Your 3D life falls away – August energy forecast

The no-nonsense month is here! You have been preparing for what’s in store this month for 3 months before this point. The energy that comes through in August is profound, moving you further into your spiritual elevation. August is halfway through the year making it a powerful energy month with the lion’s gate portal on the 8/8, and the end of Mercury retrograde and eclipse season which leads to powerful changes. The Angels call it the “stepping stone Month” as they narrate all the powerful changes that will experience as we move through it. There is no reason for you to worry or fear, you are ready for this.

Let’s dive into August forecast:

Preparing for 5D

The 3 months leading to this profound energy getaway of August have been intense for you since they were trying to help you acknowledge your potential and powerful energy, while also guide you to release the blockages that kept you in a 3D loop. Perhaps you have succeeded in implementing codes of higher consciousness in your being, or perhaps you are yet unaware of all the energetic shifts you have mastered on an unconscious level.

Think of the progress you have done so far like a ladder guiding you forward one step at a time, slowly revealing your potential and preparing you for the grant steps that lie ahead. This August you have climbed enough steps on that ladder to reach a stepping stone. A massive energetic getaway or portal that creates ripples of change in your consciousness. Regardless of whether you have been vibrating on a 3rd-dimensional sphere, or if you have managed to dive deeper into the 5D, this August you are able to jump-start on your ascension by implementing new upgrades and light codes that bring you profound shift.


Get ready for the 5D changes

Your life takes a different turn that leads you closer to your life’s purpose and soul family. This means that many of the old and outdated elements of your life won’t be able sustainable in this new world reality.

– The people who are not a match to you and your path disappear. Don’t mourn their loss in your life too much as those they leave you to have no place in your new reality.

– Similarly, low vibrational habits, hobbies, patterns all begin to shake and fall away. Don’t try to hold on to what seems unstable, it moves on because your new life imprint that begins now does not sustain their density. This might include changes in your diet, communication, and even your behavior.

Resisting the ascension changes

What does not serve comes from a lower vibration and now it begins to crumble. Go with the changes that come up, trust that those changes will lead you to a more fulfilling way of living and being. For many of you, those changes might come suddenly and you might find yourself struggling to adjust to all the rapid changes, and this is why this month is so important. Trust that the path will lead you to a new world of opportunities, habits, and blessings of higher vibrational being.

The resistance to the change will make you feel more density and struggle. Think of trying to hold a big weight while you float in a sea of water. The weight pulls you downwards and the more you try to hold it above water, the more you strive. Let the old fall away dearest, it’s time to float in the stream of the 5th dimension.

Your 5d life begins

Apart from all the changes and loses that you will face this month, new revelations make their way to you. As you let go of the old, you automatically open to blessings to come your way. This means that you will get a lot of new ideas, new people will join you, and opportunities will knock on your door. Be open to what comes up as the purpose of it is to give you a push forward to high vibrational living.

After all the shifts and changes and if you manage to let go of what does not work anymore, you feel lightweight, free, uplifted. For some, the path to transition might last longer. Know that you are guided to make those changes and if you are reading this now, it means that you are supported in doing so.

On an energetic level, your psyche will feel uplifted and strong; you will feel more aligned with the cosmos, with the world in such degree that you will feel like you “float” in alignment with the universe. Books, messages, wisdom joins you in just the right time. Synchronicities also speed up in your life so be open to the guidance that comes through that leads you towards your next steps. Be open and ready to act upon them.

what is an energy portal?

August is an energy portal, for all the wisdom, synchronicities, shifts to occur in that degree, it means that you and the earth, are doing an energy jump into a higher energy that is what we call an “energy portal”.  As you do this the world as you know it begins to shift slightly, the more energy portals you go through the further the earth elevates and shifts. Many of you will find many noticeable changes such as the time that moves inconsistently, old patterns dissipate but also many more of the skills of your soul begin to unravel. People begin to see energy more clearly, spiritual communication becomes clearer, but also the gap between those who are still in lower vibration becomes much greater. Moreover, even more, people begin to awaken and move from the 3rd dimension.

Here’s what we want you to know:

As this energy portal has the potential to take you to higher levels of frequency, those lower 3rd-dimensional levels of thought and interaction seem even denser than before. That is because the gap is now greater. You are supported to move up and not downwards. If at any time you engage in lower vibrational thought or feeling, it will seem very intense accompanying you with anxiety and fear. That is to remind you that it is not who you are now. You have the potential to rise, so notice every time you feel negative and be willing to release and let it go. You are so guided at this time to move from this dense pattern so observe it, and consciously make the decision to return to a higher frequency. All you need is a different thought to bring you to a higher vibrational emotion. Aim to feel good at all times.

Observe the world around you, observe the changes that arise and choose to interact with what feels good. Those people that disappear, those patterns that fall away let them go, and trust that you are guided to magnificent new paths. We love you so much and we are with you on this powerful energetic change that is underway.

The divine council of light, Angels and ascended masters of the highest level of light.


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