Ascension and Solar Flash Event – The end of the world as you know it

the solar flash event

Collaboration from Amelia Bert and Brittnee of You Are Powerful Movement

Amelia kept getting insights of living in this world without technology, without electricity, without many tools available. ‘Is this a past life remembrance? Is there a message coming through?’ she wondered. Discussing with her soul sister Brittnee, the latter knew there was a message to be relayed, one that brought her excitement. Immediately light transmissions started flowing through for both Amelia and Brittnee. The information came through immediately: ‘It is not the past, it’s the future.’

The knowledge for what’s to come was ready to be revealed, and for the next 3 days they both received downloads of information preparing them to bring this article to life. You are now ready to receive those activations too.

You are here, connecting to these words now because your higher-self knew that you are ready to understand and accept all of the information that is about to occur on Earth in the coming years. The wisdom that we speak, the events that we bring to the forefront of your awareness, are in fact already predestined and aligned with this version of the Earth for quite some time. You have been busy prepping your physical body, as well as your beautiful mind, to receive this higher-level information that connects us all to the knowledgeable mentorship of these higher beings of light. Thank you for being here, for being present, and for connecting to these high frequency words that are intended to uplift and further awaken your soul and prepare you for this Solar Flash Event, the end of the World as you know it.

The following information is a direct divine channeling from many divine beings including the Galactic Council of Light.

Bridging the old and the new earth

“Through time the Earth’s energy lowered down as it has endured many low-frequency events and situations, but this pattern is meant to conclude. The contract of the New Earth is to finally be free of all those lower interactions and vibrations, and to merge into higher dimensions, bringing much more light and peace to the people who will be living on the Earth plane. Humans will then all be in resonance, high vibrational alignment and in connection with one another, including their higher wisdom, in a much deeper and profound way.

This ascension process was in the making for quite some time. You already experience it, as you are stepping into the highest timeline that humanity could possibly have chosen for its earthly ascension.

This tremendous process of the earth and humanity transitioning simultaneously is rapid, and as a result many people feel that they are pushed to their limit, experiencing many of what humans call ‘ascension symptoms’. Extreme earth changes and collective events also develop, in order for everything and everyone to be able to successfully bridge and make that complete and ultimate transition over into the New Earth.

Lightworkers in Preparation for The New Earth

Now, you know that these words that we speak are true because you already resonate with them on a deeper level. We have started with those words to help you acknowledge the importance of your role on this Earth plane as that it is not to experience the intensity, the negativity, the ego side or all the low vibrations that exist on Earth now. Understand and accept that all the density that you go through currently is temporary and you are stepping into a new role, new shoes and a brand-new, higher vibrational earth that is merging with you.

You who read these words now, have already stepped into your unique role, and are at this present time active in your swift transition onto the New Earth. As this phenomenal evolution occurs in the upcoming months (and years for some), there is absolutely nothing to fear. The intensity of symptoms or the fear that you feel at times due to this ascension process is the release of the old, the dense, and it surfaces quite abruptly not only from your personal bodies, but from the Collective Body as well to exit.

This energetic spiral that lightworkers go through that is experienced as intensity, is coming in stages. It will pause in order to allow your light to spread and transform the entire Collective. Light flows through you and then it spans outwards, expanding through the core of Mother Gaia, which will bring the merge that it is needed for the New Earth to arrive.

Earth preparing for the big Ascension event

Lightworkers go through all of the initiations first, because they are the anchors of the New Earth, bringing in the light that joins all. This complex process that is already underway, will bring significant atmospheric or environmental changes spanning across the world. Each Country will be affected in its own unique way, based on its individual overall vibrational frequency and the people that reside within that land mass. For example, there’s a possibility of fires that spread across the terrain and tides will rise from the ocean, volcanoes erupting. There will also be a shift within the plates of the core of the Earth creating earthquakes which will occur in certain areas of the world. As the new light joins the earth, there will be a shift within the environment, as it restores to its highest vibration and nature feels it too. It is like a bone that has been fractured; it is going through its healing process, a complete reconstruction so that it can ultimately heal.

The Lightworkers step in the New earth energy

Do not fear the change lightworkers, for you were assigned to be here at this time. These series of events have been designed in such a way that you will not be affected by these environmental transitions and waves of great change, but instead, you will be present to assist the Earth, and help the Collective navigate through them rather smoothly.

