How to protect from negative beings

A meditation for clearing dark beings and attachments

Many have heard of those dark beings, entities, some speak of attachments that lower your vibration, bring you negative thoughts and make you feel drained. What are all those dark forces, and how can you protect yourself from them?

In a channeling Archangel Michael explains all that you need to know to protect your energy and your home from negative beings, as well as guides us in a powerful meditation of clearing and elation.

Ascension and dark beings

“As the light enters into earth, any negativity, distortion and fear are rising to be released. As clearing occurs within us, we shed all the density, similarly density is being cleared from our dimension. Low frequency entities, earthbound spirits and/or attachments, are exposed with all this light pouring in, and try to find refugee. What used to hold them and their heavy energy, no longer is. They very alarmed and try to stop this ascension as best as they can.

I have heard many people experience low entities recently, and this has made many people fearful.

What are negative entities?

Some of those dark forces, have stepped away from the light, in an attempt to find themselves, but they got lost, consumed with fear and negativity that has allowed them to persist in hiding from the light, in fear of punishment, in fear of judgment or karma or better yet, in fear of facing the result of their actions. They are aware of their doings and they wish to continue hiding from the light, avoiding their growth and expansion. The others are simply an abomination of the light. What we mean by this is that they are choosing to wrongly spread chaos, misery and fear to take people off their paths, and cause disorientation. Why? Because they have been set by the light to learn from their doings, to repent, to learn whatever suffering they caused and whatever fear they spread through experiencing it themselves. By doing so they come to see the effect of actions, they come to experience the misery they cause. And with that, they wrongly chose to spread more misery and fear to match their own misery. They are filled with ego thoughts that only wish to pull others out of the light, because they cannot longer find it.

How to be safe from negative entities

One thing those beings fear is the light. Whenever light surrounds you, fills you and elevates; they run to hide in fear of judgment, in fear of punishment. They are proclaimed with what they have done and they are hiding in fear, some in shame, filled with ego. And so, whenever you are in companion of the light, whenever you spread love and kindness you are one with the light of God. Whenever you call for light, you are one with God, whenever you are fearful however, fill with despair and sadness you invite those to join you, as are furthering form the light. the closer you are to light frequencies, the furthest those beings are. The closer you are to misery and despair, the closer they reach.

A choice is all that is needed for you to return to light and surround yourself with loving beings, that of your free will and intention. Intent to be surrounded with the light and then light fills you, intent to see any situations with the eyes of love and then loving energy clears away the fear and distortion. A prayer to return to light is enough for light to join and elevate, and clear away distortion and fear, and connect you with love and light and light beings. you can call upon us: servants of the light, to fill you with love and divine frequency, with purpose and hope and joy and know that this is indeed enough to do so.”

Meditation to remove negative beings

This meditation is a direct channeling from Archangel Michael. You can either listen to it with a clear mind, or speak the words out loud.

I Call for a team of guys angels, ascended Masters, Archangels of the highest realm of light that exists, to join us now to raise our vibration and surround us and our space light.

Archangel Michael, please channel through me a clearing process to release any earthbound spirits, attachments, tricksters, false light, dark entities into the light of the divine; and invite love and invite light to join now.

“We connect with you now. We merge our energy with yours. We embody light into this time, into this Space.

Wherever you are as you listen, Let us guide this process of clearing. All that we ask you to do is listen and pay attention, be aware and allow this to occur.

The clearing begins with you, begins with your fear that has allowed any negativity to join. and so we ask that you allow us to shine you with divine light in this moment, to cast away any fears and any attachments within you.

Let light fill you, and see yourself expanding and raising in vibration; clearing any attachments, any fears into the light. See yourself illuminated with so much light that surrounds you now and fills your mind and your body, your aural; expands into the room the room that you are in.

Light holds the love of God, the love and light of creation, the illumination of all that exists, of All that is pure and holy, all that is divine and blessed.

Ease is joining you now, through this light and merges with your aura, with the energy of your home.

 And now that life is evident within you and within this home, we more gently and effortlessly elevate your vibration, and invite you to release any attachments, and fear; to cast away any negative feelings and, beings that may be present within you and around you.

And with this, we flow into this time and space, we flow where the light is evident. We surround you, your energy, your home with bliss, with more light and we clear all attachments that are draining you, All links that lower your vibration, we clear any earthbound spirits, attachments, entities, low vibrational beings from your home, from connecting with you. We send them to the light. we direct them into the light that you have summoned here with us.

Where light exists, anything that is not light is casting away, clearing from presence. Where light exists, nothing that is not light can join you.

And now that you have filled yourself with light; you have filled your space with light; we direct your energy into your awareness.

Whenever you are in need of some protection, call for divine light or Repeat this meditation process to invite light into being.

Your attention holds the key to what you allow to connect with you at any time. Whenever you are set in love, whenever you hold your intention to experience love and allowing light in your life, and being in tune with light frequencies; then nothing other than that, joins you.

Now you hold the key to the perfect embodiment, to the perfect protection that you can ever have, that is the light, that exists within and that can be summoned wherever you are, into this present moment.

 now see more light joining you and surrounding you. As we place a light of protection around your aura, around your home. We invite you to repeat this process whenever you are in need of protection. A Simple awareness of the divine light orb is enough to be created, protecting you, keeping your vibration high and uplifted and your space cleared and elevated. And with that, we depart with So much love and we clear once more any fear and residues that might be present within your vibration, and within your home.

 With a final surge of light, we clear any reminiscence into the light. You are now uplifted, elevated, your space is cleared and protected.

We love you and we are present whenever you call for us.

And so it is.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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