Entering the 5D grid – May Angel forecast

5d grid


April brought some intense light transmissions which expanded you deeper in the 5D grid. Many people awakened, others expanded and revealed spiritual gifts and knowledge that they carried with them subconsciously. May is going to continue what April has started. The unraveling of the gifts will continue, the expansion of the 5D grid will speed up. You will come to face powerful light transmissions, and activations that will shift the way you view the world and reality.

Shield from collective fears

The collective fears are at a rise due to the pandemic, and that creates heavy energy all around the Earth. this will be felt among empaths, and lightworkers who are deeply connected to the collective. We step forward now to tell you to stand your ground. Do not let the collective fear bring you down, startle you or harm you. You have the power to stay above the density but you need to realize its source. We tell you now when you feel your vibration lowering, pause, re-center. Remind yourself all is well. Call for us to brighten your path and lift away the density:

“Guides and Angels of the light I need you now. Lift away the burden that I feel regardless if it is mine or from the collective. Shine your light to brighten my heart, clear away the sadness and bring in love, peace and comfort. Help me to know that all is well. I allow you to lift me now.”

Many things will be heard about this pandemic. Avoid listening to upsetting news. Some countries might seem to downgrade from their advancement but this is only temporary. The light will shine, the order will be restored. It will soon You have reached a point in your spiritual expansion, that you are able to hold much more high frequency than before. This means that you are slowly lifting and moving deeper within the 5D dimension that can only sustain higher frequency.

You might have noticed by now that there are days you feel aligned, positive, uplifted, and peaceful. Those are the moments you are tapping into the 5D grid because your energy has reached a consistent high vibrational rate, however since the energies of the earth and of the collective still affect you; you receive their influence and that lowers your energy a bit. In combination with any old habits, unresolved trauma or fears or negative beliefs that continuously cause you to vibrate in a lower frequency, you find yourself tapping out of the 5D grid frequently.

The steps you face during light waves

The light transmissions on earth flow with the intention of helping you return to the 5D grid, by raising your frequency and help you maintain a higher vibration. That is why they come more frequently than ever before on earth. this will cause you to go through different stages:

1) Distress, and excess energy as the light enters the energy field of the earth, and your own; causing a temporal mismatch of the current energies and the ones transmitting.

2) Body aches, and symptoms as the light flows in your being clearing the fear and low codes keeping you in low frequency.

3) A state of bliss and wellness as your energy raises in frequency to match the incoming light that pulls you in 5d grid.

4) Exhaustion, dormancy, weakness as your energy body went through big shifts and needs some time to re-charge.

Those are very often the steps you go through during the incoming light frequencies that make you constantly move from one step to the other because you are not yet accustomed to perceiving through the 5D, and that causes you to constantly move out of it, in which case you repeat the symptoms of the shift.

(Read about your 5D self)

May energy shifts

During May, those will continue to be the symptoms and shifts you face, however the incoming light waves will try to keep you in 5D longer. To be able to achieve this, be present with what triggers you in lower frequency and choose to let it go. Stop perceiving problems and density that continuously keeps you out of alignment. It is time to be mindful on what you allow in your being. Notice when you feel low emotions and breathe them out. Choose to shift your awareness to the solutions instead of the problems, to the joy and abundance of things you have instead of those you lack. Shifting your awareness is the key to keep you in 5D longer and this is theme of May. (Read more about the ascension.)

You will come to notice this, until you realize you need to release those that bring you density. It is a choice that becomes a way of life, a way of perception if you let it.

Along with maintaining longer times in 5d, many of you will go to exceptional awakening of inner skills and powers you carry with you from other lifetimes and planes. Light language is one of those skills, as well as healing, sound energy, channeling and many other gifts that await to be revealed to you. As you maintain higher energy longer, those are easier to be received and awakened within you. the same is with any other light codes that bring characteristics or traits you didn’t know you had within you.

Spirit guides and ancestors work while you sleep

Your spiritual teams at this time have increased in beings as many spirit guides and ancestors join you to bring healings, and activations as you sleep at night. Those help to fast track your spiritual growth, and ascension, as well as bring you healing, strength of character, or give you insights to fulfill your spiritual path. That is the reason many of you might wake up unrested or have dreams many of which you don’t remember.

While this might seem like a long month due to the intensity of the light transmissions coming through, by June you will have expanded a lot and fast tracked your spiritual growth tremendously.


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