2020 The year of transformation – Angel Forecast 2020

Direct Angel channeling:

“As 2019 comes to a conclusion, we are very grateful to have watched you grow and transform in such a big way. 2019 has been very transformational to you who read this, but know that this has only scratched the surface for what will follow in 2020. The way we can better explain these two years is with a metaphor: Just like you gather supplies, collect your material and clean your pots to prepare to cook a meal, similarly 2019 has prepared you for the pivotal shifts that will follow in 2020. Indeed, 2019 has been a year of preparation but still of the outest most importance to prepare you to “dip your feet” with the big ascension shifts.

Let’s give you more detail as to what to expect in 2020.

2020 world changes forecast

Rifts have opened on the energetic fabric of the earth, that allow great light energy to permeate and fill it with expansive frequency that bestows pivotal to its rise in higher dimensions. As this rise is now ongoing, you will find many of the things that use to exist on earth before, now begin to vanish. This includes selfish rulers, dishonest organizations with negative agendas, deep corruption and brainwash with the sole purpose of fear and exploitation, patterns and behaviors that mistreat the environment, the animal habitats and many more.

As many people awaken to a new perception of unconditional love, respect and profound sense of belonging; they begin to shift the dense patterns of the past. More and more new leaders, way-showers, and crowds begin to shift in perception as to how they respond to the world, as well as take action that is in alignment with selfless love. Slowly, yet gradually the illusion that use to affect the earth and humanity mentally, energetically, and physically dissipates. A “fresh air” if you prefer blows towards the earth and people start to take action that benefits the whole. Little by little the change will be eminent.


What 2020 means for lightworkers

The end of 2019 entails the end of awakening for the first wave of lightworkers. If you read this now, you are one of the first who have agreed to start their ascension before the others because your path is very important right now on earth. Your profound sense of understanding, being and thinking marks you as a “wayshower” that consciously or unconsciously helps to spread the light of higher frequency, and anchor it on earth. You have achieved great expansion and transformation either in the recent few years or even among decades, but regardless, now you are ready for what comes next: Being the light.

We do not mean this metaphorically, as of the previous years you have elevated enough to sustain a more stable elevated frequency, as well as a strong form to capture and hold 5D light. Envision yourself as a glowing beam of light, spreading shine and uplifting energy whenever you are. Now you shine like a bright start and anyone with a clairvoyant eye can see you as a bright orb of mass light.

Light-worker, or Light-carrier you have achieved this grant milestone on your path that allows you to be less affected by negativity, density and negative situations. As before you used to be drained often, and become affected by density, now however, you are able to sustain greater light frequency and rather affects others in a positive way.

To be able to hold and sustain this higher frequency however, as it is rather still new in regards to the duality of the previous years, you are asked to pay great attention to yourself, to your emotions, to your needs, to your desires. After all you cannot share your light, if it is not strong enough to keep you in an elevated frequency. First you have to charge yourself with love, self-respect, nurture and positive attention in order to maintain the 5D light. Just like the precious gemstones need a recharge every so often to continue sustaining their positive impact, you are a precious gemstone that helps to keep the energy of the earth in 5D dimension and even higher.

Lightworkers are spread through different continents, areas, cities and towns with great attention in order to help the earth evenly maintain the ascension light. Your new life’s path now begins.

2020 energy forecast

The grant light portals now become more eminent, thus light frequency has more impact not only to those going through the ascension momentarily but to their peers also. The light now begins to cleanse the entire earth from distractions, outdated timelines, hate and anger. Geometrical patterns that lie within the light influxes become anchored on earth and can reprogram the minds of the collective away from illusion and fear.  As you can understand people will gradually change their thoughts and reactions. Expect more kindness, and love to spread among the world. Some however will be more affected than others, as there are still elements within some that block the reprogramming as they hold resistance.

As the light of 5D is enough to be sustained on earth for longer, 2020 marks the awakening for masses of people who now begin to experience the shift themselves. This will make many feel disoriented, scared and confused as they have not experienced or sensed something like this before. Many will try to hide in the shadows; others will come up with false explanations and reports as to what really goes on. Know your truth and share your wisdom with those who are ready to expand, understand and listen. Do not bother with others as soon their own inner guidance will lead them to the truth.

Children being born now and in 2020 have important paths to fulfill on this ascension path. There will be leaders, important authorities and vital in the transformation of humanity towards the light.

Personal growth of 2020

Collectively you become more aligned with the higher aspect of you. You will be in greater sync, which means more ideas will suffice, solutions to problems, guidance for everyday situations and even insight on the right thing to say at any time. Sometimes you will be amazed with yourself, thinking you became wiser, that you changed, rather the truth lies to the greater connection you have achieved with your Divine self. You are no longer observing and reacting based on your ego self, and this will become evident as you move deeper in 2020. Expect habits to change, unhealthy patterns to end, new behaviors to rise. You are no longer the same after all.

Moreover, your positive thoughts gain greater momentum. Because you hold greater light frequency, you are able to charge positive thoughts and desires faster than before. This means, be careful what you wish for, because you attract it x3 faster!

Ascension symptoms in 2020

We hear some of you think. “So what is the deal with the ascension symptoms? Will they become easier?” You will still need some more time to get used to the new dimensional energy, and until you become accustomed, there will be some times of feeling like you have been hit with symptoms such as exhaustion, excited, anger, anxiety, agitation and so on. All those symptoms arise as your body is still learning to adjust to the frequency. Expect 4-6 months moving in 2020 to begin to grasp the hang of the intense light waves. This means that you will still be able to sense them, but you won’t be affected in such a way from them.

We remind you, don’t focus on the intensity of the waves, but what those represent and that is: your greater ascension and merging with the light!

2020 is the year of deep transformation. As we mentioned earlier you barely scratched the surface of your ascension path. As the 2020 continues however, the light activations that are about to take place will greatly transform and shape you into a wise, illuminated, expansive aspect of yourself. As you achieve this state, you will be able to quickly enhance your spiritual gifts many of those you didn’t even know you had. Telekinesis, astral projection, spirit communication, are some of those. Also you will acquire skills from your soul origins. For some this might be gaining light language, for others working with alchemian patterns, or geometric shapes. As the activations take place within, your subconscious is filled with the memory of your true identity. Get ready for several glimpses from these origins to suffice.

And with that we wish to end this channeling, grateful that 2020 will be a powerful stepping stone for deep growth and transformation. We cannot wait to speak to you again soon as yet another ends. (There is not time in spirit after all.)”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
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