How to speed up your ascension: The tune of the shift

Light beings of ascension came forward to bring us a powerful technique to remove negative ascension symptoms and speed up our journey to the light.

This is a channeling from Ascension light beings

“Allow us to help you through this process of ascension. Know that you are not alone on this journey, but many of us a stand alongside you, eager to assist. What follows is a process to help you allow ascension to occur, and benefit from it. You have come into this journey to co-create but also to ascend and help others do the same. For this we join all of you to assist on this quest. Allow us to share a method that will help you effortlessly experience and speed up the journey of ascension for you.”

Angels of ascension

First let us explain how your being benefits from this so call ascension. Once you are in spirit, you remember and know of your truth, of your light, of your experience. You have great skills and tools and unlimited supply of aids to help you with all you need. While in the physical however, those aids are restricted, not because they do not exist, but because you cannot find them. They are not hidden from you, but rather you do not remember how to discover and use them. For this we, and many light beings, eagerly agreed to accompany you on this physical journey with the intention of re-discovering your hidden truths and awakening your potential.

This shift of ascension is going to occur only once in your ever existence and it must occur during a physical path. This is because during this journey of your lifetime you have free will. Through your free will you can choose which direction to go. The one direction faces towards the ego, the ways of how earth came to be, bringing tyranny and spreading hate. The other is the direction of love, mercy, spreading kindness and experiencing hidden truths of your spirit. During this path, you are no longer hostage in your human body, but you re-connect mind, body and soul allowing you to attract, create and perceive like in spirit, with no boundaries, or fears.

Why ascension is important

The reason why this ascension is so important is because there is a massive destruction and if the word as left as is, then it will obliterate. Then the earth, the world as you know it, as you call it earth will cease to exist. The souls who choose to incarnate on earth through the years, find it even the more challenging to return to light and the balance of love. Your DNA holds so many low vibrational codes, that reality becomes so heavy for a soul to be able to find the light while in a human body. If this persists, then souls will lose the light, they will find it hard to complete their purpose, to learn, to find joy, to exist in harmony, to assist the cosmos in any way. And so, assistance is given from so many beings all around, from the sun, the moon, galaxies that are hidden, planets that exist, beings of other dimensions that share their own light, and light codes to earth, and to those living upon it, in order to increase the light on earth and help them see their truth.

Why negative symptoms of ascension exist

Many people experience heavy symptoms as this sharing of light occurs. That is not because what is being shared is hard to bear, but rather because they experience the shift through the ego. To be able to gain beneficial transmissions, first you must clear and release what used to be. During this release, this letting go process many feel disoriented and afraid. For this we come now to share with you this process to repeat whenever you feel afraid, lost, confused, or experience pain or discomfort. As you do that, we flow our energy with yours and we assist you to clear whatever no longer serves so that you return to light and love.

So let’s begin.

Process to speed up ascension:

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This process helps you to remove the chatter, of what is, was and will be. During this time focus on your inner light, the soul that exists within. Search for it, look for it, and experience it.

Repeat: I call for guides and angels of the light to join me here and now. Elevate my vibration and help me clear all that no longer serves me.

Once again pause and wait. Wait for us as if you are certain we will show up, similar to when you make a phone call waiting for the person on the other line to pick up. We will come, we will join you. All you have to do is be present to allow us to make the connection.

After this we want you to hum a tune, a melody, a rhythm. Place your hand on your heart and sing the letter: A. But let the sound come from your heart.

This is the sound of attunement, of regeneration, of restoration. Imagine a choir of angels all around you singing along with you. In the in between pauses listen carefully, you might hear our energetic song joining you.

During this time you are allowing your body to rest and your mind to re-center as your soul restores to divine frequency.

As you repeat this sound, you will feel great shifts, release of stuck energy in your vibration, clearing of beliefs, responses and even programs that no longer serve.

This might bring a great shift in your vibration, you might experience freedom, being lighter, happier; or you might become familiar with what no longer serves you. Listen, be aware, be conscious and if something comes up that doesn’t serve, and then let it go.

We bring you this process now as so many experience the shift through the eyes of the ego. They notice only the symptoms and focus on them creating great resistance through the shift. How can the light join you if you are fearful of the change? How can the light codes of love become imprinted in your DNA if you refuse to release the old ones? Do not be afraid of the shift; do not focus on what is being released. Allow it to occur, and focus on the shifts that occur within you. After each and every symptom you will notice that you are no longer the same. You hold a little bit more light within. Soon you will become whole, complete mind, body and spirit, as if you remember of who you are and why you are here. Join us in the light and know that each time you follow the above process, you become lighter.

We love you

All is well.”

Did you use this tune? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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