atlantis and spirituality

Atlantis returns on Earth

This is a direct Divine Channeling: “The earth is supposed to return to the vibration of high Atlantis, where the peace prevailed, the harmony with all stood still, and everyone followed the natural rhythm (of alignment). Many have changed since then, but now this state is slowly making its way back to you. It...
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May reveals glimpses of 5D – May ANGEL FORECAST

The following is channeling from Divine Light beings: “We watch you grow and expand a little each time, but with April especially you are a step closer to embark on the next phase of your ascension journey. With lots timelines exiting and traumas clearing you’re becoming a shinier diamond. With each wave, with each...
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april 2021 energy news

The month of Initiations – April ANGEL FORECAST

This is a direct Divine channeling: “The potent energies have prepared you to jump in a different frequency that you haven’t yet experienced in this lifetime. The constant shifts and upgrades and activations of the past 5 months brought you in this moment of beautiful re-alignment that you will embark upon this April. Describing...
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Why triggers are a good thing

This is a Divine channeling: During high energy shifts, you might have noticed that you go through moments of utter density, fear creeps in, often moving you into a state of chaos, disharmony, and negativity loop. We’re here now to talk about these moments so that you are no longer afraid of them. The...
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Welcome to the new Earth – March ANGEL FORECAST

The following is a direct divine channeling: Like arriving back from a long journey in the disturbed sea, your boat arrives in its destination, a little shaken, but safe and sound. You’ve made such great progress the past 4 months, and now it’s the time to reap the rewards. Welcome to the new earth....
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Entering the new Earth – FEBRUARY ANGEL FORECAST

Since the beginning of 2021 we have witnessed some wild new energies streaming in. Many lightworkers and empaths have felt those as intense or new symptoms flooding very frequently and disturbing their natural flow of energy. As February joins the energies soften, while the influx of new energies continues presenting new opportunities for advancement,...
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11 ways to Brighten the dark night of the soul

Regardless if you  are just going through your spiritual awakening, or if you experience the shifts of the powerful energy transformation we face, there are times that you might feel so much intensity that it gets really uncomfortable. We need a SOS aid as we go through a massive transformation of our entire essence...
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Sealing the shifts – JANUARY ANGEL FORECAST

“You have worked diligently the past few weeks, releasing old patterns, purging with new transformative light, anchoring it and spreading it in the earth, and in the collective. The work you have done has created a rift of light powerful enough to keep the earth and the collective in a higher vibration. Once those...
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The new year of spring – 2021 angel forecast

You are heading towards a powerful activation, and initiation that is to prepare you for the entrance of 2021, that will welcome a new frequency upon the earth. (Read all you wanted to know about Ascension here.) The current shifts preparing us for 2021 Many things will suffice in the new coming year, changes...
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