Atlantis and Spirituality- Atlantis returns on Earth

atlantis and spirituality

When I went to the sea last, I heard it say: “Atlantis returns“.

This is a direct Divine Channeling:

“The earth is supposed to return to the vibration of high Atlantis, where the peace prevailed, the harmony with all stood still, and everyone followed the natural rhythm (of alignment). Many have changed since then, but now this state is slowly making its way back to you. It is through the people who have agreed to incarnate now to help that this that all begins.

Ascension shifts and Atlantis

For the great rise to take place the people need to carry the high frequency of Atlantis (5D and higher) within their bodies. One by one as they awaken and remember, they will carry their strengths to weave the necessary energetics into Gaia and to all who need them. Through that the great shift will be eminent. While you’re still long away from that final rise, there are continuous shifts happening within YOU, bringing you to that natural rhythm, to your innate power. You are supposed to remember dear one, you are supposed to be fully aligned within you, with the Earth, with all, for the grant rise to take place.

Currently you’re interweaving the light influxes within you, even if you don’t realize it, you are supercharged you little by little (for you cannot do it all together the contrast is strong). Yes, you stand there in your physical reality, many of you unaware of the great light activating within, and re-awakening the light codes that lay dormant within. You are re-awakening to your forgotten glory. As it is felt, this is the time you speed up your awakening as you begin to radiate higher and higher. You might not know it or see it yet, but we do, the light on Earth currently has increased so much it finally started to affect it to its core.

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Earth and Atlantis, mer-people and unicorns

As earth reaches a certain amount of light radiance, this is like a leveling up. Energy held dormant within the earth will begin to activate – – just like in your bodies. ascension and atlantis

That certain high-frequency level will initiate many things not before possible. For instance, it will awaken beings that used to live on Atlantis and were held dormant – many only in light form, but others in physical. Therefore you will notice different species you’ve never seen before walk the earth. Mermaids, unicorns, fays are one of them but those will not be seen with human eyes, especially not to those who are not in high vibration.

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The light grid of Atlantis

As you awaken, the earth starts to do as well; sacred points held within it now will get re-charged and activated radiating the light of source, on Earth! This is the key point to what you call ascension. This light will keep the frequency of the earth on a still-point in higher frequency not allowing it to drop lower. This will ensure a portal of high frequency that will dominate the newly awakened earth.

The light flowing through will transmit fear held within the hearts and minds of people lifting the heavy burdens, returning them to a higher frequency of light and love everywhere.

People then can more easily harness that energy from the light-grid/portal from the center of the earth to bring healings, manifestations, uplifting energy everywhere. You will no longer need the influxes of light to lift you higher, you’ll be constantly in the high frequency state as the light will be constantly flowing keeping you in that level of high vibration.

Where light this strong is held, the fall to negativity and density can no longer be sustained.  You chose to lift this veil once before to learn, to experience, to grow, but this period is now complete and the rise of humans living on earth, and of the earth itself has begun.

You feel this now, as more and more light pours through first it cleanses and clears, then it activates and harmonizes, then it balances and strengthens.

You are actively working – even if you do not realize it – to bring heaven on earth, to restore the collective and Gaia to its natural glory of the High Atlantis.

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You are the Atlanteans

Most of you Lightworkers feeling the shifts now, you’re old souls who walked on Atlantis and already hold within you those activations. Now is those begin to activate in your DNA. Many necessary gifts will be remembered – anchoring the light, creating light grids, directing energy to all directions, healing the earth and the animals, working with mer-people and light beings to carry out light in all directions.

You are the Atlanteans coming to return the earth to its natural glory. Do you feel this? Do you feel the light in our words? Do you feel your soul agreeing to what you just read? Let the memories be remembered.

Oh dearest one, you are the Atlantis incarnated on earth at this time to help it rise as you hold the Atlantis codes in your soul, in your DNA.

The birds started to remember. Close your eyes and listen to their song, they bring you to the frequency of Atlantis. spirituality 


The fall of Atlantis

We say Atlantis but we mean many lost civilizations that walked on the Earth in its highest vibration and purest form. Now it’s called earth, we call it Atlantis because it wasn’t just one place, it held the power grid of light that used to sustained earth in its highest frequency. Once that grid faded, the Atlantis fell. Then earth stood without its soul light. Earth still holds consciousness, yes, but that could not sustain its higher vibration. Now you, Atlanteans, came to be, infusing it with light with each and every lightwave, slowly restoring it to that high frequency that it needs for the light grid to be created.

Currently, you carry this light within your vessel and radiate it around you. The alchemizing of the energies, the anchoring of the light to the earth, the activation of your powers and talents is what you’re doing now. As this might speed up and the shift is felt, keep this one thought to mind: YOU ARE THE ATLANTIS.”

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