Ask the angels: Astral projection, lucid dreaming, and sleep paralysis

There are many spiritual experiences that are yet unknown to many. Some might have experienced them, while others not. The way that they come to be known to each one is different. The angels discuss a few of them, to help you understand their process and gain some knowledge on their purpose.

The responses are a direct channeling.


Astral projection is when the soul can actually move away from your body and travel in different planes.

Lucid dreaming is when you get to experience situations happening within your consciousness in a strong, intense way. Lucid dreaming is like a strong dream experience where you can interact in the dream, but you don’t necessarily have full control. Lucid dreaming occurs when the soul is re-living a situation, is learning a lesson or re-forming a memory. You can understand and know the power of the mind when it works in conjunction with the unconscious memories. It forms, it creates and allows you to live in certain situations and/or re-experience them. You are more conscious in this way, than you are in a dream state, as more of your senses are brought in to experience the setting. It is a life-like dream.


Astral projection is where the soul travels away from the body, while you are in a conscious level. You are allowed to travel with the soul in astral planes, across lifetimes, across time and space as you are no longer bound by the limitations of the body. You experience this similar to moving with the body, only the soul travels with thought and/or intention and not with movement. There are many who are skilled and trained traveling across planes in this state of traveling. you can indeed learn, experience, grow while traveling in this state. You can meet your guides and angels and travel alongside them to continue your soul lessons or give you guidance. It is always advisable to be in a state of high vibrational frequency and not fear as this is the key to the places you travel to and the spirits you meet. If you ever feel fear when in astral projection, ask to be surrounded by divine light and affirm your desires. “I am surrounded by divine light. I am traveling to safe and happy places. I am meeting only lighted souls.”

Can I meet other people who are astral projecting?

Yes, certainly. If you can all tune into the same time, space and have the intention of meeting each other in spirit, it is possible. You can also meet with your spirit guides and angels simply by calling for them.

Astral projection is quite similar to what your soul experiences when in sleep state. The only difference is that you are not conscious and so you have no memory of it.

Can I travel in astral planes in meditation?

Yes. Your soul can travel as long as you train yourself to move away from the body and guide with intention. It is possible to travel through dimensions and experience that in different ways. Moreover, apart from fully traveling your soul like in lucid dreaming which takes more skill, you can either simply get glimpses of images, knowing; hear sounds or sensations of where you are at any time. This all can be achieved while in meditation. Remember that the intention is always the key.

Are there any dangers to traveling with the soul?

Yes, you should always be surrounded by divine light, and hold good intentions. As mentioned, make sure your vibration is raised and positive before you travel.

Are there any negative side effects after I return?

You need a strong grounding to allow the soul to adjust to the body. For some, it might take a few hours or even a day to fully adjust. In that time they might experience spacey feelings or dizziness. Regardless of where you are, however, the soul always finds a way to return to the body.

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is many of those experiences that emanate fear. It is the moment when your soul travels away from the body, while you regain consciousness. While you are conscious, your soul is pulled into your body but not before you come to experience the discomfort of loss of movement in the body. You might be conscious, yes, but the soul still travels and not yet adjusted to your body. So what happens is you experience a woozing sensation, and sounds of winds as you are half awake, half asleep. In those cases, there is no need to fear. Your soul always knows where the body is, and always finds a way. If you awaken before the soul has adjusted in the body, simply be patient; allow it to fully adjust in the body before you begin to move. Sleep paralysis is very common among people but indeed misunderstood. When you allow fear to surround you, you lower your energy and make it harder for the soul to adjust. Whenever you might experience this, simply affirm: may I be fully surrounded in light, body, mind, and soul. May I am once again complete now.” your soul knows it is time to return so with this affirmation it arrives safely to the body, making the union of body mind and spirit complete.



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
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