The difference between soul mates & twin flames

Many claim that “they found their soul mate”, or that “they look for their twin flame”, but what does that really mean? Do we all have a perfect mate that is the best match for our character and traits that will ensure a happy ever after for us? Is it possible to find that perfect half during our lifetime? How will we know that a person is indeed our soul mate? And most importantly what is the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?

I know so many questions, but thankfully you are here to find the answers. Take a breath and read on.

What is a soul mate?

To explain the origins of a soul mate, I have to take you back to the beginning of your soul creation.

A soul is a unity of light particles interwoven together that makes a consciousness. On your creation, there was a divide of this original light form, into several equal parts. The original light form might have merged into 4 parts, other times in 6, in others, it merged into 30 parts. Those parts, however their amount, are all light consciousness, what you call a “soul”. Those souls come from the same “soul family” meaning that they come from the same original light fabric. They do have similar characteristics, similar aims, perhaps skills, but they are different, just like those who are formed from the same genes. Everyone soul part has similar qualities, but they are different in regards to their blueprint.

Those are what you call “soul mates”, those souls who have come as one but split into different soul pieces. There is a reason why a soul splits into different particles. It is for a similar soul to experience the world with similar characteristics, yet go through different lessons and journeys. If all were the same, then all that was to experience and exist would be the same vibrations. Similarly, if all the souls would come from different aspects and perspectives, then you would have nothing in common.

So those soul mates usually go together in each other’s lives to help one another evolve, gain lessons and skills they need. They are however of the same “fabric”, and a similar level of growth. They don’t often appear to help teach one another to progress on their path, (that is a job of your spiritual team) but to help them resolve certain situations or guide them in certain pre-chosen paths. Those soul mates grow together in spirit form, but very often chose to lead different lives. Their paths can detract from one another, without necessarily being present in each other’s physical lives. Of course, when you ask them, they can reincarnate to assist you. They are after all your soul family.

There was a certain misconception that soul mates are made to be partners in our physical livers. That is not always true. Usually soul mates can reincarnate as your mother, your uncle, your best friend, or a stranger that shows up unexpectedly on your path.

Characteristics of a soul mate

–    They help progress you on your path. Even if their presence in your life is short, they have helped you move on and do great things. Perhaps they taught you values, they helped illuminate your path or taught you a skill.

–    Soul mates are personalities that you feel you know. Even if they are completely different as people, a part of you feels that they are similar to some degree.

–    Their words, personalities, emotions affect you more than any other person. That is because you have a greater link with those souls, and you went through many previous lives together.

–    Often relationships with soul mates are not very harmonious. Very often their path is to shake you to your core that means that their role is to bring you extreme frustration, discomfort, and even pain.

–    When you are in a relationship with a soul mate, you feel “at home”, even if you cannot explain the feeling.

–    They connect with you very easily, from strangers they move on to friends or partners very fast because there is an already established connection.

What is a twin flame?

Twin flames are parts of the same soul particle that has increased in radiance and light frequency enough to be able to separate in two or even more parts. When a soul reaches the degree of splitting, it is to further progress on its path at a faster rate. Many older souls do this, allowing them to incarnate at the same time in different planes. Imagine having more parts of you living on earth at the same time as you!

Chances are, however, that a part of your soul has chosen to reincarnate at the same time, in the same plane as you are slim.

Even if that happens, it never does out of coincidence. If twin flames do meet, they do so to enhance their spiritual growth and more rapidly achieve a purpose, or help the world ascend.

During this powerful time of ascension, my guides say that many, souls have chosen to split and reincarnate on earth, at the exact time and They do have the same purpose: to help with the shift on a collective level.

The twin flame soul particles can once again re-emerge in one whenever they have progressed separately, and are powerful enough to ascend in higher dimensions and planes. (Yes even angels and spiritual beings ascend; think how an angel becomes an Archangel).

Characteristics of a twin flame:

–    You have the same purpose and fire. You often team up to achieve the same goal and it usually has to do with helping others, or the earth.

–    You have similar emotions, feel each other’s pain and even read each other’s thoughts. The intuition among those two selves is exquisite.

–    You feel a very powerful connection like you are pulled towards each other.

–    You cannot get them out of your mind. They make such an impression to you, you even dream about them.

–    You have a knowing that you know them; you even swear you were together in past lives.

–    You love them unconditionally, and there is always great support and value to be gained from your interaction.

Both those relationships are very beneficial to you and your life. They bring you growth and empowerment. Meeting your soul mates or twin flames is never a coincidence but their presence is always interwoven in your current path to help you.

Now you wonder if there are soul mates or twin flames of yours on earth. Ask that they show up in your life if that is so. Since you are so connected, you will gain insight and guidance to recognize them!

So do you think you are in the presence of your soul mates or twin flame? Share your experiences.


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