The move to the higher timeline of this ‘new earth’ is possible and may occur within the upcoming years because the vast majority of lightworkers would have already been through the intense shifts years prior. Lightworkers are spread out accordingly around the world, so no area of the planet earth will fall behind with regards to the higher-level support, as the world around you undergoes massive shifts, while the old-world fades away.

The Solar Flash Event

And with the previous words shared with you today, we now bring you to the final event.

Many of you have heard it being spoken as the Solar Flash event, which can be described as a massive blast of light energy penetrating the Earth, including all of its inhabitants. We are here to describe this event to you in further detail to help you understand that there’s nothing to worry about, when this monumental event does occur, for it will be the ultimate release that the Earth requires to join into that high energetic, blissful state, known to be Heaven on Earth.

In upcoming years, there will be a turning point in Earth’s ascension. The time frame for this Grand Solar Flash event is not predetermined. Due to future timelines always shifting or changing depending upon the transitions made within the Collective and where the energy or the consciousness goes or flows, the time frame fluctuates, and is continuously being modified. It may occur within 5 years’ time, 10 years, and there is another timeline that marks it within 30 years.

When the event does take place, the Earth will experience a very strong high vibrational energy blast from the Sun that is so powerful that it will also affect surrounding planets in the universe.

Solar Winds/Storms and Increasing Solar Activity

In preparation for the big Event, you are already going through plenty of small shifts as you are experiencing minor explosions from the Sun that aids you in that final event which will occur in the near future. Please be aware that you go through multiple solar flares each month, bringing solar radiations streams into the earth’s atmosphere that have high vibrational frequency resembling the one of this solar flash event. This prepares your body for the bigger shift.

Thus, there is nothing to worry about, Dear Ones, as the body fully and completely understands how to integrate and handle the waves of solar energy that you receive. When you do welcome the final influx, the body won’t feel the intensity due to all the preparation that it’s gone through in months and years prior. It will be like something has finally clicked into place; similar to a puzzle piece that fits so perfectly together.

Humans Who Do Not Go Through the Ascension

With future minor energy waves, and eventually bigger events, people who are not active in their ascension, won’t be able to function in these high vibrational energies, as their bodies cannot hold that amount of light energy. Countless beings on planet earth, including plants, animals and insects, will make a swift exit and depart from this plane of existence simply based off of their own lower vibrational frequency. That is either because their soul hasn’t chosen to prepare the physical body for the influx, or they have been restricting themselves from stepping into their higher consciousness.

The majority of the souls who haven’t chosen ascension in this lifetime will be given a choice to depart prior to the Event or as the Event is occurring. There are different exit points that each soul can choose from if they continue to stay on earth to learn further lessons, or to pass away and depart.

It is important to be aware that at the time of the Solar Flash event, the entire experience will be nothing painful for those souls. It will be like they are drifting off to sleep.

It won’t feel right for certain souls to stay if they are not ready. That’s many of those living on earth will choose to depart, even now, years prior to the big Event so that the New Earth can be in alignment to the high vibrational souls that remain. Those who have made the choice to live in the higher states of New Earth, have done the appropriate inner work, and because their overall energy signature is extremely high vibrational, this will aid the Earth back to its origins and anchor in many high-frequency timelines.

ascension solar flash

How will the people be after the Solar Flash Event

After the Solar Event occurs, those who remain, will see everything in a completely new light. It can only be described as waking up on Christmas morning (or whatever celebration that’s dear to your heart), and you have that excited feeling deep within every cell of your body, pure bliss. You will be home, and at complete peace within your body and everyone around you. Unconditional feelings of love and gratitude will be present with everybody and everything on the earth plane. Humans will be able to see each other fully, not just the physicality, but truly recognize, accept and appreciate each other at a deep soul level. Humanity will bond together and they will be connected to each other through soul recognition. It’s a feeling of unification that is experienced deep within the cells of your body. All the worries and concerns people used to carry, will dissipate and fall away from the human vessel. Fear will not exist. Only love will remain. (5D self)

How will the world be after the Solar Flash Event

Technology will not function alongside the higher frequencies of planet earth any longer. Absolutely nothing that used to be able to function in the 3D world can exists in the new one. The technology, the Government systems of control and the laws that were once created and ruled the world won’t be functioning anymore. Furthermore, the money and the necessity to have material things will be non-existent, as they will no longer be important or meaningful to you.

