What are codes of awakening and how we experience them


CODES OF AWAKENING: What is happening to the body?

This is a direct channeling from Saint German on how the shift to the 5D takes place in our body and physical reality.

“We greet you for the realm of peace and high vibration. We are here to give insight of what you are entering into, and of all those experiences that you are having now. They have a benefit, and they will result in peaceful period that enters your life as we speak. It begins as we speak. There are high vibrational alterations that are happening in your body. In short, negativity is flushed out of your presence as you know it now. Indeed, you are fast headed towards expansion, towards all those that you once were. You get closer to them in vibrational energy, in alignment, in the emotions that you are experiencing, in the thoughts, beliefs and programs that make your responses.

You might face challenges; that is because you come into contact with all that negativity that you have stored into your body up until this time. All those lead you to transformation and assist the whole planet. We are here to help explain how the shift occurs, how this negativity is cleared from your wholeness.

All your body is filled with particles of light. It is made of light. Specific particles of light hold frequencies, emotions, situations that you were exposed to worth of many lifetimes. These particles of light or energy codes exist, and they have stored both high and negative frequency codes. Let’s take for example a specific code, which is linked to a situation, a thought, an emotion, a state of awareness, which brings you certain vibrations in the form of thoughts, emotions that are similar to that original code. The code of unworthiness is encrypted and stored because you have experienced in this or any other lifetime. It has imprinted as a code that stores many information of emotions, state of being, thoughts and even pain that is experienced once a specific code arises. Energy of your attention and responses keeps it active within your body. Whenever a similar situation occurs, whenever that code is triggered by anything similar to the original event of the creation of the code, this code unlocks and transmutes energy out to you, in a subconscious level. This process occurs automatically, similar to the way your muscles and organs work.

And so, once your imprint or DNA or blueprint holds these codes of activations, they are released and so you experience and react in certain ways. These activations transmute a state of being or reactions that you might not be aware of. In the example of the unworthiness, the code might combine feelings of loneliness, need of acceptance, fear of abandonment and various other links such as creating in a certain way, or getting emotional without realizing why. the truth is that a certain activation occurred that brought to your awareness certain emotions, even if you cannot identify their link or reason nor match it with anything happening in your current experience. A certain memory might create this, or a certain thought, a certain person or even a color, a smell, or even a word. And so, as this code becomes initiated, its coding comes out through your responses, your muscles, your nerves, the words that you speak, your thoughts and mostly through your emotions. As you may or may not be aware of, emotions are transmutations of energy. In the case of the coding, it releases elements of energy that vibrate in a certain vibration to bring you similar responses of that vibrational frequency.

Now, as the shift of 5D has begun many levels of energy that hold your original blueprint of the creator are entering your blueprint. These new codes are of high vibration and pure frequency and new activations that resonate with who you really are. So as those enter your blueprint, the dense old energy of the old coding that no longer serves you, has heavy energy that rises to the surface to be released through your emotions. They have no other way to go you see, they don’t exist with the new vibrational energy of the activation codes of the new dimension. And so, the old codes release their energy that comes to your awareness to be removed through emotions, as they have no place, and no roots any longer.

The way that those old codes come to your awareness differs. They might attach to your vibration and magnetize certain thoughts that you might have to do with something that you hold in your awareness. Thus, they keep repeating in your mind over and over until they have no more energy and so they fade and dissipate. They link to you just to transmute that energy and charge to you. other times they might use fears and links that you hold the back of your subconscious mind that hold similar energy so that once they are activated   you find yourself experiencing thoughts and fears and strong negative emotions or memories that are unpleasant. In other times, the way the old codes come to the surface are through sudden mood swings or tension that have no apparent reason or root, and so they are felt through strong negative emotions.

And so a way to let those negative codes to empty their negative energy and be released are to allow them to be felt and experienced, without adding further attention or energy to them. if you hold it within, if you keep yourself from experiencing it, or even if you let it consume you and believe the negativity it brings you, then it will charge and stay in your body. But as it has no roots any longer, it will come up again and again until it is released. And so, when you notice a sudden shift in your state of being allow, know it’s alright and let it bring the energy that no longer serves as you observe it, with no response.

A simple technique to help you through this is to focus inwards, and imagine breathing in light, and breathing out all the dense old energy. This will help you allow and simply observe the energy be rising out of your body and awareness.

So, if you are experiencing any sort of negativity, know that it’s temporary. It’s all coming out into your awareness to be released. Remind yourself that it is only temporary and you have nothing to fear. All is well and you are returning to the most divine experience and state of being that is high in vibration and in contact with all you truly are. So allow whatever it wants to come and rise and be released. All is truly well.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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