Forming the 5D body – October Angel Forecast

You went through such a powerful portal of light in September and that has granted you a milestone in your ascension path. You have undergone energy clearing and activations, you released ego illusions, and you got glimpses of the power of your soul. As October joins, you continue to shift, only this time the plates have turned. You no longer broadcast form 3D sphere, but you are in greater alignment with 5D consciousness, and your body begins to transform.


Implementing the 5D energetics

In a nutshell, September prepared you to reach greater levels of 5D consciousness.  You felt the strain, you went through the intensity, you have done the work and now your body is ready to enter into 5D energetics. You were exposed to the massive influxes of elevated frequency so that you become accustom to them. Now you are able to lock in your cells purer energy. Think of it like you have cleared the density of the lower vibrations so that you can allow higher ones to reach you. Before, it wouldn’t have been possible to receive this much light influxes directly in your cells.

Currently, however, the more the energy waves join, the further they will take you in your ascension path because there is not as much resistance from the 3D density.

Releasing 3D fears

Consequently, October is the month of revelations, or remembrance of your true path and soul identity. You are ready to dive in to the lessons which brought you here, but armed with the divine wisdom that begins to unlock within you. Those hard lessons, those fears that you didn’t manage to release just yet, you can clear now viewing them from a higher vibration. Therefore, If you feel that you have not yet completed your 3D ego-self patterns, fear not; October will guide you through each and everything that you still need to work on, but you will finally see it with fresh new eyes.

The reason is that the perspective shifts as the energy within you holds more elevated codes. As you focus on the fear now, you will finally understand its purpose, you will be inspired to the solution, you will sense its energy vibrating within you but you will be more in control of it. You are finally able to rise above the density as it does not define you. You get a pull upwards, away from density and into the light and this will be seen clearly during this month.


October energy waves

Needless to say that the increase in energy downloads and activations that are about to happen in October will still feel challenging for some of you. You still learn to navigate through the waves that push you, with even more intensity, to higher consciousness.

If you still hold 3D codes within, and most of you still do, you will feel them rise, you will feel that they do not belong with you. Those negative symptoms that you focus on, they bring them up. You are meant to go through them thought, and you rise more powerful each time. Do not fear the density, do not fear the ascension journey, it is a blessing that moves you to your true divine being.


Forming the 5D body

We might have mentioned briefly about the body and how it reacts to the new light waves, but we wish to take some time to further explain what’s ongoing. (join the group to read the post)

A strong spirit, an elevated mind cannot be complete without an empowered and high vibrational vessel. The body which you currently have was chosen by you in such a way that can fulfill your ascension path. Within, however, you have stagnant energy, blockages, and DNA that lowers the frequency and the elevation of this vessel. For the soul energetics to raise in frequency it requires the body to be able to hold that level of elevation and be in tune with it, to allow it to flow, to be more aligned with it in order to feel, use and receive its light energy effortlessly.

This is similar with the mind. If the crown chakra receives energy transmissions that move to a positive mindset, and a difference in ideas and reactions, but the mind is focused on low vibrational emotions and thoughts, it cannot implement those new activations. They remain stuck outside of your chakras causing you to feel distressed. If the mind is in alignment, (in higher vibration), you are a match to the incoming light codes that stream in.

Similarly, if the body is filled with blockages and negative energy, the body activations cannot be implemented.

The importance of an elevated body

Your body holds your power, your form; it is your means of experience. If the body is in tune, and high in vibration, it allows the mind to be focused; it allows the spirit to be in greater connection with your surroundings, with the earth, with others. The purpose of it mainly is to sustain you. Right now it is influenced, it is weak, it is sensitive. It gathers disease; it holds old codes of living that come from a 3D consciousness. As a result it is programmed to function in a certain way, even if that way is not in its original intent.

The programming a body has is not the same for everyone. The way it processes and stores food, the way it uses energy to function, the way it allows the connection with the earth to be established, the way it allows the current energy to stream in, the way it ages, the way it heals, the way it sustains itself through pain or damage, the way it allows you to connect with the universe. All those are only some of the programmings that exist in the body, that affect the way that you join higher dimensions.

Currently, your body lowers your energy and doesn’t allow you to move completely in higher dimensions. That is because it keeps you locked in 3D energy. Many find solution and escape in meditation, in astral projection, in hypnosis and other similar ways that don’t require your body to experience, to perceive. Once you let go of it in such a way, you are not as bound to its lower codes. However, that is not the way it should be, you should not need to escape from your body, alas, you have chosen it for a reason, and that reason is to ascend along with it, and not escape from it.

The purpose of the body is to elevate in fifth dimension, but be able to sustain higher ones (up to 7th). Currently, you function from 3D consciousness, moving to 4rth. The 5D frequency is still a bit challenging for your body. In October however you begin to shift that. Those old patterns, those dense codes, those blockages they are the focus of the new waves, trying to transform them to light. This will continue until early December until you will be able to sustain higher frequency with your current body.

Expect to feel the energy move into your body much stronger than before. This might give you whole body tremors as the energy moves trying to unlock your cells. Exhaustion might suffice from the strain of your body to hold that higher frequency. Think of going to the gym for the first time in years, your body will be sore and ache until your muscles adjust. This is very similar to this.

What will help you navigate through it, is walks in nature. Nature goes through similar transformation as you, but is able to sustain greater energy; you are able to get help from it, to anchor the light energy streaming in.

Return to botanology as it will help relieve the body from certain symptoms, aches and experiences. Plants are there for this reason, use them.

Swim in natural lakes and oceans, sit under a tree and observe the animals for hours at a time. All these will help you stay grounded, anchored in a higher vibration so that the pull upwards in energy won’t feel as aggressive.

October and world shifts

Taking a quick glance in world ascension, there will be some powerful shifts happening that will stabilize the frequency around leaders and the decisions made by leaders. What we mean is that things will begin to take a natural flow moving from lower vibration and ego to slowly progressing to what’s best for the whole. This is the beginning.

Let this October lift you higher, move you to peaks of intensity with the purpose of breaking through the 3D shield and emerging with 5D vessel.



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