Small solar flash shifts the earth’s timelines – December angel energy report

small solar flashes

Whenever you are guided to read this post, it is valid for you at that time, regardless of what month it is posted. It educates on the ascension and it can spark a remembrance, give you activations or help you progress on your spiritual transformation.

Many lightworkers experience such distress at this time, so many symptoms and such big collective unrest. The information that came just few days ago was that the earth experienced a timeline jump on the 21st of November, and we will experience another one in December. What does it all mean? The divine bring us all this information in this channeling.

The following is a direct Divine channeling:

“December is a catalyst for many things to resolve, disappear, and come into fruition.

The world as you know it dissipates. We have brought you this information previously, but we want to make it clear that the previous elements that were built on the 3D world, are crumbling down. For this, you will notice many ‘dead ends’ in the laws, in society’s doings. The very foundations of certain concepts finally come to the light so that all realize that it is not the way. Hard truths are to be revealed so that they are faced dead on. You are no longer navigating the same reality as 6 months ago. You, on a personal level also are faced with decisions that will change the direction of your life. Do not insist on the old ways, for they are ‘paper-thin’.


Small events or small solar flashes

But let’s it all from the beginning, starting with November and what was the ‘small event’ that occurred that swept many of you, off your feet energetically speaking.

There are certain points in time, that earth is appointed to experience an upheaval in its energetic orbit. Once there is enough light anchored or ‘stored’ in its center, the earth can succeed in this energetic pull to higher timelines. Those timelines are less linked to the previous ones of chaos and distress, and more aligned with oneness, unity, and lightness that is Earth’s original intent. When the earth’s energy is ready to climb, assistance is given from the higher realms, from surrounding planets, from the sun – that is a point of anchor holding many higher energies, and so a process is occurring for some time (this process started in late August), to assist earth on this initiation by sending lots of higher frequency on the planet.

The threshold was reached, and earth was able to climb in higher consciousness only a short week ago (November 21st). However this ‘jump’ was a small one, one of the few that will begin to occur gradually on the earth plane. The next such event will take place in 3 weeks’ time, (around the 21st). During that time, the earth will experience another rise, or jump in its energetic orbit moving it further away from the old world.


Timelines of the new earth

When this occurs, and as it continues to do so, there are those of you who are connected more with the higher planes, and finally able to experience, see and be in the timelines of oneness, unity and love more and more, as those will be clearer to you, easier to tap into. There are others however, who are so caught up on the old world and the old timelines that won’t be able to make the ‘jump’ the re-alignment with the new reality. The world as you know it, and all the ideals that were built upon the old world, will no longer make sense to many people. Science, medicine, will realize many of the false beliefs they had; many new technologies will join while many of the old will malfunction. And more and more of the old will clear, and more of the new will join.

Slowly yet steadily, as the earth continues to leave behind the old ways, people are to realize what is not ‘right’, what is not working out and make different choices, new ways are to suffice, and the new world of love and unity and higher frequency finally arises.


People not ascending and new earth

To those people who are holding on to the old ways, there will be a reality-split, between the two worlds. One where people would see clearly, know the truth, understand and reach higher; and the other half, where people are caught up in the past. This gap, or separation will continue to exist among the earth, but the gap will continue as the earth makes more jumps into the new timelines. Soon the old timelines will no longer exist, and so the people caught up in the old will be forced to make a decision: Choose the new world, or carry on their journey not on the new earth.

The split has begun, so what you will notice and experience over the past few months is the realization of many false ways, habits, routines, laws, beliefs, ideals that are not working out, or that you are no longer in alignment with. The move to the new earth has begun. You are on your way to experience the magical rise of the Earth into its original intent.

We congratulate you front-runner, for you have agreed to come into this earth at this time to watch it all shift. There’s a reason you are there now, to help guide the others, be the anchor of the new light, of the new timelines. The reason why so many of you experience the symptoms is because the old is no longer in alignment with you. You are to feel and be in more loving energies, love, abundance and joy coming onwards. You are already making the jump higher, and you have done so long before the earth could. You are ready. Do not worry, do not fear, just trust and remember that’s why you have come here. All is well.”


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