Setting new foundations – January Angel forecast

5d january 2020

A lot have taken place in 2019 with major clearings of mass collective consciousness. Past ideals, perceptions and programing’s controlled by the ego have finally been lifted. Now entering January, there is a “clean slate”, a breath of fresh air that arises once that density has been lifted. Those of you that feel the shift, you will recognize  a new profound existence of being “lighter”. Feelings of inner peace join more easily, and emotions from the heart (the soul) fill the collective. January 2020 is the month of setting new ideals, anchoring this newfound collective within us so that we can return to it often. All the emotions, perceptions and programmings of the heart begin to imprint deeper within your core. It is the beginning of a whole new year of re-shaping and anchoring soul consciousness and January sets the foundations.

3D illusion fades

In the past the illusion of the dense programmings took control of your thoughts, actions and reactions. You could not see past those “fake morals”, but believed them to be the right way, after so many lifetimes of returning to them, they became one with you, one with the world in which you live in. The misconceptions, fears and ideals of the past such as man versus woman, black versus white, good versus evil, right versus wrong, fear versus love. The distinction between who you are, and who the other is made you feel different and apart creating the sense of loneliness, of not belonging. The hate, the illusion of disconnection, and programmings of racism are only some of the “fake ideals” we speak of that no longer stand. Those have been washed out from the collective, no longer to be blindly followed. They have been cleared. This means that now they become a choice, and no longer a belief. A knowing deep within you lets you know that they are no longer true. The part of you that taught you to believe them, to follow them lifetime after lifetime has been cleared. Now you are asked to choose again. Those of you who are triggered to believe them, to use them, now have a sense of disconnection from them. It is the time to choose again.

This January you are asked to pay attention to the way certain perceptions, ideals or morals are presented. Recognize which of those no longer feel true. You start with a clean slate, and you have the option to choose again.

Pause and ask yourself, what feels true, what feels right to you? You are no longer connected with the past. It has been wiped out, and along with it, its principles, beliefs and illusion.

The past has taught you to feel hate for others because wars taught you are different from them, to be jealous because you believed that others deprive you from what they have, to fear the world because they told you it was dangerous… Whatever misconception, false ideal, past believes and fears they have all been cleared. Choose again dearest one, choose again.


Your soul leads the way

As the world in which you live in is still the same, you still have the same life, the same people to interact with, you will be tempted to follow what you knew in the past, the familiar, even if it no longer feels the same to you, even if you feel disconnected from it in a way that you cannot explain. To that we tell you choose again, make new decisions, different thoughts. Listen to you inner voice when it tells you that something feels out of balance. Your soul now guides you. You have freed it from the illusion of the mind, so if you only listen you will be able to start again. January is the year of new beginnings, new choices. You have a clean slate, use it well.


Change is upon you

There is change presented to you everywhere now, your diet, your friends, your discussion topics, your ideals, your habits. Listen to your intuition, to your inner voice, follow that which makes you feel good, which brings you joy; that is the language of your soul that speaks to you much louder than ever before. Listen.


Diving deeper in 5D

Part of January you might still experience the density of the past clearing. Until the 20th – 27th of January you will come to face with many changes, many endings that will ultimately bring new beginnings. Do not be afraid of the change, take a stand, follow the natural conclusion of past cycles.

If we were to describe January with an image, it will be the one of the ready butterfly breaking out of the cocoon. It is time for the new dimension to take over. 2019 have been different because it was the transition phase. In late January last year you entered the 5D, (or your cocoon in the example of the caterpillar). 2019 everything seemed new, you were still jumping timelines, and clearing layers. January 2020 however, you are diving in 5D with a new sense of being, we call this: oneness.

Welcome your new life experience. With 2019 ending, past cycles of illusion clear and new beginnings of soul choices infused with love and light follow. It will be a year of magical transformations and life changing experiences. We cannot wait to watch you thrive.

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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