What to expect in 2019

How was 2018 for you? How many of your goals have you reached, how much of your to-do list did you achieve? This is the time to pause and ponder upon all those things you have succeeded, all the paths you have chosen and where they all lead. Once as you are ready to say goodbye to this phase of your life, you better prepare for what is in store for you up ahead. I have asked the Angels to reveal what we most need to know about 2019 and they joined willingly to narrate this article with the gist of what awaits in 2019. To keep up with the information, I suggest you read this article.

*What follows is a direct Angel channeling.*

2019 forecast

2019 is not just any normal year, but it is a “busy” preparation of what comes next. You get elevated in greater consciousness, and bit by bit, day by day you become a better version of yourself. There is no more turning back, all that you have gone through in 2018 has prepared you for the entrance into a new portal of Light. In this new phase, you will come to look at life with new eyes. As this new perspective is upon you, you finally get to understand where you come from and know where you are heading. In this coming year, many revelations will suffice, helping you to embrace this “new version” of yourself that is closer to your divine blueprint, closer to the essence of your soul. The more you shed old beliefs and fears, the more you allow yourself to grow, to rejoice and to love. By this time next year, you will no longer be the same. The awareness of where you come from, and who you are will be greatly evident not only within you but with others’ also.
There is a great shift happening within you already. You will come to make choices that will elevate your vibration, take you on the right path to experience more love and joy and purpose. Those choices won’t be imposed to you, on the contrary, you will receive “epiphanies” on how to improve your life and by taking action, your whole essence will benefit. The choices you make, the realizations, the alterations, will benefit you and those around you, as well as your entire life that will alter to shape to match your new perspective.
You will no longer see a lack in every corner but more abundance; you will no longer hide in fear, but rise with courage. Each one of you will come to remove that which has been weighing, that was a blockage to happiness and to your life’s purpose.
So much inspiration and insight will suffice and you have to be alert to act; as 2019 is the year of change and action. Without action you won’t have different results, it is by taking initiative and acting towards your profound inspiration that you will thrive. Don’t deny yourself this growth.

2019 energies

2018 has been intense by many, we recognize this, as more and more awaken to the energies of change, yet few know the reason. In 2019 more become awaken to the energies and more people are guided to let go and release patterns and fears and density. To those that 2018 has been a roller coaster of intense emotion, 2019 will be easier to handle, as you have already become accustomed to the light frequencies, and you have shed some of those heavy energies. Be aware, however, that the metamorphosis continues as it is not yet completed. You will experience those moments of intensity, those moments where you are asked to release the old. You do this by allowing, and not resisting the change, will certainly make the process easier. Don’t be sad for people who seem to drift away, don’t feel worried about the stress that arises, instead learn from the density, and learn from the moments of weakness and strain. Choosing to direct your energy inwards will give you the courage that you need to shift and rise, and grow and bring in more light and joy in your life. You might want to read this article for more information.
For those that 2018 that you think was not a year of inner shift, for those that feel they did not yet “awakened” to the influxes of divine light, we assure you that you did start to shift and became impacted by the energies. 2019 however, will trigger a greater expansion within you. You will notice changing as a person, making different choices, noticing more of your spirit’s capabilities. The more you resist the change, the more it will be difficult to handle. It is a year of a great shift, so be reminded to trust your intuition and turn into your inner wisdom for guidance.

2019 and the earth

As the earth awakens and expands in light and frequency, you will notice different or intense phenomena occurring on earth. Extreme weather conditions, frequent earthquakes, volcano eruptions, be assured that this is not the end, but the beginning. This is not to harm, but to expand and re-shape what has been for so many decades. As you change and shift, earth expands and shifts as well. As the earth receives greater light, it metamorphoses (just like you) to bring more life, beauty, healing, and growth. Trust that all is happening to bring forth new energy and light to all.
Animals shift and change as well; the influxes of light are felt through all species. You might notice some different reactions from animals as they are one with the energies of the changing earth. Trust that all is well.
Moreover, 2019 takes a new turn in regards to politics. People with more awareness and light come forward to take the lead. They are inspired to take greater control to help the masses. People, who were in the lead, suddenly decide to step away. 2019 is not a year of great massive change, but it is the year, where change becomes initiated; small steps are being made towards progression. Small but steady movement occurs, towards greater leaders that have the better of the world at heart. Fear not, all will be well soon.

2019 and the shift

Indeed, 2019 has a lot in store for you. While it might not be the year of massive change, and exceptional movements, it is a wonderful year that progresses you, and steadily prepares you for what’s next. 2020 is the year of massive change so, let 2019 be the precursor to this greater expansion that will follow. You are reminded to return to your inner knowing and spirit. Trust your inner voice, take action and follow through your inner impulses. You are guided to an inner metamorphosis. Don’t hesitate to go after what you love, and to make the changes needed to elevate you.
We are very proud of the growth and progress you have made in 2018, so we encourage you now, to the time to notice all that you have achieved. Looking back helps you realize all the changes you have made and where you now stand. Congratulate your growth and journey thus far. Allow 2019 to guide you to an even greater shift. