The benefits of a negative emotion

Here are 5 facts about negative emotions nobody told you. How to overcome fear, as well as find the blessings within.

What is the purpose of a negative emotion? Why do we experience fear? Have you been avoiding any situation that will make you experience distress? Perhaps you found yourself resisting all negative thoughts because they just don’t make you feel good. In other occasions perhaps you found yourself obsessing and adding to the negative experience of a memory or thought. Why does fear have such a big effect on us? is it because we give it all that power to affect us? Is fear alone all that bad?

Negative emotions versus positive emotions

Good emotions, that originate from love, were created along with the low vibration emotions, and they exist for a reason. Good emotions are the ones that make you feel elation, joy, happiness, gratitude, peace, also known as light emotions, because they make you feel warmth, freedom, they are “light frequency emotions”. Low vibration emotions originate from fear. Those feel “heavy”, dense once in our state of being. Those are sadness, hate, stress, grief, distress.




  1. If beautiful emotions and wonderful experiences were all there was, then we would never come to appreciate them. The positive emotions, events and experiences are distinguished because the negative exist as well. If there was only a positive side to everything, then life will be mediocre, unappreciated, and all the “positive” occurrences, will be normal. Contrast exists to help us recognize the joy in all moments and emotions. If you are constantly happy, for instance, you won’t feel different or in fact happy. Your “happy” will be constantly a normal experience and that will make your life and all emotions simply plain, don’t you think?

Contrast is your friend

  1. Without the contrast we don’t advance. We always want to feel better, to achieve more things, to get better. We know what we want, because we have experienced the other side of it. For instance, you desire more money, because you have experienced what it feels like to have less. You lived in the contrast, and from that experience, a desire was born, to have more, to be prosperous. Because of that desire you set goals, you take action, and you work towards that, to have that which you desire, that which you believe that it will make you happier. So, the contrast has somehow leaded you to advance.

If you had everything you ever wanted, then you wouldn’t work towards anything else, simply because, nothing more would exist. Desires are born through the contrast, or else through the opposite experience than we want to have. You shouldn’t be so fast to disregard something that you don’t like, instead be grateful that it makes you know and appreciate all that you do like.

The Silver lining of negative experiences

  1. Low vibration emotions and experiences are exquisite teachers. Tough situations and experiences help us grow, learn and become wiser. All of those moments have something positive to give us, regardless if you got your heartbroken, even if you lost a promotion, even if you went through a health disturbance. Those moments shape your personality, make you stronger, and give you knowledge. Don’t disregard experiences such as these, because they are blessings in disguise. Think of how many times did you go through what seemed like a negative situation, only in the end, something beautiful originated because of it.

You went through a break up, only to meet your soul mate, you lost a mediocre job, only to find one that gave you meaning. The silver lining always exists to those who look for it. Nothing is ever random; even those negative experiences push us forward. You are the one in control of how you see an experience. Let it bring you wisdom instead of plain heartache.

Negative symptoms of ascension bring light in

As we go through ascension, we experience negative symptoms of stress, fear, and/or sadness. This is because we become open to receive more light and divine codes within us, which are the best representation of love and positivity. To do that we have to clear any reminisce of the opposite low vibrations from within. As light enters our cells and state of being, the low dense memories and emotions attached to them come to be released. They are release once they brought up, in which case we relive them. The key to the release of these experiences, beliefs and emotions, is to no longer fear them nor resist them. Once you relax and allow them to be experienced, then those will lose their power.

So every time you have a negative emotion rise up, a fear or a memory, don’t resist it, and don’t fear it. Know it is there to help you release and clear density from within. The more you allow and release, the more space you give to love and light to fill you.

Experiencing low emotions comes with the choice to release them, and clear density from within. Celebrate this chance by knowing that all is well.

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  1. Your emotions are your tracking system on how you are doing at any time. Your soul, the divine part of you constantly exists in high vibration emotions such as love, kindness, gratitude, bliss, peace. Each time you experience any positive emotion, you experience them from your soul, which means you are in connection with it. When you feel positive emotions, then you are guided to positive experiences and paths. When an idea or thought makes you feel happy, then that is proof that you should attain it. On the contrary, when something makes you feel sadness or fear, there is resistance to that, and very often it is a sign that something is not beneficial to you.

Your inner guidance always leads you to beautiful experiences, paths and situations to advance your being. Your emotions are the signals of it. The more you pay attention to them, the more you will receive insights that come from your soul.

Here’s an example: you got an invitation to attend a party, but you got a bad feeling about it. This bad feeling comes from your higher self, your soul that tells you that is not beneficial for you. Perhaps something bad will occur in that party, perhaps you will find yourself in a negative situation. Trust your inner guidance system at all times. The only way to do this is through recognizing your emotions, good or bad.

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The benefits of a negative emotion

Next time you feel lack of something, instead of being frustrated and sad, be grateful for the contrast because it helps you recognize how you want your life to be. Because of the contrast, you become happier. Practice your positive thinking, and you will find more and more of uplifting emotions in any situation.

Happiness comes from recognizing sadness, experiencing lack, gives us desire for more. The release of negativity within comes as an opportunity to allow more light in. And bad emotions might bring messages from your soul.

The key to having a happy life is not to have only good experiences and emotions, but to have a balance of both. Both good and bad emotions bring you happiness in regards to where you give your attention. Both good and bad experiences help you grow and advance, remember to find the silver lining in order to see it so. If fear paralyses you it’s because you are adding to the density by resisting it. To claim you power is to see fear and all those emotions it brings as positive. This is when you stop fearing low emotions, but allows them in your experience. When you do, they bring you benefit instead of strain.

A last word of advice: believe that all that occurs in your life, good or bad, is for your highest and greatest good. When you believe that, you can relax and trust the universe to deliver you just that.



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Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
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