Animals and their supernatural abilities

Do you have a pet? Then you might have wondered if your pet has a soul purpose.

Can animals sense the spirit world? Do they really have a soul? Animals are wonderful messengers of the universe, but they also have their own paths on earth and even in the spirit world.

what is a spirit animal?

I’m sure you heard of the term spirit animals. The reason this term exists gives you a great idea of the power of animals. It is true; each animal has special gifts, personalities and brings something different to the world. The more you study and observe nature and its beings, the more you learn as they are great teachers that have a lot to show humanity. Each animal is created with soul intent, each one bringing forth different qualities, each one enriching life on earth.

As you study these beings, you come to realize that they do have an innate knowing as to how they should behave, what is acceptable for their species. If you take a young animal away from their mother, and into an entirely different space, without any similar species around, they would come to realize their capabilities and learn to survive. But survival is not the only thing they are born with. Animals have a greater knowing and connection to earth. They, just like you, came on this journey willingly to exist, and learn and provide for the existence of all. They sense what that path for each one is and they are moving towards fulfilling it.

Do animals have a path?

Think of a puppy that is being given to a child. The puppy knows its path is to become a companion to the child, to bond and to teach the child in its own way.

A cat is capable of finding its owner by walking miles in distance, just because it senses the connection with him/her and is aware that a path is still in progress.

On the other hand, you might have noticed how animals that use to be pets suddenly disappear. Many times they don’t get lost; they have chosen to move on, as their purpose to a particular family has ended.

Animals have a great dedication to their paths, even if those are different than the ones of similar species. Many times, the path of an animal is to continue the cycle of life, other times to increase in abilities, other times to assist humanity.

So animals do come with a life’s purpose and they are aware of what that is. Their way of reincarnation is a bit different than the one of humans. They can reincarnate as different animals at a time, and in different universes. What used to be dragon in one planet, might be a lion here, but either way that soul expands and grows with each reincarnation similar to your own.

Animals and spirit

Animals don’t experience human emotions such as remorse, hate or happiness, but they do have a sense of satisfaction, willingness and/or displeasure.

They can communicate with humans in different ways, but it is worth pointing out that a clairvoyant can mentally tune into the animal and receive certain information through mental images. A way all souls communicate in the spirit world is through using mental communication, so this gift is still available to them while on earth. They even use it to communicate among each other in the physical world.

Not all animals are the same, and not all bring with them the same qualities. Some have the ability to sense spirit beings; others have the ability to perceive human emotions. Each animal is unique, just like any human on earth.

To better understand animals observe them, they can surprise you at how intuitive they are, and how innately smart with what has to do with the universe.

All animals sense the shift of energy in the environment. Perhaps you have noticed dogs bark more during a full moon, or owls cry more during an eclipse. Animals even sense and get affected by the energy of an argument or the excitement of their family owners. Many times you might have noticed that your pets are happy when you are happy, and they are sad when you are sad. It all has to do with the energy you emit, and the energy they receive. Similarly, animals can affect your own energy involuntary by trying to demand attention when you are distressed, or cuddle next to you when you have a nightmare. It all has to do with their human nature.

It is worth mentioning some animals that completely change behavior when around certain people, or in particular situations. Those animals might try to convey a message. Animals are great messengers of the universe as they can pick up little insights that try to pass on to you. If you notice anything out the of ordinary, use your intuition to understand what they try to convey to you.

Animals life after death

So can an animal become a spirit animal? How does that work?

Yes, just like spirit guides, a soul chooses to assist people on earth by looking after them and guiding them from the afterlife. Animals can choose to do this as well. As animals have different powers and qualities, they can choose to help us, by helping us perceive, use or empower with those qualities.

Not all of you have a spirit animal part of your spiritual team, but if you do, ask that they become known to you. Ask that your spirit animal shows up repeatedly until you notice. Once a sign is sent, you really can’t miss it. Also, be on the lookout for more than one animal, as this is quite possible as well.

Spirit animals and their powers

Each animal has something wonderful to share but Let’s have a quick look on some animals and how can they empower you from the spirit world.

–    a frog brings wisdom

–    an eagle gives you greater intuition

–    An elephant increases your patience

–    A cat helps you have more independence and even healing abilities

–    A wolf brings you self-value and strength

–    A dog brings you more positivity

–    A dragonfly prosperity

–    A horse brings you grace

Each spirit animal has many more qualities that can pass on to you. You can even choose to work with your spirit animal by asking them to pass on their skills to you to help you with a certain phase in your life.

The way you communicate with your spirit animals, angels or any other lighted being is through prayer. They are always around, and always willing to help.

All in all, the more you observe animals, the more you become fascinated by their inner wisdom and alignment with nature. They are wonderful teachers, and a beautiful representation of how life should be lived: harmonious, playful and purposeful.

So did you find your spirit animal yet? If so comment below!

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