The sun after the storm – MARCH FORECAST 2020

march ascension updates 2020

The energy of 2020 has joined strongly and it has brought great inner shifts and activations at a soul level. As March joins, it brings a grander sense of ease, comfort and alignment. The great changes you went through will become noticed. March brings many days of balance and a sense that time has stopped moving. This will give you the so much needed space to find relief through the storm that just passed.

March 2020 ascension news

Like a sunny date after the storm, March acts as the bridge that you need between what has shifted, and what will follow in the next months. You need the rest and the re-calibration, so arm yourself with lots of moments of peace, and joy, and don’t hesitate to take a holiday from your busy schedule to enjoy life.

It is the ideal time to ponder, dream and make plans for the coming months. Everything might seem to be on a pause, or rather a peaceful dream as the earth moves into a transition of greater frequency. It might feel like you live in different dimension for the most part of March (and some of April) as you finally begin to adjust and implement the new light codes that you have received the previous months, and that results in an elevated state. Everything will begin making sense, inspiration will flow easily, excitement will suffice guiding you to new projects, as well as great communication with people.


Energy and the law of attraction

March is the month that many of the thoughts or dreams of higher vibration will materialize, or begin to take form. Those thoughts that bring you joy elevation, and peace, that you have crafted and believed in (law of attraction), have the high frequency that they need in March to join you. Practice being in alignment longer so that more of those things you seek will be attracted to you. They already exist because you have created them with your thoughts, and now that the energy can sustain them, they show up!

New horizons, new paths, opportunities and people will appear for you. Trust that they come because they match the high frequency of March. Follow your intuition to make the right choice regarding them.


The 3D reality dissipates

The 2020 lighter vibrations begin to arise, leaving behind the density of the previous years, as well as the 3D dimension! Not all people will sense this great shift, but those that tune in and feel the energy will know the great sense of peace that follows as the 3D dimension dissipates.

You might find that certain people that hold on to the lower frequency, won’t understand you, or even move passed you without seeing you. You are moving deeper in 5D and that makes the gap between you and them even greater. Recognize those moments as proof of your own energetic growth.

Similarly, as you enter deeper in 5D beings, animals, or high vibrational people begin to show up in your path, or start to follow you, wanting to connect. If you are psychic or you connect with Light beings the connection becomes easier to be established.

New wave of ascension light

A different type of light frequencies will begin to flow on Earth around 17th, and that might bring you some discomfort or new kind of symptoms/sensations. The new wave of light transmission starts that aims to increase your frequency, while the previous set of light transmissions aimed to clear you from density. Possible symptoms: dizzy spells, lightheaded, as well as feelings of euphoria, empowerment, purpose and increased intuition.


Memories and ascension

Memories of the past will begin to show up for you, but that is the result of the past timelines shedding. The connection between you and those memories is breaking that is why you experience their memory. You might even find yourself re-living familiar events in your dreams. Who you once were, is releasing. The ties between the person you’ve been, the choices you made, the karma that followed you then, it all changes form. You start anew.

You are given another chance to make the right choices, to follow your happiness and to start over. So stop focusing on the past as it has no effect any longer.

New wave of lightworkers enter the earth


During this period many light-beings have agreed to be born. During 2020 – 2028 another wave of light workers will join the earth plane in a physical form. Rejoice this as it means the earth gathers all the more support and light, so your lightworker job becomes easier. You won’t feel the misalignment between your true light nature and the density of the earth, as you did before. The symptoms become lighter, your Divine connection brighter.


Embark upon the new season with the knowing that what you have allowed to take form joins you. Stay positive to manifest more of the things that you desire into the world. Spread love, show kindness and be understanding as more people begin to awaken and might need your support. Take risks to shape a brighter tomorrow. You are given the tools to grow, to thrive, to re-shape your life starting NOW. March brings you new opportunities, and new beginnings.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. I am scared of re the corona virus I want it gone

  2. Thank you Amelia! I have been guided by archangel Michael to my rebirth and have been dreaming a lot, writing it all down. Its like my life is being explained in my visions. I finally figured out what dreams from my childhood mean. Also, I have found my earth, fire and water after a lifetime of seemingly aimless wandering without a friend. I’m an Aquarius.

    1. That is a wonderful way to uncover what your soul needs to know! Bravo!

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