Spirituality and Covid-19: Divine’s advice on the Covid-19 vaccine

Divine's advice

Many people contact me scared about all the new measures that go on to force the covid19 vaccine, completely disregarding the free will choice. I know people are in peril, fear of the covid itself, fear of injecting the vaccine, so I knew that creating an article with the Divine’s wisdom is necessary. Take what resonates with you.

I’m under no circumstance supporting the vaccine, nor guiding people to inject it or not. This post is created to bring peace of mind to people with either choice they make. 

None of the information that comes through tells you to choose one option or the other as the Divine will NEVER tell you what to do but gently guide you to make your own choices. Please read all the way through and avoid posting discrimination comments, or hate speech. This post is created from a place of love.


This is a Direct Divine Channeling from Divine Beings:

“The chaos and distortion that comes up now through the government brings light to the outdated, out of alignment ideas of some that are enforced to the whole. This is not the way to the light. Free will is and will always be important and should be respected not ignored.

We understand your frustration. We see many of you call on us for help to help you make the right choice. We are there with all of you. We understand your concerns and worries. Fear not. The light will triumph in the end and all those false ideas will crumble down and cease. The change is not far off. This pressure will continue for some time before it ultimately clears.

Divine’s advice on the Covid vaccine

You are there forced to make a choice. To take the vaccine that was imposed on you or stay in the shadows. We do not want you to stay in the shadows, we don’t want you to feel forced, yet the choice remains.

Have no fear. Whatever you choose to do, have no fear. Stand bold in your choice and intent for the highest outcome to suffice.


Lightworkers taking the Covid Vaccine Divine’s advice

You don’t need it, but If you decide to take this vaccine, know you have so much light and that will not be restricted with an injection. The light within has the power to clear and release the false, the old, the foreign. If you are in fear and you decide to take the vaccine, then ask us to surround you in the moment of injection to lift the space for you to help you feel secure and safe. Then let your light thrive and trust that the ultimate well-being and the highest and greatest good will naturally and effortlessly occur within you. The cells are powerful as they hold the light. When something foreign intervenes, the light is very strong, trust it. All shall be well.

Then we advise you to pause and send your body love, send the new chemicals love. Feel the light washing out the false and dense and fearful. Nothing can stay without your free will. You have the power to shift worlds. Why are afraid of a needle injection? You are so powerful and we want you to know that and feel that deep within you. The vaccine will not restrict your light as that always shines. Reinforce the love within your body, send love bask in your power and all shall be well. We don’t want you to be in fear, in worry in distress. The effects of that vaccine will wash away, but the light will remain intact.

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Choosing not to take the vaccine

We don’t want you to live in the shadows either. If you choose not to take it while all the rest have, will that mean that you stay hidden, worried, afraid? NO! stay true to yourself. Are you afraid of the judgment of others, the pointing-fingers, the hate? Do not be. When you stand true to yourself, when it feels right to your heart, then everything else doesn’t matter. Let them talk, and spread their negative words, but as you are one with the light, those will have no effect on you. see yourself basking in radiance and know the truth in your heart. Soon all the chatter will quiet down. You are born to be different and not one of the same. If that is your choice, do not let them bring you down. (Read: Attaining your Divine power)


Spread of viruses to lightworkers

Are you afraid of the virus itself? Why would you? Your immune system is so strong and powerful it automatically rejects the false and the dense. It is programmed to help you return to higher alignment faster and faster, it is constantly being upgraded with all the waves and shifts of the light. You have nothing to fear. Do not stay in the shadows afraid to meet your friends, your family, to enjoy life because of the fear. Choose for the highest outcome of each day, and let that guide you. When you are to meet with people, intent for the highest outcome of health for you and your family. When you wake up each morning, set that intention as well. (Read about LIghtworkers)

As the virus, any virus, consists of lower frequency when you have strong faith your light shines so strong it automatically rejects the low energies. That’s why people get it, and some don’t. Stand in your truth, in your light unafraid.

Covid-19 and death

To those who have departed you ask us; why has this been so? Why did they virus affect them. But don’t you see? The virus was not the reason they depart. It was a choice made way before. Nothing is random. Just like any other way that brings the end of reincarnation, that is one way too.

Trust that you are, and you will continue to stand in your higher truth. Remember that all is well. There is nothing to fear dearest one. This too shall pass and the benefit of this turmoil will be a new, higher vibrational world free of broken ideals.

Yes you are asked to shine your light brighter than ever before. And if you feel the energy shifts that occur faster and stronger it’s to help support you through it all. You have the help. It is here with you, around you, within you. we will always hear and embark to your prayers. You are not alone in this. Lean on us, to help you stand strong in your truth and light.”

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Beautiful souls, we are in the most life-changing phases of our ascension journey!
 I dedicate a lot of my time to keep you updated with what’s happening either with Divine channelings or updates regarding symptoms, geo storms, and Schumann amplitudes, once sometimes even twice a day.
I would appreciate any donations if my posts help you during this time. This will help me carry on dedicating my time and effort to help you through the ascension.
Thank you




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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. Thank you Amelia for these words, fear is a terrible thing and watching it grow like it has is a sad thing to see. People divided by darker energy. Im sorry hate was thrown at you, but i also know that you are stronger than it. You channeling is helpful for me and reinforces what I instinctually know to be true. Thank you again. ❤

    1. ❤❤❤

  2. Thank you for your insight and thoughtful words. I am grateful I found your site. Your words are so beautiful, they mimic poetry. When I read or listen to someone who claims to channel spirit, I always tune into their words…if they are positive, caring, compassionate, uplifting, and loving to all, I figure that’s what spirit would say. You my dear have a gift!!

    1. Thank you so much Kristin, your words mean a lot to me!

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