Your transformation is here and now – MAY ANGEL FORECAST

Change is the theme that surrounds May. In any hemisphere that you are, this month, it brings great transformation. Look around you, there is Change of weather, of nature, of the day and night. And so during this month you will undergo a great transformation, like a butterfly in the cocoon.

What follows is a direct Angel Narration:

 ascension & change

The shifts change with your perspective that will begin to shift; the way you view the world, your expectations, your ideals, and your priorities do the same. You finally begin to look at your life and the world around you through the eyes of truth, away from the illusion. Things begin to make sense to you, you feel more in tune with the universe, with the world that speaks to you and guides you constantly. You feel more aligned with all that exists, not that you weren’t before, but now you know it so: and you are certain you are on track.

As this transformational month continues, you will come to face challenges but remember: do not look through the eyes of judgment and fear, your eyes and senses have now awakened to see beyond the veil of illusion into the truth. Choose according to love, do not let fear take stands as this will keep you making the same choices, and resisting the transformation. It is time for you to shift your life completely, but it is through your choices and reactions that this will be achieved.

An example is that as you go through your day, you will notice how you observe things differently; you generate different kind of thoughts that are more in alignment with love, gratitude, abundance and joy. As you return to this way of thought often, the faster your transformation will be completed.

Memories of the past that used to hurt you come up only so you realize that they no longer affect you. Great shift has occurred, you are moving towards inner peace.

illusion vs truth

The world of illusion that used to exist in the 3rd dimension dissipates, that is because you do not need it, you are no longer in 3d, you are in 4rth dimension currently and you enter into the 5th. You get glimpses of the 5th dimension but many of you find it difficult to stay for long. This is because you are not so used to the lighter frequency, and you still carry 3rd dimensional codes. As the clearing of the old dimension continues you will find it easier to remain in inner peace, joy and bliss. Those that resist the change, and those that fall back into the 3rd dimensional ways, they will notice that by being there, in 3rd,  it seems heavier, the fear consumes you much more than before; for this some might find it hard to find the light again. That is because your frequencies has changed, you become attune to the lighter ones, and the 3rd seems harder to bear. So many people are lost in despair and sadness, because they stay stuck in the old patterns. Look towards the light, find the joy in each day, in each moment, see beauty, speak words of gratitude, words of love, generate happy memories and thoughts and think of only what you love. You will notice that those are lighter frequencies and the emotions they bring are much stronger than they were before. Similar to the darker thoughts and emotions that seem stronger, the loving thoughts and emotions that surround you bring you immense euphoria. Whenever you experience a heavy emotion know that is of 3rd dimension and it seems so heavy because it is masked with illusion. Nothing that is of the light is heavy or unbearable. Follow the light thoughts, follow the bliss, follow the joy in each thought and emotion, let those guide you forward. Whenever you experience the density, simply recall that it is because you do not belong to it, you are not a match to it, so shift your perspective towards love. You are ascending.

Energetically May holds a lot of portals of light that stream in to you to illuminate away the illusion. If you resist the change, you will notice that the symptoms broaden. Notice each thought, each negative emotion, each pain or strain and focus on what it represents. It becomes “illuminated” so that you notice it, focus on it and see that it no longer serves you. Release it, do not hold on to negativity. May shines the wrongs of your beliefs, your fears, your struggles so that you finally let them go.

5th dimension and the law of attraction

So, as the month of May takes an even greater turn towards the fifth dimension, illusion dissipates, and you transform your perspective to match it. Be present with your thoughts; pause to experience the stillness often. Whenever you think of judgment or something that is not pleasant, switch it to something that you do love and enjoy. You have the choice to change your thoughts at any time. This is particularly important now as in the 5th dimension you are a creator. You form thoughts into being much faster than before, for this you have to be aware of what you generate with your mind, be aware, present and train your mind to think of good thoughts. Do not put it off any longer, what you think and speak matters. May will be a strong influence to help you notice this.

The universe guides you

The whole universe speaks to you. Whenever you have a question answers show up in nature and all around. Whenever you form a thought, then that shows up for you shortly after. Universe conspires with you regardless if you notice it or not. This month it calls you to co-create together, ask for what you want and then follow its tracks. Do not judge, you will get there only trust. Learn to follow the universe. For this the synchronicities will double this month, only for you to become more alert. Nothing is a coincidence.

Spent more time in nature this month, you will feel exhilarated, healed, uplifted. The earth wants to help you rise along with it. Notice it everywhere you turn, speak to it, and ask it for help. She is alive.

May might seem challenging for some as it tests your awareness and tries to prepare you for the 5th dimension. Be aware of what you think and speak, be present in nature, let fear clear away. Think not as before, but train yourself to have positive mindset. As you achieve this, may will come and go very easily.

Ask us to clear away old patterns of thought, old beliefs and fears. Notice daily what thoughts you have and whenever those bring you density. If they do, ask that they are released, and replace with new ones. You are the master of your path, and here and now starts a new journey. We welcome you to your transformation.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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