You would have received a reprogramming of all those false ideals and perceptions that have kept you locked in fear, in restriction and have blocked your freedom and have imposed unnecessary strain on you. They will no longer be a part of you. You will be free and you no longer care that the technology is not working, that you will have no iPhones, laptops or internet connections. You will feel complete harmony and bliss with all and you will instinctively know that every need that you have will be met, because you are so close to the Creator. You would have become in complete alignment with your Higher-self and Source frequency that everything manifests easily into your physical reality.

Any connection that you want to have with others will be achieved, and any heart-centered deep desire that you have will be met because you will be in alignment with the highest vibrational energy and the highest good for all, thus automatic manifestation can be achieved quite effectively. You become an instant powerful creator.

Every single person and absolutely everything that you desire will be within close proximity to you and will be a part of your life. Many lightworkers are unlocking these powerful and effective creation tools and state of being now, in order to manifest pure desires into existence.

Solar flash event and technology

We do hear many of you gasp and worry, what will I do without technology? And to that, we gently say: Technology is not what makes you human. You’ll be able to do every single thing you desire at a soul level. Everything that you want to do, you’ll have the knowing of how to do it. Any knowledge that you previously wanted to search, for example, on an iPhone on the internet, will automatically be downloaded into your minds and you will have access to this Divine, Universal knowledge from within YOU. Many lightworkers and front-runners are practicing this skill set as we speak in preparation for the years to come.

You won’t need phone communication either as you will have that link or instant connection with somebody without the need to send a text message. This is where telepathy comes into play. A lot of humans are already experiencing telepathic communication without even knowing it. Telepathy is created and begins to grow among soul family members first typically, and will become more common over the next few years. This unique ability will only grow stronger, so much so, that you will be able to telepathically communicate with all humans because you will all be connected, as ONE.


Lightworkers are leaders in the New earth

All of you are already receiving many of those activations, downloads of energies and inner knowing of what is to come, because as lightworkers you will be fully prepared before the Event occurs so that you will be able to guide the rest of your fellow brothers and sisters to those gifts and to the knowing. Everybody will be able to experience these miraculous changes and nobody is left behind. Lightworkers are already unlocking those special skills and doing the work now to bring it to fruition in the near future. This is why many of you are currently in preparation and are also coming into complete alignment, with what is about to occur.

There are many great teachers already on the Earth plane as we speak, and their teachings aid others, who are starting to remember as well. A significant amount of knowledge, important information about the evolutionary process at play, as well as, “futuristic technology” and advanced material/facts are all currently being downloaded within many people who are here to co-create this New Earth that we speak of. In the New Earth, instead of turning to a TV for reference or knowledge, humanity will be turning to and focusing on another human for this knowledge and guidance.

Dietary Changes and Supporting your Developing LightBody after the Solar Flash Event

After the Event, you will be more Divine than human. And while you will still have physical needs, they won’t be to the degree that you are used to now. You are still going to need food to maintain your physical body, but one corn will be just enough for the whole day.

Your bodies prepare for this and make huge shifts now, and a lot of you may notice unusual changes in dietary needs and new food allergies, because everything about how we perceive and even ingest food is changing. Pay close attention to what your body is requiring at this time, as a need for certain amounts and types of food is rapidly changing. Humans will witness even more of a drastic transformation with regards to diet and how it relates to the ever-so quickly changing human body over the next two to five years.

The need to fuel your cells with fresh, pure and clean drinking water will increase over the next couple of years. We are water based beings, made up of mostly water, therefore, when you feel a hunger pain throughout your day, understand that the underlying need or requirement from the body is first and foremost, water, and then fuel your developing cells with food.


Connection to the Divine and Return to Nature Grows Stronger

end of the world spiritualityAfter this bigger shift, humans will continue to live freely and expand, as each of you will reach much deeper levels of your Divine connection. Instead of healing karmic cycles and undergoing constant life lessons and pain, your life will instead be abundant, high vibrational, positive, and undergo a series of uplifting experiences. You are doing all of the hard work at this moment in time in order to feel ready and prepared for future events, and when that time comes, your soul will be completely at home and in alignment to Source/God/The Universe.

You may already be noticing that you have a deep, innate desire to be closer to nature, however, once you are in New Earth, you will feel the need to be a part of nature completely. This is because as a being of higher frequency and of light, you will be more connected with the elements so you will feel pulled to be closer to the Earth. And so, people will move away from cities, away from the houses, the brick walls and the cement, and return to the ground, grass and sand dwellings of mother Gaia, living amongst the trees and lush forests.

