The Secret Guide To Energy Gateways

This article is a direct channeling from Light beings:

 “During the time of a light gateway, there is a powerful energy force pulling you towards lighter frequencies of higher dimensions. This is called an “energetic getaway” or “light portal” or even “stargate” because it allows you tune into higher realms that you wouldn’t otherwise been able to reach. It is an energy portal that draws you closer to your soul origins and frequencies.  Think of it like a column of light connecting you with these higher realms.

Benefits of a light getaway:

 Since you are able to reach higher realms of light, the purpose of these light portals varies:

  1. You are able to connect mentally and establish clearer connection with light beings.
  2. You are able to receive light codes from these higher realms that wouldn’t otherwise been able to reach you.
  3. You are able to achieve a merging with your very own Higher self if you choose to.

As a result they help you tune into your divine origins and benefit from the interaction while on earth.

During this time you can set the intention to connect to this light frequencies, and then pause, meditate on the experience. You can request to receive any light transmissions you can carry, any light wisdom that wishes to come through for you, or simply ask for spiritual assistance for anything that you wish to transform to more positive experience. You have this power to connect and gain any such assistance at any time, but right now during this getaway it will be more easily achieved.

Physical and mental ascension symptoms

Some of you who are more open and sensitive to light frequency you will sense this getaway through your senses, and body. You might sense surges of light flowing through you, or extra energy that jitters your nervous system. Many symptoms that arise now might reveal a blockage that you hold at a certain area that doesn’t allow the light frequency to flow. If for instance you have a migraine, there might be a blockage held in your crown chakra. If you have sensitivity to sound, then there is a lesson for you tied your hearing.

Pay attention to your symptoms now, they don’t come randomly. Tune into the intense symptoms with the intention of identifying the blockage. Close your eyes, pause with your awareness in that area. Then once you feel you are tuning in to that area, ask out loud: what blockage is held here?

Then pause, breathe in the knowledge that comes from your cells and muscles. Your body speaks to you. You call forward the energy of the blockage to come up to become known. All you need to do is listen and be aware. Identify any wisdom that comes through your thoughts, and trust that whatever it is, it’s the right one.

Once you have what you need say out loud:

I release this blockage from my mind, body and spirit. I ask for divine light to flow into this area and cleanse it away. Release it across all levels and layers of time. I no longer need it. Thank you for serving me. I let go.

And breathe it out. Keep focusing there until you sense the symptom dissipates. Keep breathing out the resistance. Envision the divine light flowing into that area, cleansing it, uplifting it and replacing with well-being and light.

And so it is.

That is enough to release whatever you have held there that is no longer needed. After this you allow the crystalline light to flow freely, without resistance and blockage.

Think of a pipe that is clogged. Once you unclog it, the water flows. This is a great example of how some energetic blockages clog the light from flowing through you. This might be a blockage that is held in your body and comes out as physical pain or resistance; or it might be a mental blockage and causes your emotions to be negative. This might be anger, fear, anxiety, procrastination or anything that is revealed to you during a powerful energetic getaway such as the 4.4

Being ungrounded during a stargate

Because you are filled with higher frequencies, you might feel unbalanced and ungrounded frequently. You are being pulled to higher realms, but your base now is on earth. if the environment around you is negative then you are separated between your physical body who is heavier and your energy that becomes lighter. That is why some of the symptoms might be: dizziness or vertigo, losing sense of time, becoming unbalanced and overwhelmed as your emotions are all over the place. Stop, pause, become mindful. Set the intention of grounding with the earth. Spend time outside if you can. Use this meditation to help you ground:

Light portal frequency:

During a powerful energetic getaway you are not meant to go through struggle, on the contrary, you are drawn towards higher realms of light. Celebrate those light getaways. Use them to tune in, identify any blockages, clear them, or be receptive to light frequencies that are available to come through for you.

There are many light getaways through the year, that usually don’t come more than 2 or 3 and months close together to allow you time to process the light frequencies. There are different light getaways through each year around 4 to 6 or 8. Some of them are set on 4.4, 6.6, 8.8 but each of them hold different light frequency levels.

Because they are a window to higher dimensions they last 12 – 36 hours.

 Some of you might feel happier during one getaway, and feel vulnerable during another. That is because of the planets or realms that are used to bring you the specific light codes. You might feel triggered because of the symptoms they bring up, based on the light codes you are given. Trust that every light transmission helps to bring you closer to your powerful light self.”

You are called for to:

– Ascend
– Release fears, old beliefs and programmings
– Expand your being
– Be the powerful Light being you came here to be!

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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