5 steps to identify and clear ascension symptoms

A question that I hear all the time is: is what I’m going through an ascension symptom?

During ascension, your body is going through several changes of releasing old energy and receive new light frequency that matches the new dimensions that we are entering. As a result, people constantly notice weird pains or aches, sudden emotional changes or fears come up that result in no medical resource. So below I present a quick process to identify if what you experience has to do with what we call “ascension” and how to clear it.

What is ascension?

In simple terms ascension is the release of blockages, fears, negativity or ego patterns that keep you from uniting body, mind, and spirit. For so long you learned to restrict all that comes from your spirit or your soul. As you ascend you allow this higher part of you to embody within your life, giving you guidance through intuition, feeling of oneness, completion as well as a complete alignment with your soul purpose and pure emotions of love and peace. During ascension, you clear limiting beliefs, fears, old karma, programming that does not serve you and much more.

Indeed the angelic realm steps in now to accompany us in this journey “back home”. I say home because we belong to a reality filled with unconditional love, inner peace, acceptance, kindness, oneness, euphoria. This place used to be earth hundreds of years ago, but now, it ascends along with us. We are souls that have a physical body but we forgot this along the way. The rise or ascension of humanity entails moving up in dimensional scale. The higher the dimension the more connected to the light, to source energy, to the power of all that is. We moved from the third dimension early in 2019, and now we exist in the 4rth dimension, (read all about it here)  but we belong much higher still. All that occurs now energetically helps us to succeed in this ascension process.

As you go through ascension your body goes through changes, it clears past wounds, pain and old DNA that resides within you, even if you are unaware of it. Sudden pain occurs as a release mechanism, as well as many sudden symptoms that you might experience from poor digestion to involuntary movement, all originated from the ascension’s intense energy but are only temporary, a proof of your letting of the old.

Your mind and psychological perspective also get affected, as you experience stress, agitation, memory loss, insomnia, frustration, even panic attacks. That is because you get blasted with high-frequency energy that help you to release density and negative thinking patterns. Your whole mindset is shifting to a powerful, positive one that matches your high vibrational true self. In those cases you experience an ascension symptom. But how do you know if that is indeed what you go through?

How to know if you experience an ascension symptom

  1. Consider this question: when did this symptom begin? Write down the date. Does it come and go or is it permanent? If it does come and goes then notice if there are certain days that you experience it, write those down. Usually, intense symptoms arise in high-frequency dates that the earth is supercharged with light transmissions. Then compare to the dates with the high-frequency dates. I put on an alert on my Facebook group letting people know we are stepping into a high energy time. You can join here.

You can also see the Schumann’s resonance chart, online. A quick reference from Wikipedia explains this further:

“Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

So basically when the earth experiences intense waves of energy, they get recorded by the Schumann resonance chart. Yes, you guessed it, if the earth goes through them, you will feel them too.

Ascension experiences

  1. Many people go through similar experiences. One way to get straight first: everyone is experiencing the ascension in their own way. One might feel complete euphoria, while another absolute distress. This has to do with what you are releasing during each moment, and what negative patterns, memories, or trauma you hold within. In many cases, however, many people relate to the high energy waves of ascension reporting several symptoms that appear for them, or high-intensity emotions. It’s always a good idea to join an ascension group where you can share your experiences with others. Not all people go through symptoms at the same time however, so bear this in mind. Again you are welcome to join my group or search through other groups online.

Empaths and ascension

  1. Is this pain/emotion/symptom or is it someone else’s? We are energy beings, and energy moves where attention goes. If one complained to you about a pain they experience and you identified with that pain consciously or unconsciously you invited its energy to join you. As a result, you might go through similar symptoms that are not even your own! This is called “being an empath”. The good news is once you identify that this is not yours, then you can easily remove it. That is because the energy of others is only attached to your energy because of your attention, and it doesn’t really have any source or “roots”. So here’s a quick guide through:

– Get comfortable, and remove your thought. Focus on your breathing.

– Tune into the pain/ emotion/ symptom and ask: is this mine or is it from someone or something else (usually the earth)?

– Allow for the knowledge of the answer to show up without force.

– If it doesn’t then say: “yes it is mine”. Focus on the emotions it brings up. Does it feel true?

– Say: “no it’s not mine” do you feel relief? Does it feel true? Then it surely is.

– If it is not yours, state: I ask that this pain/symptom/emotion is released from me fully and completely and cleared, as it does not serve me. I let it go.

– If it feels that it’s yours, then move on to step 4.

Angels and Ascension

  1. You have angels, lighted beings and a dedicated “ascension team” to help you through this time of ascension. Asking them for help allows them to dive in your energy and help you clear what doesn’t serve you. Let’s do this now.

“I call upon my spiritual and ascension team of the most lighted beings of the highest realm of light that exist to join me now. Please lift away this pain/emotion/symptom and clear it fully and completely across all levels and all layers of time and space. Remove its roots, its beliefs, limitations anything that doesn’t serve me, please clear it and release it to the light. Replace it with light, healing, and love. Thank you and so it is.”

To help this process pause for a few minutes and visualize divine light all around you.

How to remove negative symptoms
  1. Going through all the previous steps might have helped you to understand whether a symptom is yours, generated because of the ascension clearing, and helped you to clear it. If the symptom still persists, then perhaps it requires more of your attention. Generally, when resistance, fear or trauma exists in the body it has a source that does not allow it to clear and that results in negative symptoms such as pain in the body.

 That is a signal from your body to help you notice of what is not working, what you hold onto that requires a release. That might be certain bad habits, negative thought patterns, resistance, fear, negative emotions and so on.

A key way to release those imprinted symptoms is to can tune into them and identify the reasons that they exist within you.

Here’s something in want you to know: nothing you experience is random. Perhaps the pain existed within but it was not evident before until light frequencies brought it the surface for you to deal and resolve it. Perhaps it was created from past trauma, or fear, perhaps you carried through it from a past lifetime, or it exists in your DNA from your ancestors. Whatever the pain or negative symptom you experience is, it has come up for you now to resolve. So here are a few steps to help you through this process.

–    Clear your mind from thought.

–    Tune into the pain and ask it directly: what do you want me to know?

–    Pay close attention to your intuition, to thought, memories that might come up, knowing. Your body talks to you at all times and has to find a way to tune into it, to help it release what is holding you back.

–    Let the thoughts form in your mind and trust that they are true.

–    Learn from the symptoms they try to teach you. Write down what you received and act towards it. Whether it is the need to forgive, to become more determined, whether it might be to exercise more or even to remember a memory, trust and act towards it.

–    Go through step 4 once again and ask the Angels to lift away the symptoms now. Once you have identified their roots, they can be cleared.

Trust your body; trust the insight that comes through you. This is a powerful time to reunite your body, mind, and spirit and all of those sides of you have to work in alignment in order to truly ascend and become the best embodiment of your higher self. Most importantly don’t be afraid of the symptoms, celebrate them, trust them and remember: Everything is happening for your highest and greatest good.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. Thanks so much. Exactly what I’ve needed here! Love “Master anxiety like a Boss!”
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    Looking forward to assistance. I’m feeling so much that’s been hidden/suppressed by me alone. Gratefully, Carol
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