How the earth changes affect you

Earth changes and shifts, and you do so as well. The more connected you are with earth and your mind, body, spirit, the more you notice that the change of the seasons affect your state of mind, energy levels and even well being. Why this happening is and what can you do to benefit from it?

Are you an empath?

Are you an empath? If you have heard of the term called “empath” then you know that there are certain people who are more sensitive to energy than others. These people get affected by the vibrations of those around, they feel more empathy towards another’s pain, and they can unconsciously match their energy with the one of a room they walked in. This makes them very sensitive and vulnerable to others, and to the environment. If you have experienced any of those symptoms then congratulations, you are one.

Many Empaths are not born with this increased sensitivity, but they acquire it as an ascension symptom and tool to help them on their journey. nonphysical beings use a form of empathy to communicate, they sense emotions and energy shifts and they are always aware how one feels at any time. They can always share those emotions with others directly. Nonphysical beings, however, have great skill and they can filter out emotions accordingly.

To ascend in higher realm and levels of consciousness, you acquire part of your nonphysical spirit’s set of skills, and empathy is one of them.

As you develop these abilities, you slowly learn to handle them and learn from them. Through these experiences, you can, in fact, thrive and expand in your spiritual ascension. More and more people are joining this circle of empaths, as it is a natural process that helps you to expand spiritually.

But you are never alone, The whole universe is assisting in helping you join body, mind, and spirit, and that includes being more sensitive from the energy of others, from the universe and from the earth.

Earth is ascending

Earth is ascending. If you follow my blog for some time now, you might have heard me mention the cosmic shifts that are happening and how those affect our energy. Full moon, eclipses, retrogrades, all those play a part in meddling with the universal energy that we are a part of, and thus we experience the great shifts through our own energy fields. Similarly, the shifts of the earth itself are no different.

To better understand the earth, think of a person who grows from a fetus, to a baby, then ages to become a child, a teenager, an adult, and finally an elder. Through these bodily changes, one experiences physical and emotional shifts. The change of hair occurs every day, growing of nails, organs developing, the skin ages, and so on. Similarly, earth experiences these changes every season. It expands, it grows, it shifts and changes, not only in appearance but also in energy. The change of seasons is a great example of these changes, as we can see the progress with our own eyes, but it does not end there. I’m sure you have noticed how certain things have changed in comparison to a few years ago. How the weather is different, the seasons have shifted a bit, summer comes later, and winter is milder or more intense regarding of where you are. Earth is changing, and along with it all its habitats, even if they cannot feel it yet.

Why do the seasons affect you?

An empath senses these changes in a more profound way. If you are an empath, you might have noticed how your mood shifts slightly when it’s a storm outside in comparison to a sunny day. The earth’ energy is more intense on a storm and the vibrations it emits are stronger, so much so that they can match the energy of an empath. You might even receive sudden aches or even headaches when the weather outside is extreme.

When autumn arises, and the leaves fall, animals prepare for their dormancy, and the earth is experiencing a great shift to accommodate this new change. As a result, the energy of autumn is very different in frequency than the energy of the summer. Here’s a very brief overview of:

The energy of the seasons

how seasons affect you


AUTUMN ENERGY: You might experience changes in your way of thinking; you might be more allowing to certain changes that you were resisting before. It is a time to make great decisions that will affect the progression of your life.

WINTER ENERGY: you might less active, observing more rather than acting. You might avoid taking on new tasks, but you appreciate this time as a family time. You relax more, you replenish your relationships.

SPRING ENERGY: You are full of new ideas, insights, and inspiration. You are more alert willing to adapt to new situations. You are feeling more vibrant and ready for new beginnings.

SUMMER ENERGY: you are radiant, happy, and full of energy and vitality. Great shifts happen that might make you feel overwhelmed at times. You are constantly moving, engaging, acting and going after your goals.

As earth changes, all the shifts I just mentioned might differ year coming in and going out. As there is a streaming of great influx of divine light joining earth you might experience a greater tension, vitality, and insight coming to you as old patterns are being released, and new take their place. Similarly, for the earth, new phenomena might arise that might trouble some but know that the changes that occur are for the highest and greatest good.

How to handle earth’s changes

The more sensitive you are to energy, the more you can sense the shifts of mother earth when they occur. Know that you are gifted and benefiting from the changes, just like the earth. An expansion lies in every shift; rejoice every moment you are able to experience them, no matter how tense or frightening they might be.

Sometimes you might experience those shifts as having more vitality and well-being, while other times you might experience tension, stress or uncomfortable sensation such as a headache. In either case, rest assured that the symptoms are temporary.

Congratulate yourself from being so connected and aligned with mother earth and know that this deep connection can be used for your benefit. As your links with earth are strong, you can tune into the earth’s energy while in stillness or meditation and ask earth to receive any negative symptom, energy or even illness that you don’t want. See yourself with your imagination as connecting strong links with the earth, similar to the roots of an oak tree. Then imagine all the tense energy leaving your body and entering the earth where it will be transformed to light. Breathe in and out and allow tension to vanish into the earth. You can try this free meditation too.

Allow this healing to occur several moments before you thank the earth.

You can choose to stay shielded from the earth’s energy by creating a light shield around you each morning, and asking it to protect you against excess or negative energy. This is a very helpful tool for all empaths to repeat often, as it also protects you from absorbing energy from people and places.

Just like earth assists you by receiving negative energies from your field, you can help the earth by sending love to it. While in meditation, focus on your heart. Feel love for the earth, then see yourself growing roots with earth, and send love and light deep within the core of the earth, in the form of energy. Then see earth becoming lighted and spreading this light to all beings and places. Know that this light comes back to you through your crown chakra multiplied. It heals and rejuvenates you. We are all one.

The more spiritually ascended you are, the more you will come to experience earth’s energy and all the cosmic shifts that occur on a global scale. Know that all is happening according to the divine will, to raise earth and humanity into greater influxes of light and higher dimensions. If you are one of those who notice your mood and energy shifting often, know that it is nothing to worry about, but you are ascending, just like the earth. All is well.

How do the earth changes and seasons affect you? Share your experiences below so others can relate!



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