How to make time work for you

Do you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do? Does it seem like time sleeps through your fingers, and days come and go without getting to your to-do list? Then chances are your perceptions about time are contradicting to your desires to get things done. How does time really work and how can you make the best from it?

time and the law of attraction

Perhaps the more you look into your life, the more you notice things that piling up but you never got around to finish them. Perhaps you start on something, only to abandon it a few days later. Maybe you never get around to start things you want because there is never “a good time” to do so. I have news for you: time works for you, and not the other way around.

Now wait for a while here, don’t start making up excuses to prove to me how or why you don’t have time for other things. I get it, you are busy, life happens, things get in the way, you have responsibilities, people depend on you, Yara, Yara. Did it ever occur to you, why it feels like time slips through your fingers so often? Why do you find yourself so caught up with anything else but the things that you want to do? Is it because of your long work hours, of your young children, of your sick parents, or your demanding friends? No, it’s nothing like, it’s because of your own belief that “you don’t have enough time”. If you know about the law of attractions works, you know that what you believe, keeps persisting. This means that when you believe that you don’t have enough time, then things arise to give you just that: not enough time for all that you want to do. And then, you notice some more things that come up to take your time, and you think to yourself “here it is again, I never catch a break”, so you continue believing there not enough time, and the universe keeps matches that, and on and on it goes. You get the idea.

Let’s make something crystal clear: time is a subject to your own beliefs and perceptions. When you go on believing that you don’t have enough time, you sabotage the way time works for you. Then something that would normally take you a couple of minutes, it takes hours. When you say you want to do something and set on a schedule to do that, then something comes up and you never get to it. Time becomes an obstacle because you believe that time is an obstacle.

Time is here to put an order in your life, without time, we’ll live in chaos; because all will happen simultaneously, we won’t be able to focus our attention on one thing. Time is beneficial and the more you see this, the more you will notice time is indeed your friend.

When time is beneficial

When you change your negative beliefs about time, when you see time as your friend, then you will have plenty of time for what you need.

 It feels like time extends for you.

You finish your tasks earlier than usual.

Things go smoothly without any interference or people and responsibilities getting in your way.

 You find extra time to work on things you want to do.

You find yourself at the right place at the right time.

You are more focused and determined, and you are be able to finish tasks on time.

You have plenty of time to catch a breath and relax.

You almost always arrive on time.

How to change your beliefs about time

Instead of noticing how time is not enough, start noticing moments when you have time to complete things. Be grateful for all the time that you have been given to even start something, rather than complain that it’s never enough.

Affirmations work well because, with repetition, they help to change your beliefs into new ones. If you catch yourself complaining about time, shift your thoughts into these affirmations:

 Time is my friend.

 I always have more than enough time to do the things I want.

When something unexpected comes up and messes up your plans, don’t blame it on time, don’t think that this event gets in the way of other things you want to do. Instead, find its silver lining. If it’s a sudden visit by acquaintances, enjoy the time you have been given to spend time and meet them. If it’s a chore that needs to be done, see it as a step to put your life in order. If it’s extra time at work, then be thankful for the extra income. Whatever you do, don’t blame it on time, and don’t see it as a moment that takes you off other things.

Declutter. When your house is full of clatter, then it gives you a feeling of being suppressed. This is basic feng shui. If you have a disorganized desk, you can’t concentrate on work. Similarly, if your home is messy, then your life matches that. When you have boxes laying around, items are in the way when you walk by, things are out of place, or if you have a pile of undone dishes in your kitchen, this gives you an uneasy feeling of things needed to get done. Additionally, more things show up to match that feeling.

When you feel like your life is a mess, then things show up to make you feel more disorganized. It is vital to take a day to declutter, to put everything where it belongs, to clean your home, and organize your closet. Do anything that you can to feel that your house is in order and your life will magically align with that vibration.

Additionally, if you feel that you don’t have enough time, it is a sign to help you put your life in order. Keep a calendar; write all your appointments so that you have everything in one place.

Schedule things you want to do beforehand, don’t wait last minute.

If you want to get ahead of things, put it in the calendar so that you make time for it. On Monday at 4-6, I plan to work on my new book, on Saturday 11-1 I want to fix my garden. Add it in your calendar, set an alarm for it on your phone, make it a priority.

Be confident when you add things on your calendar and believe that all will move out of the way to help you complete anything on time. Whenever you make plans you otherwise seemed to postpone, set the intention out loud:

 I will complete this on time.

When you are determined, and believe that time will work for you, it helps time help you achieve that. Remember, time works for you, and not the other way around.


if you always rush through your life, herring over to complete things and get things done, stop. Reset. Do not rush, instead pause and take a breath. When you catch yourself rushing deliberately go slower, Pause for a minute, catch a breath and affirm: I have time to pause; I get things done on time.

Pausing brings you peace and gives allows you to go slow. By going slow, then time feels like it goes slow. Mindfulness is all about going slower, by focusing on what is going on around you, this puts you in alignment, and it raises your vibration and helps you put your life in order. Rushing is a sign that you need to slow down. Add reminders on your phone, to simply pause and breathe for 1 minute every 3-4 hours. It works wonders for your state of being and happiness.

Procrastination versus time

Where does procrastination end and lack of time begin? Urban dictionary defines procrastination as follows:

An activity that consists of putting off important activities regardless of its importance due to laziness or incompetence. The individual that procrastinates usually just doesn’t feel like getting the activity done and postpones it for a later date, always being able to find a perfect justification for doing so.

If your constant excuse is that you don’t have enough time, rethink that. Time moves according to your own beliefs. If you want to accomplish things, but you never find the right time to do them, prepare to do something, beforehand, by adding it on your calendar. This helps to prepare your mood for the activity so that you can do it when the time comes. Even if it’s something as simple as washing the dishes, put in your schedule as soon as you wake up. Remember to cross it off your list after you have completed something, and remember to congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Time no longer gets in the way when you become determined, carefree, and see time as your friend. No longer see Time as an excuse when things went wrong, when you missed a deadline, or when you never got around to your chores. When you change your beliefs about time, then the way you handle time changes. See time as a tool to help you move forward with your life and achieve miraculous things. Repeat after me:

Time is my friend.


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