You are Becoming the light source – NOVEMBER ANGEL FORECAST

novemeber forecast 2019

October leaves us more attuned and energetically re-programmed than when it joined, but November shifts our energy fields, increasing our light frequency and radiance almost tripled in size than before! Are you ready to jump into more details?

Light workers Increase in radiance

Let’s take it one thing at a time. Through October we were presented with challenges, fears and subconscious blockages that needed to be dealt with before we can allow new divine light codes in our bodies (read October forecast). All that clearing and attunement was very powerful and challenging for many, but alas, it has allowed us to rise from the ashes once more. The body has received new light codes of profound light transmissions that were implemented in our core helping our vibration to rise. This elicited us to reach more towards the 7D energy that blasted all over our energy plane. Nevertheless, those codes are still not active in our being because we are not yet ready for their energetic upbringings. This is where November comes in, to manifest more light and energetic attunement so that we can shine brightly like never before, and I don’t metaphorically mean this! 

If one can see auras and energy then towards the end of November they can confirm that all those going through the ascension right now, will have increased in radiance, tripled the length of their auras, and shine brightly. Indeed lightworkers who are the way-showers, those who willingly have agreed to incarnate on earth right now to lead the ascension, are the first who experience the ascension. (Read about the lightworkers.

 Their shift has begun a few years ago but now spirals faster and this November they vibrate much higher than ever before. If you read this then this is probably you!

The power of the energy fields

Our auras and energy originally were much brighter, bigger and clearer. Strong auras mean health, happiness, divine connection and strong energy circulation. The stronger your aura the less negative energies can reach you, this means that ANYTHING of low vibration gains resistance in reaching you. This includes diseases, gossip, misfortunes, negative people and beings. When in 3D, our energy and radiance was weak, this made us prone to lower frequencies and people as like attracts like. Also, we negativity affected us much faster and easier and that is why we felt drained, moody or ill so often.

Energy is the source of everything that exists. Thoughts have energy, conversation, matter, words. As your energy field is more radiant then you have more control of the energy coming in and going out. Your manifestations are truly supercharged making your thoughts and words manifest to reality almost instantaneously. 

The more radiant and pure your energy, the more positive effect you have on other people, it’s what we say “you light up the room”, affecting the energies of those close to you in a positive way. 

As your energy radiance increases, low vibrational beings hide from you because they are scared of your light, remember the light is so much more powerful than anything else. As your energy is high it creates a strong energy field around you and negative people can’t drain nor affect you.

Light workers shine the world

This is so needed right now because the way-showers, those who go through ascension right now, (which is only 1-4% of the population) can illuminate the light of the world, sharing light transmissions to those around. 

Think about it for a while. If your radiance is triple in size, then this means as you enter a room you can wrap everyone with your aura. Your energy then will begin to affect them in a positive way sharing your light with them.

I know what you are thinking “wouldn’t I then be drained?” Here’s an example the Angels give: if you have a glass of water half full, and you share it with others, then your glass will become empty. That was how our energy was working up to this point. However, if you have constant water pouring in your glass, then the more you share, the more you have. This is ongoing now, your energy will increase in radiance and this means that you will be open to light transmissions constantly. 

So if you enter the room and your radiance is so much brighter, you are the dominant energy affecting others to be more uplifted and elevated themselves. You are like the glowing sun sharing your light without lacking radiance.

Of course, if we get more technical here I should explain that if your energy is not the more dominant in the room if for example the energy in the room you enter is low in frequency, then you will feel drained. But thankfully this won’t happen as often as it did before your energy increase. If you ever need to fill your light with more divine radiance all you have to do is imagine you are filled with glowing golden energy. 

November energy in a glance

While your energy fields are meant to increase marking you as “little light sources” on earth, imagine the upgrades and light transmission that we have to go through to shift our energy fields. Yep, November brings so much empowering light and cosmic shifts, light downloads and solar storms that the Schumann resonance will be active for most of November. 

Pay attention to your thoughts as inspiration guides you to big changes that will benefit your life and your wellbeing. Remember that as you are being programmed to hold in more light, you are instantly open to lighter frequencies, this means divine beings can reach you easier, and your psychic gifts will receive a boost.

Learning to handle more light

With greater light comes greater responsibility. You can’t go on your life as you did when in the 3D aura. If you do, this is going to make you feel out of place, disoriented and out of focus and have all sorts of negative symptoms. Practice positive thoughts that can sustain your radiance and not drain you. Consume high energy foods that will bring you more well-being. Drink pure water (bless it) to ground your energy. change your negative habits (stop smoking, or substances that lower your vibration). Focus on positive thoughts to manifest positive events.

It’s time to shine bright like the light superhero you are. Are you ready for the transformation?

Lightworker, join the membership of Light warriors to fast track your ascension and gather all needed tools and support on your way to life-changing expansion.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. This month has been a strange one, for I have seen two events in the past two weeks that has had to do with light. After reading your article on 11/11 I realized so much aout these two events that has helped me realized what it all means. I am going to receive those as a positive awakening in the spiritual form. As a lighted awakening for me. This article about 11/11 has helped me realize it all. Thank you Donna

    1. I’m grateful this resonated with you. Thank you for sharing.

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