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Why talking to yourself is a good thing

How many times did you begin to talk to yourself but stopped halfway ashamed? Perhaps people have argued that when you speak to yourself, you are going crazy. I am here to tell you, that it is the exact opposite,

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How to interpret your dreams

Do you interpret your dreams? Do you remember waking up to confusing, yet interesting, dreams that included various people and events? Most of the time, they don’t make much sense. Perhaps many of those dreams are imprinted in your memory,

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The benefits of a negative emotion

Here are 5 facts about negative emotions nobody told you. How to overcome fear, as well as find the blessings within. What is the purpose of a negative emotion? Why do we experience fear? Have you been avoiding any situation

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Benefits of the Sun Nobody told you

Did you ever consider the benefits the sun has for humanity? Those benefits go beyond what you can perceive, and what anyone ever told you. The sun is a powerful source of light, and its rays hold Divine energy that

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What to expect in 2019

How was 2018 for you? How many of your goals have you reached, how much of your to-do list did you achieve? This is the time to pause and ponder upon all those things you have succeeded, all the paths

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You are doing everything you can to be positive, to raise your vibration, to get in alignment. You succeed, you are happy and peaceful, but then you meet a person that makes it all go in vain. Toxic people are

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Mind-Blowing Angel experiences

Angels are always available to you whenever you need aid. While they are not physical beings their energy can be felt by those who are more sensitive. Their connections can become evident to those who tune in regularly and pay

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How to make time work for you

Do you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do? Does it seem like time sleeps through your fingers, and days come and go without getting to your to-do list? Then chances are

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Spiritual meaning of a snake

Many people have associated snakes with hate, revenge, cruelty. The truth, however, is further from that. If you see snakes repeatedly, if they appear on your path, or even in your home, it’s a good idea to pay close attention

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The science & power of an Angel Reading

There those times that you find yourself in need of guidance, direction from someone who knows you, who understands, but also who has all the answers, who is wise and trustworthy. Your spiritual team ticks all the points, They are

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How the earth changes affect you

Earth changes and shifts, and you do so as well. The more connected you are with earth and your mind, body, spirit, the more you notice that the change of the seasons affect your state of mind, energy levels and

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Horse: Spiritual meaning

If a horse image is brought into your dreams, the meaning of a horse into your everyday conversations, or even if you get glimpses of it as you walk by the street, Then the universe brings you messages and you

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