There’s a vision of empty office buildings and vacant, lonely skyscrapers. Large cities will become ghost-towns, almost like the apocalypse where everything comes to a sudden halt. The hustle and bustle of the city will die down and become deserted as people make their transition connecting their bodies, minds and souls back to the great outdoors. Careers within cities and the busy, metro capitals of the world will slow down as well, and it will almost be like hearing a pin drop in the middle of a downtown center and experiencing a beautifully eerie silence. The constant need to strive, buy and rush out to do things and go places won’t be a necessity anymore. As we come more into balance, more into Divine alignment, the more we connect ourselves back to nature. Jobs will not be a priority as people won’t need much to survive. The human focus will be living presently, enjoying life, connecting with others, and having fun.

All of these massive global changes happen for the betterment of all. New Earth will not be a time of grief or sorrow, but instead it will be days of new-found happiness, ultimate joy, celebration, prosperity and humanities grand return to the land. Like the native and aboriginal tribes who thrive off the land, all humans will be remembering this innate calling and will become connected with the Earth once again.

The Death of The Ego and Authority Figures

Dictators and government officials will cease to exist, and there will no longer be humans who impose their thoughts, ideas and rules upon the others. There won’t be just one leader governing all, like we experience in our world now, but instead, everyone will be in alignment with each other and on the exact same vibrational frequency. Everyone will be free to make their own choices in life, and since all people will reside in such high frequencies their decisions will always be made from a place of love, unity and peace. This means that there won’t be a need to steal, hate or be jealous of another human being because everyone will be so united and connected at the core and also, consistently in those blissful states of existence that there will be no need for lower-vibrational behavior any longer.

Building of New Earth Communities and Support Networks

New Earth will consist of countless communities of people working together to help support one another, whether it be on a physical level, or mental-emotional level. There will always be a large, heart-centered community of people around you who have your best needs and interests at heart. There will be no more secrets, no more deceit, no lonely or neglected children and no more separation among human beings. Your heart space will connect you to all.

It is important to note that the vibrational frequency of the Earth cannot drop back down into lower levels of existence. The earth progressively ascends just like each human is rising in consciousness and there’s no going back through the same door or stepping back down the same set of stairs. Humanity will only continue to rise higher. And once you walk through the door which is your initiation phase of the ascension journey, there is no point of return.

Final words

With these words, we conclude this Information exchange with you. We want you to know that you are rising. Even if you think that all of the important information relayed here today is unimaginable or unattainable in this lifetime. We understand that your ego mind doubts, worries and questions the information you’ve just read, but we have offered it all to you as you are more than ready to know, process and fully comprehend it. Pause and tune in with yourself and allow the information to anchor into the depths of your being, connecting it to your soul, as you already have all of this information deep within you. Our words are just an activator of what you already know to be true within your heart.

Have no fear or doubt if you will ever make it, as you are presently preparing and you are connected to this multitude of New Earth data because you are ready to know it all. We know that this journey has felt long and dense for many of you. We want to assure you this is eventually concluding because you are stepping into a higher truth and a much greater knowing, because Dear One, have those high vibrational shoes to fill. You will be ready. Know in your heart that all density felt is temporary. The shifts that you go through, will not persist as intensely as you have experienced them recently. And with that knowing, we give you the assurance that you are on the right path being of the light. We Love You, and we are always here to support you.”


Amelia and Brittnee were guided into each other’s lives in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since, despite their physical distance as they live across the world from each other, in complete opposite time zones. Before their divinely guided encounter Brittnee felt so excited like something big was about to happen in her life and she even kept hearing the famous ABBA song “I Believe in Angels” almost every day, weeks before her long-lost soul sister came into her life. Since their incredible reunion, Amelia and Brittnee have better reacquainted themselves with one another and remembered the multiple past lives and earth incarnations together as blood sisters in Lemuria. In this lifetime, a growing sisterhood-bond is re-created through a beautiful long-distance friendship. Brittnee and Amelia are both part of the 144000 Divine Feminine Twin Flame Collective of Lightworkers and they were destined to come together in this lifetime to share their gifts and teachings with the world.


Read more about Britnee and her work here. Find Amelia Bert’s shop here.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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  1. I’ve seen this coming. Reading this blog has given me goosebumps from toes to head. I love this. I’ve been working on my inner self and preparing myself for the changes to come. Love and light. Thank you A and B! 🙏❤️🦋

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