Benefits of the Sun Nobody told you

Did you ever consider the benefits the sun has for humanity? Those benefits go beyond what you can perceive, and what anyone ever told you. The sun is a powerful source of light, and its rays hold Divine energy that benefit us beyond body and mind. 

A long time ago, when people were sick or not feeling well, the advice of the elders was: go sit outside in the sun. Maybe your grandmother gave you that advice once. The truth is, they were right. The sun holds benefits and healing properties, as well as triggers that help us ascend our spirit. But how is that?
The sun is the best representation of the light. Without it, our days will be filled with darkness, the colors would be gloomy, the earth would be infertile. How come the flowers and trees benefit so much so from the sun? Does that mean that the sun benefits us also without being aware of it?


Part of the benefits of the sun, is that it holds light particles that activate our chakras and enhance them with health and better energy circulation. When you spend some time outside in the sun, you might notice that you become “flushed”, overheated, and /or sweaty, even if you did not get much exercise. This is because the heat that enters our skin through the rays becomes absorbed by our energy portals, otherwise known as chakras and supercharge in frequency.
Many healers use the energy of the sun to receive “healing energy” directly before they use it to perform healing.

Sun has healing frequencies. Apart from strengthening your chakras, use the energy of the sun to heal any part of you that needs healing. sit outside in the sun, take 3 deep breaths and focus your attention inwards. Talk to the sun: I ask that healing light enters into that area and heals it completely. Remove all illness and density, restore to perfect health now.
Feel the rays of the sun surrounding that area cleansing and healing you.

Sun and enlightenment

Another basic advantage of spending time in the sun is the alignment that comes from the rays. The sun vibrates in a high frequency; it holds great strength and light codes. When we are under the sun, we receive our own “light downloads”.
(Read this article for an explanation on light downloads.) We gain clarity in our lives, raise our vibration, gain inspiration, creativity, and/or receive input that we need to better our lives. The sun shares light frequencies with each ray. The problem is, we are not always ready to receive them. if you are frustrated, emotional or angry, you are not in the high vibrational receiving mode, and thus the rays of the sun might make you feel more irrigated or upset. When you are mindful, enjoy your time and you are willing to receive these light codes, then I highly suggest meditating under the sun. it will supercharge your meditation, while you will receive the full benefit of the sun rays.
Moreover, the sun activates our “Light body”. The electromagnetic waves being emitted from the sun change the molecular structure of our DNA so that we quickly start to evolve in structuring our light bodies.

sun angels

Did you know that there are hundreds of lighted beings attached to the frequency of the sun? those are sun angels, solar deities, ascended masters, or other sun beings. They are ethereal light beings that live within the sun and their life force energy is connected to the vortex that powers up the Sun. if you hold your attention towards the sun, then these light beings are attracted to you, to help you in any way you ask. They help you use the frequency of the sun to benefit; whether that is healing, alignment or inspiration, they help you if you ask for assistance. Many of these beings are drawn to the light and enjoy the upliftment, while others are assigned to assist the sun better to direct the rays into the world. But the benefits of the sun, don’t just stop there.

Sun consciousness

The sun, just like the earth (Gaia) has consciousness. For many, this might be difficult to believe, but everything that exists has energy and is created in the same way as you and me. The sun, the stars, and other planets can be even contacted to by those who are comfortable using their channeling or psychic abilities. They have great wisdom and elevate in high frequencies. I haven’t personally attempted to connect with the sun or any planets, but I know of a few people who do this successfully. In doing so, the planets or the sun offers great tools and input on the frequencies and cosmic energies and how those might affect us. I create the Angel forecast each week, by relying on these energies and their effects on our mood, life, and energy. I personally rely on angels who are aware of the cosmic shifts and are in close connection to the sun.

Benefits of the sun

The sun is a source of light in our lives regardless of whether you are spiritual or not. Now that you know a bit more about how the sun can assist you in expanding your consciousness, as well as healing your body and strengthening your chakras, spend more time basking in the power of the sun rays. Next time you notice them surrounding you close your eyes and say: I am open to the light frequencies of the sun, may they benefit me in the best way possible.
This way you allow the light codes and the sun activations to benefit you.
Whenever you feel sad or upset, go outside and meditate. Even after 5 minutes, you will elevate your vibration and your mood will shift.

On behalf of all of us, thank you sun for your light, love, and assistance.



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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