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The following is an activation from the Galactic Council of Light. An activation provides special energetics to those who read the words and understand the guidance they receive. The presence of the Divine provides you elevated frequencies that help you remember information hidden in your DNA. All you have to do is get comfortable and read, allowing the words to be remembered. You already know all these. You are slowly awakening. 

Galactic Council of Light Activation

“We bring you information that might help you on your current path. These words bring you activations, re-alignment and aid to help you reach a higher frequency.

Dearest one, you have come a long way, through the shadows and the fears, through the ego choices and reactions. You now stand ready to ascend; to leave behind all the past traumas and experiences, to release and shed the worries and the wounds that held you captive in a lower frequency, and to rise with the power that you hold at heart, to increase in vibration and elevate like you never before whilst carrying a human body.

Within this body, you carry all the wounds that have been imprinted in your DNA. Within your energy you observe it restricting and superseding the best of your abilities.

Now, all these restrictions are exiting from your vessel, they are releasing and clearing so that you can utilize your energy at its purest form, like never before. The time is now, all that held you back are now disappearing. This process might seem long, never-ending and/or frightening but we promise you it is to no avail. You are about to access parts of your energy that were never before obtainable. You will see/feel/know/hear things like never before in this human vessel. You will carry words/wisdom/gifts that were unattainable in the current state of your vessel.

You are in a grant transformation that has just recently speeded up, and it will continue to do so, to aid you on this task. The earth now can sustain higher light so more of this light flows through to assist you on this transformation.

Not every part of this journey will be difficult, nor will it be never ending. Every day you are becoming more magnificent, strong and powerful even if you do not realize it. With every day you are becoming more successful in the task of utilizing the higher vibrational form of YOU.

Lifetimes of debris are exiting your form at fast speed, traumas, worries and fears begin to dissipate. Ideas and concepts that once made sense seem no longer real or plausible to you. the way you react and observe and behave shifts to match that higher frequency you now hold.

You are not meant to suffer, to strive, to lack, nor to be afraid. Those concepts are no longer compatible with the new version of the earth that forms, and with the vibration that you will soon reach.

Trust the journey, go along with it, do not resist, do not be afraid. It will become easier, the turning point for you is very near, we see it, we know it, and we sense it. We stand here admiring that version of you that is coming. We are in awe of it. It is so radiant, so magnificent, so pure. We are so, so very proud. (I see them clapping and admiring like a proud mother her successful child.)

You navigate massive transformations that will speed up, and continue for as long as needed to help you completely transform. The end of this ‘ride’, is but your magnificent vibrant self. Don’t discourage, remind yourself that you are on track with every intense moment, every weird sensation or intense thought.

You ask us how long this will last. This always varies as the journey and experiences are different. But we tell you with certainty that it has speed up, what used to take you years to achieve now it only takes a night! Years, lifetimes, even centuries of the past all now ready to exit in a few months. It has begun, and it speeds up, moving you towards a climax of sorts. To those who do the journey for years and months, this climax moment will not be as intense or worrisome because they are on track. To those who are not yet prepared, nor ready for the rise it will seem more difficult and unreachable. You have to remember that not everyone will join you in the high vibration. But you move forward to help the others join, you pass on the ladder so to speak because you will be already there, navigating the high blissful waves of change.

So how long it will last, we cannot say. It might take you 4 weeks, 2 months or 7 or even a year (if you’re just starting to feel it all). However long it takes, we are with you, and the end of the density is very near. The earth is preparing for the rise, and all who walk on it are getting ready.

We love you.”


Beautiful souls, as with many of you, I’m also going through a major shift and I’m experiencing many symptoms.
I however know how important it is to have guidance during this time when density rises and symptoms run wild. So I dedicate a lot of my time to keep you updated with what’s happening either with Divine channelings or updates regarding symptoms, geo storms, and Schumann amplitudes, once sometimes even twice a day.
I would appreciate any donations if my posts help you during this time. This will help me carry on dedicating my time and effort to help you through the ascension.
Thank you
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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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