Lightworkers gain their wings – January angel energy report

lightworkers and ascension

Whenever you are guided to read this post, it is valid for you at that time, regardless of what month it is posted. It educates on the ascension and it can spark a remembrance, give you activations or help you progress on your spiritual transformation.

The following is a Divine channeling:

“It is a time of celebration. We have watched you grow and uplift and rise and during this month your expansion will accelerate by gaining your wings of light. That signifies that you have reached a merging phase with many higher aspects of you in the physical form. January is a pivotal month of wrapping up, all the previous growth into one magical unfolding of your essence. Expect many revelations, wisdom and fast-tracking of your spiritual expansion.

Significance of the 11.1 portal

11.1 is a big magical portal that allows those who are ready to enter it, to gain aspects of their Higher selves back to them. This portal is a catalyst for many souls to cross over to the new timelines, leaving behind the ego parts, and buriers of the past.

During this big portal, many aspects of the new earth will cross over to the current reality allowing the new earth to start to grow ‘seeds’. What this means is that many ideals, ideas, thought forms, laws, technology, medical revelations will join us that will bring about the great change this world needs to manifest the new earth to us. Along with so many lightworkers growing their wings, and receiving their powers, the world is ready to face the change. The old world is moving in circles, the old laws, the government ideals, the old way of living is no longer progressing, but begins to crumble down. From the old, the new arises as those seeds begin to grow expect big changes to show up in the next months and even towards 2023.  (More on this on the 2022 energy report). This portal is the beginning that allows the new for the collective to enter in.

Continued solar activities and what they mean

The sun plays a big part in the expansion of your light. You are not only physical, you become more light, so you come to be in alignment with light all around. The more light you welcome in your vessel, the more of it enters in and around in the atmosphere and so you interact more with the light in everything and everyone. That’s how the oneness is achieved.

Like the sun rays shinning all around in a warm winter day, permeate the clouds, shine through the snow, and elevate the people. The sun carries codes of light and as it becomes more active, it helps you carry and share more of your soul true essence that is part of this light. The sun aids in the transition to the new earth, soon the earth and all surroundings planets will glow from the rays that the sun emits. During January, and following the next 3 months the sun activity will continue to be expansive. Those of you who attune to the sun energy will no longer experience it as something off-putting, or as something that upsets your energy and behavior (ascension symptoms), on the contrary it would feel natural, fulfilling, rejuvenating. Allow the old aspects of your physical vessel to clear and as the new light body is formed, the sun rays will heal and recalibrate you.

Lightworkers activate others

1.11 brings in another abundance of light transmission with the intention of showering you with crystalline light from surrounding planets and stars (especially Sirius star). Many aspects of your soul power exist in those planets and those transmissions bring you activations that your soul needs to further expand.

As the Energy moves forward and outward, you are no longer just receiving and growing, you are also sharing that light to others. During this holiday season meeting with others helps spread that light forward by activating others. Everyone that meets you lightworker is receiving activation of light that will help prepare them and upgrade them to better receive the next sun influx. The sun no longer affects only lightworkers, the next phase is now beginning so expect a lot of others to undergo their own transformation.

Everything finally starts their spinning motion. Earth has been stagnant for long enough, now the change is slow yet fast-moving. Welcome in the seeds of light and share them forward. Don’t hesitate to make changes, set intentions in alignment with the new. This is the time to start anew.”




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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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