How to naturally heal

Channeling from Archangel Raphael

Did you know that your perfect state of being is ultimate health and happiness? You did not come into the physical world to suffer, nor to get punished. God or the energy that creates universes and the angels want you to be well and happy, yet you are the only one who controls what experiences you receive. Even if you unconsciously have chosen a certain path, you always have the power to achieve a miraculous healing. So how does a miracle healing take place?

What follows is a direct narration from Archangel Raphael explaining what really causes unwellness, and how to naturally heal ourselves.

How illness is created

” Illness, as well as any other negative experience you are facing in this physical reality, is not given to you by a higher force. Nothing that is not love is given to you. There is no punishment; and there are lessons to be learned unless those are chosen to be gained in that way.

To help you understand how diseases are formed, we give you a brief example. Usually, they originate from low vibrations. Whenever a person exposes themselves to constant negative thinking, or an unhealthy environment, he/she receives part of that energy within. Then that energy transforms in a negative experience that is portrayed through the body as illness. Usually fear is associated with it, or attention to more negative thinking finally results in a specific part of the body being diseased. It is otherwise known as a negative energy that your body holds within, that comes to the surface.

This doesn’t occur overnight, but with a repetitive pattern of negative energy. Sometimes those are passed over through DNA as well, and carried over through lifetimes. When those diseases appear, they don’t come to scare you, or kill you, and nor as per divine perquisite. Negativity comes out to be released, in any form than that is, in any way that it can. It is the natural way to heal.

How to heal yourself

When something as negative as an illness suffices, you have the option to deny it, and/or fear it. This is the response that comes from the ego that blames others and brings you worry. Otherwise, you can choose a different response: to let it be, hand it over to a higher power to help you release it, and thus allow your being to return to love and peace. It is through inner peace that any disease is healed. When you fear it, it persists, it grows stronger, and it consumes you. To be able to allow it to manifest while staying calm and positive however, embracing your inner power.

You are not in this physical body to undergo disease, or heartache of any kind. This is not by all means your path. Diseases or viruses or anything that harms your physical body is not a form of divine power, but created through the ego. When the ego mind focuses on hardship, struggle, and misery, it creates fear. Then this fear manifests on the body and spreads through the interconnected minds of more people. That is how diseases and viruses spread, not from the disease itself, but from the fear of it. Fear feeds the virus or illness more negativity so it persists, and spreads to create more of that fear.

Heal with the mind

There is nothing for you to fear. Fear is simply a creation of the human mind as it steps away from love, so is any kind of illness and/or disease. They were created with the human mind, and so it does not really exist, it is merely a thought, an illusion, a thought form. As it only a thought, it can simply disappear the way it was created, with your attention.

You have a choice to turn away from any kind of fear, and back to love. We are here now to assist you with this, to remind you that you are truly powerful and you hold miraculous power to heal, not only one disease but many.

1) And so you wonder how you can heal yourself and others. First understand that you hold unlimited power and you are supported in doing so. We stress again that your path is not to suffer and undergo hardship, but to live in peace and harmony and love. And so, once you accept this, then you understand that there is nothing that God or the divine wants more for you than unlimited health and happiness.

God is an unlimited health and happiness, and so are you, as you are part of this which you call God.

2) With this spirit you can shift your perspective to love and health, and love and acceptance. Remove any toxic thoughts, fear and blame from your life. Accept that any illness or disease is there not to make you suffer, but teach you more ways to live. Use this as an opportunity to learn, to practice more love and acceptance. Accept indeed, that this is what your physical body might go through, but not your spirit. Your spirit can never have any disease or illness, and the more you tune into your spirit, the more healing your body and mind receive as well.

3) Feel that you are more than your physical body, feel that you are an unlimited; a powerful spirit. To turn away from the fear of illness or sickness first understand that you can never really be sick, because you are in fact spirit. Your light radiates strong and radiant at all times. See this light strong bursting from within you. Meditate on this light, use visualization to see it as often as you can, to feel its power within your heart.

So now, with this new profound awareness, tune into your life as it is now. if there is any unwellness, see it vanishing away, see it disappearing from your body. See your light in the area of your heart emanating bright, prosperous, and radiant and embracing your whole body.

You bring your own healing forth in this way; all you have to do is remove the fear from your thought and awareness. You are not your fear, you are not disease, but you are love.

How the Angels heal

Healthy and powerful, this is the way we see each and everyone we ever want to heal. We don’t focus on the sickness, but on the health and vitality that exists in spirit. We understand that every being is never really sick or unwell, only sidetracked from love into fear. When we come to assist, we don’t really heal your pain away, but attune you to your inner light, that radiates healing frequency into your whole essence. You are the one doing your healing.

As I Archangel Raphael step in to help anyone who calls for healing, I help them remember their inner truth. Through this they find empowerment. I cannot lift away what doesn’t exist you see. Because nothing that is not love exists, but all that is, is a sidetrack from love.

So all you need is a reminder that you hold the power to create worlds, to heal wounds and transform fear into love. You are that powerful.

Next time you find yourself worrying about a disease or discomfort, ask that we step in and clear it away. Ask that we help you find inner peace and return to love, to see yourself as radiant, and powerful and healthy. And with that we will step in, and we will assist you to lift away fear and with that all and any disease.

Keep returning to this knowing that you are healthy, that you are powerful and forever vigorous, and that will be.

We love you, we support you.

And so it is.”



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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