Spirit guides

Spirit guides

You know that all have spirit guides that watch over us. Learn more about them.

It is true, spirit guides do exist in another plane. They are closer to us than the angels due to their experiences. They too have incarnated several times as humans and know our hardships and troubles as well as understand our wishes. Every person has many spirit guides, 7 or more, and each one is responsible to show us the way of a certain area of our lives. They give us clues and signals to show us the right path, and connect us with the angels or people that are to assist us on our journeys.
Spirit guides are always loving in nature and are close to our higher self. Together they work for our highest good in each lifetime. It is worth to mention that unlike the higher self, spirit guides change from lifetime to lifetime. Some spirit guides are soul mates or belong to our soul family, others can be diseased loved ones that transformed as our guides in order to watch over us. Some of them we chose before incarnating and others came willingly.

Upon connecting I have come across one of my spirit guides that stuck out the most. He said his name was Astar:

“I am your brother, your partner, your child”

He explained that in every lifetime we are linked together somehow; in this physical life, he guides me from the ether as a spirit guide, to help me achieve my life’s purpose.

All of you have guides like this one. every spirit guide is unique and has his/her own story.

Life goes on, and your spirit guides are always there to keep you aligned with your life’s purpose and goals.


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Amelia Bert

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