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How the angels answer your prayers

This is a Direct ANGEL channeling: “Many of you wonder and doubt about our presence with you at any time. When you pray your natural ego self cannot help but wonder“am I alone? Am I surrounded by angels?” and then

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Divine light cleanse meditation

Divine light cleanse, only takes 3 minutes but it has great benefits. The Angels of light encourage you to invoke divine light regularly during your day. It cleanses your energy from any negativity, purifies you, raises your vibration, and re-centers

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How the envy of others affects you

How the envy of others affects you Growing up I learned to fear the jealousy of others. I associated it with bad things happening to me. I couldn’t explain how or why this was happening, but observing how other’s envy

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The Power of walking barefoot

WALKING BAREFOOT I was guided to write this blog post. The truth is, as we expand into higher consciousness our beliefs and habits change. We are guided to more healthy options, to high vibrational activities and choices that will benefit

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Guided protection meditation

One of the best routines that you should impregnate in your daily morning schedule is protection. It is a rather simple technique yet the power it provides it’s great. Find a free Guided protection meditation to kick start your schedule

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Tools for a positive mindset

Ascension symptoms are intense to those who sense the energy shifts. Archangels are all around us helping us through the 3rd dimensional shifts and the expansion. We are becoming more connected with our Higher self, with our divine light but

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The exciting Lightworker's Community is coming soon!

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Directly from Angel guidance

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