Message from Arcturians: welcome the new earth

The Arcturians are an alien race that comes from from the blue planet circling the red giant star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation. Arcturus orbits at around 36 light years from our solar system, yet they join us know to help us and the Earth ascend in greater light. As you read their message, they send you light codes that raise your vibration and assist your transformation.

The Arcturians are among us

“This earth is ascending much faster than ever before. All the beings that reside within it shift as well. Some of you might feel this, as you become awakened and enlightened, while others slowly yet gradually begin to shift. We have requested for this connection to benefit all of you who read now. As you do so, your frequency rises and you are open to our light code transmissions. When you don’t resist, you can feel the messages that we bring forth, not through your understanding alone, but through your perception, through your emotions, through your oneness. This message comes to bring you a step closer to your illuminated, expanded self, so allow us to work with you on an energetic level as you read the words that follow.

Earth as heaven

This earth that you now live in, was not once like this, filled with corruption, damage and fear. There was a time early on that the frequency held within resembled what you call “heaven”. Everything constituted of oneness, inner peace, and alignment of all. The trees were aligned, the animals were aligned, and you were aligned with all that existed on the physical and spiritual level. Much happened along the way, that made you sidetrack from this timeline however, and like a plague it spread more fear, negativity and ultimately resulted in separation; Separation of one with all, separation with your body, mind and spirit. We are not here to judge you, nor vouch for the paths that resulted in that separation, but rather to join you, merging with your earthly sphere, merging with your timeline to pull you upwards towards the original earth, the earth of “heaven”.

Arcturian race on earth

We are a race called Arcturians, yet we are not the only ones that come forward to help you ascend. Earth is a very important factor in the expansion of the universe, in the ascension of all souls. This is because we are all interconnected. We do not see a separation from you, and from us. When you rise, we rise. So it is now time for earth and for all beings on it, to lift in frequency and break the cycle of illusion and fear, to completely remove separation and exist in oneness.
We understand that this is not an easy journey as it has lasted for eons, yet once we join forces nothing can be more powerful than the union of souls. And so we have listened to the call of the earth. It did call us yes, it called us to help, to help it, and to help you. And so we join you, and we join the earth, and we are not alone. Many, many races and beings come forward to join this union. As more and more join the easier it becomes for the separation to fade, for you to return to complete and utter love and union of all.

Earth ascends

Many have begun to feel us here, to see our signals. We are not entirely spirit you see. We have a physical form, and we choose to be seen when needed to help more of you awaken to the truth of the shift. Look up to the sky today and ask us that we bring you proof of our presence. We reside in the clouds, we exist all around you, but we come in peace, we come to help you. The more you allow us to help, the more we can achieve.

Our call for you today is to notice how the earth is shifting. It is no longer the same as 10 years ago. The earth gathers greater life force, as beings of light conclude the merging of energy that brings it healing and restoration. If you could see through energetic eyes, you will see a light veil wrapped around the earth, restoring it. the same veil is available for you when you call for it. So why don’t you ask for the restoration light to wrap you and elevate and heal you while you sleep tonight? Once you awake you will feel restored and shifted. When you close your eyes call for the connection with the earth to merge with your own, to connect you will all around so that you can feel, sense and be one with all.

Furthermore, the veil of illusion is breaking. The illusion is anything that is not love. all that exists in love, and all that was created that brought separation, was created from the illusion that you are separate from love. Once this illusion completely fades you will come to experience loving frequencies, health, restoration, joy, abundance. even lower frequencies do exist, then you will no longer notice them. As you don’t notice them, then they are not really there.

The earth is shifting. The frequency that makes of the earth is rising in consistency and frequency. This is because it clears old patterns and timelines and joins greater dimensions. You who exist on it are changing with it. Some are resistant to these shifts and for that, they experience greater symptoms, and negativity. But hear us when we tell you that the change is inevitable and all physical beings on earth will undergo it. Do you feel the shifts? Then allow them to exist and shift you. Do you feel tension or fear arising? Then remember it’s only an illusion. No longer focus on what is dense and outdated.
The new earth arises, and we have joined you to help with the integration. You can ask us to help you with this process because that is why we are here. Ask us to help you see through the illusion, to respond and exist in love. Ask us that we help you see the change and we will openly guide you through it.
As the earth’s resonance shifts and increases and speeds up, your ascension process does the same. Do not be afraid but welcome it. You are not alone. We are beside you. There is nothing other than the shift. It is done. Welcome the new earth now.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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