The powerful 3 step process to survive this Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde means that the planet moves in an opposite direction to Earth. The same thing happens when our planet passes Mercury in our orbit around the sun. Mercury moves slower than Earth, and seems like it’s moving in retrograde.

If you are an empath or sensitive you experience intensity, fears and you are over emotional and that goes on for each Mercury retrograde. But why is this happening and how can you survive it? I got you covered, just read along:

Why mercury retrograde affects you

(First read why you are suddenly experiencing all these energy changes here.) Relax, I know you are going through an emotional turmoil, and I’m here to tell you: IT’S OKAY. You are not alone, you are not weird, and you’re not going crazy! It’s mercury retrograde season. What that means is that those who are aligned with the planetary changes and earth shifts experience the energy turmoil that hits the earth. If you go through an emotional time it only means that you are so aligned on your spiritual path that your energy matches the frequency of the earth and you benefit from all that is going on at an energetic level. In other words, you are on a fast-track towards your spiritual evolution. All this intensity, regardless of how it is experienced, tells you that you are clearing the past blockages that kept you out of alignment. The fear, the emotional turmoil, the events that occur that feel like a fist in the gut, all play a vital role in your transformational journey. To help you further understand what it means to experience the intensity of this Mercury retrograde, I break it down below.

What is going on through mercury retrograde?

The past is not yet gone, and it is not forgotten, at least your cellular memory still goes through the trauma of what has occurred, and this makes you super sensitive and emotional. Everything might seem out of alignment, your thoughts come out negative; your emotions make you hide and cry your eyes out. This Mercury retrograde you are forced to re-experience the past through your cellular memory that stored emotions, fears and unconscious reactions.

Think about this for a second: Is what you go through now similar to what happened 2 or 3 years ago, or  even older in time?

Don’t focus on the events, focus on how you feel. Does it ring a bell?

Perhaps you wen through a time of stress, intense worry or someone hurt you a lot, did  it felt something like that?

That is because the past comes up all over again; but wait; is this a good thing how?

Do you seriously think that by burying emotions deep down your consciousness you are free from them? Just because you didn’t go through a similar emotion or experience lately, it does not mean that you don’t carry the trauma and/or fear with you in an unconscious level. I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but chances are if you go through similar emotions during Mercury retrograde, you  didn’t really move past the emotions or trauma, you just buried it and now during this intensity it comes up again for you to notice, to work thought to RELEASE.

Did you notice the capital letters on that? Without your awareness, you cannot consciously release and let go of the past. This Mercury retrograde is a blessing in disguise. (read [button link=”” newtab=”on”]HERE [/button]why negative emotions helps you.)

Don’t worry I got you covered. I know how much you need to let go of this bugger of emotion and I’ll guide you through a quick and effortless release process.

It is the same one that my awesome Angels guided me through.

It goes through something like this:

Allow – experience – let go

3 steps to release past trauma

Step one:


Whenever you find yourself going through the trauma it has an effect on your thoughts and emotions. You feel sad, stressed and even fearful. It might seem that you go through this completely out of the blue. Your mind begins to come up with reasons why you feel this way, but by now you already know that it is your cellular memory responding to the mercury retrograde energies.

So what you do is: Pause, close your eyes, silence those fearful thoughts as best as you can and remind yourself: “IT’S OKAY. Going through this is beneficial. I am safe, I am guided, I am supported. All is well.”

This little self-talk will help you to allow whatever emotion comes up. Allowing means that you let yourself come face to face with it, you don’t try to hide from it, you don’t shove it back. Allowing is key one in the clearing process.


Step two:


Once you have soothed yourself through the fear and reminded yourself that you have to go through this, you ease the resistance. This allows you to tune into the emotion and investigate it. Experience what emotions come up, perceive it as if it is an event happening next to you. Do not give in to the fear of it, do not let your thoughts become charged with its intensity. by reacting to it you allow it to persist. What you want now is to view it, to experience it through your emotions do not judge it, do not fear it, do not give in to its intensity. OBSERVE. You already went through that emotion; it is not who you are anymore, and because of this it comes up to help you move on. Be grateful for its lessons, for its emotions regardless of whether you can identify where it comes from or not.

As you succeed in tuning in to the emotions of it, you will notice that they begin to subside. They are not as scary as you thought they would be. If you don’t feel like this yet, just give it a moment or two, don’t rush this step, It is important.




Finally, the step you have been waiting for; The part where you can finally release the fear and its intensity. All you have to do is literally speak out loud:

“I release and let go fully and completely this fear/trauma and memory and all its emotions, triggers, and programs. I choose to be free from it now across all levels and all layers of time. And so it is.”

Take a deep breathe in and breathe out, feel the clearing taking place.

Your intention is a powerful tool, as long as you are focused you can clear anything.

Repeat the deep breathing in and out a few times until you feel the clearing is completed.


And there you have it. That’s all you need to do to survive this mercury retrograde. Carry this tool with you and apply it whenever you feel sad or stressed, it will help you not to give in to the fear, it will you help you be aware of your emotions, and finally be at ease with them.

How did you find this tool? Share your experiences below.


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