july 2020 ascension news

July angel forecast – Your Light codes are activating

There’s no doubt we’re going through a major stepping stone in the ascension progress right now. This summer it will be intense, it already begun in May, and the intensity will continue until Mid-September.  This July all awakened lightworkers go through major light activations. Here’s what the angels say about it: July 2020 energy...
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ascension symptoms heaviness

11 reasons the ascension symptoms are a good thing

Ascension density and heaviness Those of you who go through the ascension, you will face moments of utter joy as well as moments of intense negativity, density, anxiety, distress as many abnormal symptoms arise in your mind and body. This might take you off guard and spiral you down the worry path unable to...
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june energy report 2020

Crystalline light transforms us – June Forecast

May started powerful clearings and upgrades that continue in June. This June you will face many shadows that will ultimate bring you freedom and peace. A life review is also in the means in the coming months, as your life is getting ready to transform. This is a direct channeling from Divine light beings:...
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Why you experience Hot flashes – Ascension symptom

This video is a direct Divine channeling from intuitive Amelia Bert. Ascension is the elevation of the universal frequency to a higher vibration, closer to love and light. The earth finally shifts from the 3D to 5D frequency and there are many shifts and cosmic events that help us achieve it. During this time,...
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ascension symptoms negativity

Why you experience Negative thoughts – Ascension symptom

As we go through the ascension, you might experience strong negative emotions, density, and fearful thoughts. Some of those fears might seem familiar, while others are unjustified, but one thing is for sure, they trigger negative thoughts that keep you in low vibration, anxiety and panic. First of all STOP WORRYING. If you are...
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5d grid

Entering the 5D grid – May Angel forecast

ANGEL CHANNELING: April brought some intense light transmissions which expanded you deeper in the 5D grid. Many people awakened, others expanded and revealed spiritual gifts and knowledge that they carried with them subconsciously. May is going to continue what April has started. The unraveling of the gifts will continue, the expansion of the 5D...
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Insomnia – Ascension symptom explained

Ascension symptom series 9:insomnia Insomnia Insomnia occurs from the intense light energies the body receives from time to time. If you are in the first wave of ascension all sorts of symptoms arise and if you are not aware you will be overwhelmed. This series prepares you for what to expect during high energy...
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Ascension symptom series 10: Eye blurriness, ear sensitivity, Fogginess

Those ascension symptoms are discussed in the video: – Suddenly your eyes might see blurry. When you close and open them, it is normal until you go through that again. They might not even be able to focus so that you read. 00:55 – Your ears experience whooshing sounds, or ear ringing. 02:53 –...
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The Secret Guide To Energy Getaways

This article is a direct channeling from Light beings:  “During the time of a light getaway, there is a powerful energy force pulling you towards lighter frequencies of higher dimensions. This is called an “energetic getaway” or “light portal” or even “stargate” because it allows you tune into higher realms that you wouldn’t otherwise...
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