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Animals and their supernatural abilities

Do you have a pet? Then you might have wondered if your pet has a soul purpose. Can animals sense the spirit world? Do they really have a soul? Animals are wonderful messengers of the universe, but they also have

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Ringing in the ears

To look into the causes of ringing in the ears we have to dig a little deeper. I’m sure you have experienced this sensation when out of nowhere, you hear this weird noise; but no one else seems to hear

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How to connect with a lost loved one

Losing someone it does not mean that they have left you forever. Loss is a natural moving on of a path from the physical to spiritual. Those souls live on, greater now, combining the newly learned lessons and experiences into

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How the angels answer your prayers

This is a Direct ANGEL channeling: “Many of you wonder and doubt about our presence with you at any time. When you pray your natural ego self cannot help but wonder“am I alone? Am I surrounded by angels?” and then

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Tiger: spiritual meaning

How many times do you notice the image of a tiger? perhaps you see one in videos, in magazines, on TV, or in your dreams. The image of a tiger brings spiritual messages to you, so you better notice it

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Divine light cleanse meditation

Divine light cleanse, only takes 3 minutes but it has great benefits. The Angels of light encourage you to invoke divine light regularly during your day. It cleanses your energy from any negativity, purifies you, raises your vibration, and re-centers

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Ivy spiritual meaning

Few days before the eclipse I kept noticing ivy all around, and it struck my attention because I don’t usually find it where I’m from. So knew that this beautiful plant contained messages from a higher consciousness. Ivy is a

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