used to.)

You are entering the New earth frequency

The change is here. Do not be afraid of this. It is a blessed change that you’ve been waiting for, for so long. It all begins to unravel. Be patient as it all takes place. Things coming up might feel new to you, but trust us when we say that you are already familiar with them (those gifts, the realizations, the beings flooding through, the life in 5D).

Regarding the symptoms that bring you close to those shifts and changes, they will continue to carry through in June. Do not be afraid of those. Celebrate them, lean into them with joy and gratitude; those will bring the change to you. Without those shifts and symptoms, you would stay in the lower frequency. You take the leap forward, your body is ready for every single influx you receive, and thus every symptom only brings you closer to that change. (Read how the earth changes affect you.)

Within 3 months the world would have changed, it would have not completed shifted, but you would have. You are remembering your primal powerful self. Be patient. Everything is unraveling so fast you need time to adjust to it all.

We congratulate you.”


Beautiful souls, as with many of you, I’m also going through a major shift and I’m experiencing many symptoms.
I however know how important it is to have guidance during this time when density rises and symptoms run wild. So I dedicate a lot of my time to keep you updated with what’s happening either with Divine channelings or updates regarding symptoms, geo storms, and Schumann amplitudes, once sometimes even twice a day.
I would appreciate any donations if my posts help you during this time. This will help me carry on dedicating my time and effort to help you through the ascension.
Thank you


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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