The fire of awakening – September Angel Forecast

september forecast

September joins us with fires burning in the trees of the Amazon rainforest, and an intense new moon revealing inner fears. The good news is however that September will grant a powerful transformation within us.

The following is a direct Angel channeling:

September energy reading 2019

September joins you followed by intense light transmissions, that help to open further the portal to the 5D consciousness. Right now you still carry with you old perceptions and triggers, that still affect your energy by making you observe and react in a lower vibration. As you pass September however, new profound downloads cause you to observe from a higher frequency. In other words, the consciousness that exists on earth scales up further embedding 5D consciousness and triggers. This means that you will notice greater shifts within yourself and with those around you.

Beings of greater light can now reach you more effortlessly, and this means that earth has greater divine support, more than ever before to be exact. Every one of these Light beings, sends the new higher frequency transmissions onto the earth, and that speeds up the ascension. When a year ago the energy streaming in was about 20-25%, now it has increased to 40-45%! This is a huge magnifying power of light that helps to more easily and rapidly transform the dense perceptions, and frequency to lighter ones.

“Does all the new light that streams in also extract the old dense codes?”

It so definitely does! While you were used to carrying more dense vibrations that caused you to feel exhausted, agitated, sick, the new energy downloads replace them, so you will no longer experience those denser vibrations. One very good example of this is jealousy. You will no longer feel the separation that creates it. Illness also vibrates on a much lower scale and as its old codes clear you will become more immune to 3rd-dimensional diseases and illnesses.

The shift that is about to occur this September, will be a great achievement, a profound opening of the 5D getaway. While many of you might feel exhausted, agitated, or even fearful as the old codes find their release, you will also come to experience greater bliss, peace, and elevation in all the areas of your life.

How to release the old

This time initiates new beginnings, and based on the “law” of free will, nothing can be cleared and replaced without your agreement. This means that many, many old matters that you thought were over by now, show up once again. It can be anything from allergies or diseases, to old patterns, fears, old perceptions or even people. We don’t want you to be afraid of their appearance. We alert you that these patterns come up now so that you allow them to release as those are no longer needed, no longer a match to the new you. Observe them when they occur, but find a new way to react to them, that does not come from distress. As you no longer fear them or add to their density, it will make them completely inactive so that they can be replaced by the new light codes that stream in. it is time to stand guard of all that no longer serves, face them head-on and affirm: I LET THIS GO. Those are Powerful words that when spoken can completely overwrite patterns into your life and lead into ascension.

Spiritual meaning of amazon rainforest fire

We are very familiar with what occurs now on earth, the fires that burn through the earth’s natural habitat and that saddens us. We do not choose to suffer, we do not approve of pain and further disconnection from the Earth’s light. We, however, understand that this too occurs to bring a message, the call of the earth for change, her inner calling to make people finally listen to their inner voice. Something becomes triggered within those that are completely disconnected from their true nature, from the earth. This is their call for awakening. LISTEN, the earth speaks to you, LISTEN.

To those of you already awakened, already connected with the earth this will possibly affect your energy because you are intertwined with the earth. You might feel extra exhausted than usual, as the earth calls for your energy to be sustained. Send your light to the earth to help it expand, empower and recover. Have the earth in your prayers, in your invocations to bring a faster recovery. We know that this event was of a lower, denser vibration, but we remind you: this too shall pass.

Lightworkers’ call

Take the earth’s example and try to elevate those still not ascended, help spread your light to help others expand. You are called forward at this time to lead the way, lightworker!

September will bring great change, but with it also density shall arise. Do not fear the worry, learn to tame it. We remind you that you have all the tools that you need to ride the ascension waves. Pause often, find your center, simply breathe and be, observe. Allow yourself to unite with the higher frequencies that join. By the end of September, you will have achieved a great shift.

We believe in and support you.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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