Your fifth dimensional self emerges – ascension changes

Lately, the energy blasts that we receive are very powerful, and each one works in shifting us towards the fifth dimension and above. Regardless of who you are, and how you experience this ascension you are shifting and changing towards a better version of yourself. In this article the ascension guides came forward to help you acknowledge the wonderful progress you are making, while also what is soon to be revealed within you.

Positive Ascension changes

“You are coming to experience a more illuminated version of yourself. As your wholeness tries to come out, you receive glimpses of who you really are. As time progresses now, the layers of the ego are thinning and that makes you perceive a new sort of reality that comes through the eyes of source, the eyes of love.

You come to observe more of the things that bring you joy. You begin to appreciate the things that exist all around and in nature. You perceive information and ideas that feel true and you do not doubt yourself.

You are understanding frequency and whether the information comes from lower vibrations. If for example, someone speaks words of lies they come from different vibrational frequency than truth, and you know because you understand this frequency. Your soul does not speak words but frequency after all.  So as you become one with it, you begin to interpret the world around you through frequency, thus you perceive new information and ideas even If you can’t explain them; you suddenly know them.

The Ego-self clears

So there is a new version of you emerging now and it begins to be embodied. This true version of yourself used to be surrounded by layers of ego and this ego was created based on your society, ideas, thoughts, and desires of others, fears that you have received through this or other lifetimes through your DNA.

Through the intense moments of energy blasts, of light frequencies streaming on planet earth and onto your energy field, layers of this ego, begin to peel out. As the peeling continues you begin to receive clearer glimpses of your true self that begin to come out through your consciousness through your awareness. Soon you will begin to perceive them in an even deeper level as this ascension continues.

Indeed you have come far since the begin of this process, and we are aware that this wasn’t an easy quest as you had to clear parts that you used to believe there were parts of you, parts of your past and present such as beliefs, ideals, or even character qualities that used to be with you for a lot of time; they suddenly begin to dissipate.

This clearing makes you feel disoriented, confused, disconnected. As this feeling of disconnection dissipates you come to realize that it has revealed a new part of you. When you peel out the layers of ego, you unravel the soul’s true identity that is connected to the source.

You begin to awaken indeed, and as it continues it becomes easier as your true nature becomes unraveled, as you perceive information from your true identity.

Your enlightened self

This new identity shifts the way you view the world. Along with it, you perceive new thoughts, you gain a new understanding of how things work, and information suddenly pops up. You begin to understand how timelines work. You hold the answers to realities that used to be a mystery to you. You begin to bend time. Information from previous timelines, lifetimes, comes to you.

You gain this insight through the cracks of least resistance when you allow your true self to merge. This occurs in moments of relaxation, contemplation.

The more you connect with your true self and you begin to understand it, you receive awareness, new thought forms; inward gifts awaken.

Ascension brings power

There is power in pausing with the intention of connecting with your true self, with your true nature. You begin to understand parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed, in fact Not only of yourself but parts of the whole cosmos that you are part of.  Through this dissipation of the previous ego self, you come to realize who you truly are.

With this information, we come forward to help you acknowledge what takes place within you. You are indeed transforming into the true version of yourself. You are soon going to notice more of these shifts taking place within you; more of the realizations, the understanding, the emotions of this re-emergence come from within. You no longer perceive information and experiences through the ego, you no longer need this ego so its filtering begins to dissipate. More true versions of you begin to appear which bring new awareness, understanding, gifts, emotions, ideas. New characteristics rise kindness, forgiveness, mindfulness, peace, positivity, knowing that all is well; as well as skills such bending time and space, perceiving endless input from source, from the universe. pause, and experience this true re-emergence of your limitless true self that tries to come out in each and every moment.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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