What happens when you sleep

How many times did you lay awake, woke up suddenly or got up tired? Your conscious might be asleep but your spirit is working along with your subconscious. Sleep was always an important part of the human experience, but now during the ascension process it’s more important than ever since half of your ascension process originates from it.

Nightmares and Ascension

When you sleep you don’t judge, you don’t fear nor worry, and you don’t reason. All of the previous, are parts of the ego that block or slow down your ascension process. During sleep you benefit from extra ascension work as your Higher self takes charge.

Fears you didn’t know you had, old pain, past memories you have forgotten, all those are being processed and cleared from within you. Those weird dreams or nightmares you might have, are in fact proof that that data were triggered during sleep, and thus came to your awareness to be released. Why? Because that is what ascension is all about: helping you to clear what holds you back so that you can rise in consciousness and awareness. If any experience, fear or memory has negative energy, it holds you back from your higher qualities.

During sleep state you work with your higher self to bring up all those wounds, or fears for clearing. Now many of those fears or negative emotions exist because you added them there. Consciously or unconsciously, you chose to believe them, to add to them, to hold on to them somehow. If that is the case, then once you awake, their energy, will be brought into your experience to help you identify what they are, and make a conscious decision to release them. It is through your free will and your willingness to let them go that they can be cleared.

Here’s an example:

When you were 8 your aunt made a harsh comment about how you look. She said you were fat. You believed her, and thus this belief kept repeating into your subconscious and became a program that returned your thoughts and your body, to that state and that feeling.

During sleep, your higher self as well as your ascension team of light beings, want to clear that, but they can’t because a) it’s very active in your awareness because you still believe it and b) because they need your approval through free will, to release it. so what they do is trigger its energy, and it begins to replay in your dreams and pass onto your subconscious. Upon awaking then, you return to that bad feeling you had when that aunt made that comment. Now, you might not remember, or even know where this emotion originated, but it does exists within you and lowers your vibration. Many emotions of fear and stress originate in this way, even if you can’t pinpoint their origin. This is why it is very vital during this time of ascension to be extra aware of all emotions that arise. First you have to identify the negative emotion, but the key is not to add to it, not to fall in its trap and allow it to bring you down. Instead recognize it does not serve you, and make the conscious decision to let it go, and no longer believe it.

Sleep and ascension

As you sleep at night your spirit is free. It has no ego bounding it to lower vibrations, so this means that it can rise in higher frequency. As it does, it can receive greater insight, rejuvenation, and light codes from the central sun, from the rays of light, from source of creation. This refreshes the spirit, as well as brings insights and gifts or enhancements, that carry out within the body.

Think of your spirit like a source of light. As it exists within your physical body when you are awake, it’s light becomes restricted as you focus on ego thoughts, or fears. Upon sleeping it expands in light frequency, and it regenerates and strengthens with more light. It then carries those energies within you, and you begin to notice changes during your awake time. You become happier, lighter, you can more easily avoid negative people and situations. Your habits begin to change to ones that bring you greater purpose and upliftment. Your spiritual gifts expand, such intuition, and clair abilities. You gain greater wisdom and insight as well as impulses to so something or go somewhere that turns out to be beneficial. In other words you become a more advanced, lighted being thanks to your spirit that carries out light codes during the night.

Angels and sleep

When you ask a question before sleep, you will most likely awake with the answers. This is because many lighted beings work with you in dream state and want to help you make positive changes in your life. They oversee your progress and bring you wisdom and insights during sleep. Many of them even teach you certain qualities or bring explanations and lessons that make you suddenly wiser. Didn’t you notice how you seem to know certain information you didn’t before? It’s all part of sleep programming with lighted beings that oversee your progress and path. You can consciously ask to know certain information while you sleep, and chances are you will wake up with the answers.

Spirituality and insomnia

Many people going through ascension report difficult sleeping patterns or sleepless nights. This occurs because your body needs to process information in wake time to better serve your consciousness. Moreover, when the body is active working through all those light influxes, the mind cannot relax to sleep. It’s like you are working in full speed and asked to stop. You will have difficulty doing so. A way to recover from all those sleepless nights is to do some clearing work on yourself. A reason why the mind races is because you hold on to negative patters and beliefs.

If you suffer from insomnia meditate as often as you can on whatever you hold on to, that does not longer serve you. When you identify something, be willing to let it go and change its pattern. When you have so much unresolved energy within you, you feel constantly restless. light influxes bring to the surface negative energy that exists in your body and in your subconscious; if you ignore or allow them to persist, they create an ambiguity of energies that keeps you up at night. Subsequently, next time you lie awake, tune into the reason of this insomnia and identify its root cause. Here’s a quick angel prayer to help you clear any such energy:

“Archangel Michael, Archangel Muriel and my spiritual team of the most loving and lighted beings that can most assist me now, please join me with the intention of completely clearing, this fear from within me. Clear it from my mind, body and spirit, across all levels of time, according to the divine will now. I let it go completely now.”

Sleep and past lives

During sleep you might also travel in another version of you in past or future lifetime. Usually this occurs when you have unresolved business with that lifetime, or cords that make you relieve certain situation and events. Usually your spiritual team helps you travel through those lives to help you clear and remove whatever holds you back.

How to have a better sleep

During sleep you become upgraded, elevated and a match to higher frequencies and dimensions. You travel along with your guides to receive light influxes and information that you need towards your path of ascension. To better benefit from your sleep time, set the intention in the form of a prayer:

I intent to have a refreshing and rejuvenating sleep tonight. I intent to be guided and protected by divine light and lighted beings until I awake in the morning. (Visualize a light orb surrounding your bed). Higher self, Lighted beings of love and light join me tonight help me to release all that does not serve me and impregnate light frequencies in my mind body and spirit. And so it is.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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