Breakthrough on spiritual eating

I had a great breakthrough on the whole spirituality food challenge, and I wanted to share with you.
If you read my blog post on the topic:
you know how i struggle to remove foods from my diet that mess with my health and spiritual connection.
The truth is, the more i searched for what’s best to avoid, the more i got a headache and a fear that there’s nothing left to eat! If you avoid meat, they tell you soy is processed and should be avoided as well, if you remove dairy, you read how wheat is bad for you and many many many other foods. So yes, if you try to eat healthily, you will most likely get a headache. Unfortunately, many many of the foods we consume today, have been tampered with and added some negative, unhealthy elements to it. To avoid them all its very very difficult to do, especially at first. As i tried to eat organic, i found myself starving so often. Foods others were eating, I had to avoid, so instead I ate a part of what i could. In a family gathering, while others enjoyed roast chicken and creamy, cheesy pasta shells, i had to only settle for the least unhealthy food that is the salad (even thought my mum shops her veggies from the supermarket). I ended up being hungry after 1 hour and not knowing what to eat. To be honest this was even more challenging and agonizing. I messed up my eating schedule, changed all of my eating habits, i ended up being hungry after 2 hours of having lunch. This was because with no wheat, or meat, or even dairy you can’t be satisfied for long. So if you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time to make a healthy snack beforehand, what do you eat?

I was sure this wasn’t right, the Angels don’t want us to suffer in this way. I’m sure it shouldn’t be that bad to eat healthy. So what do i eat and what do i avoid, if 75% of foods i used to eat make me feel bloated, give me headaches, cause stress, are fatty or have sort of chemicals or negative energy? I wanted to eat foods that make me feel good and healthy and helped me to connect with spirit more easily, however the more i tried, the more i felt weak, had lack of energy and i was hungry most of the time.

In angst i asked “Mother Mary” to help me decide the foods to avoid, foods that bother me. She so kindly and loving (as always) suggested that i should bless all food I eat. She did not tell me to avoid anything.
And so, as i was involuntarily about to eat a mince pie ( i was at a gathering, with no other food suggestions. it sucks i know! ) I was looking at it with an unhappy grin on my face, so i thought the best i could do is to make sure most of its negative energy is removed. So I prayed:
Archangel Michael, i ask that you please remove all negative energy from this food that i am about to it, please remove all the sadness and pain that it has suffered, all angst and worry, all illness and fear. Archangel Raphael, please infuse this food with good positive energy, and healing vibrations so that it offers me positivity, and good vibrational energy. I now thank all the animals and plants that have been sacrificed, all the people that have worked to bring this food here now. I sincerely thank you.”
And so i ate it. The results were phenomenal! i not only didn’t get sick, I didn’t absorb any negativity so i didn’t suffer any side effects, but also after i consumed it I was happy! yes, that’s right, i feel good vibrational energy run through me and i feel so positive and blessed! The angels didn’t tell us to avoid all or most of our foods, but to be appreciative of it, to be mindful when eating any sort of food. to give thanks to all those who worked for it, or were sacrificed for it. It’s true meat and dairy have negative energy due to the suffering and sadness of the animal. to be honest, it’s best to limit this sort of food as much as possible from your diet. however, the angels do not ask us to remove any food from our diet completely, just to limit the negative energy we consume. with the above prayer, the angels help us to do just that. However, as the angels explained, without being thankful to the plants and animals that have been sacrificed, is like all the blessings you gave to the food go in vain. Bad karma comes from killing an animal or mistreating it, and so, part of that bad karma goes to the person who slaughtered or misused them, another part to those who sell it, and another to the people who eat it. To lift that bad karma, you have to be thankful to the animal, plants and people who have worked for it before you consume it. That is best to do for anything that you are about to eat.

So now you might be wondering, what do i eat? The truth is i willingly decided to avoid meat as much as possible for many reasons. however i no longer feel fearful or worried when i enjoy a meat pie once a month. After i asked for the angels to guide me to remove negative foods from my diet, meat was the first craving to go. even now i don’t crave it at all. this is my sign that it’s a food best to avoid. The same goes with caffeine and sugar. But with dairy i didn’t have that much luck. not yet at least. I like my yogurt with rice, and milk in the morning. I try to limit it as well, but atleast now i can infuse it with positive energy from the angels, that is until i succeed from removing it from my diet.

I’m still in search for foods that have good vibrational energy, and foods that effect me negatively. (recently i realized that cocoa put me on edge and caused me tension). I substituted the supermarket visits to organic shops. Fortunately there are few close by, so i rather get my foods from there. i can’t avoid all low vibrational foods in this way, but i can definitely limit the toxins.


PS: You should consider adding spirulina powder in your smoothies for natural vitamins and minerals.

I hope that this article has helped you in your own search for healthy foods. What foods do you consume and what foods bother you? Share you own experiences in the comments below!



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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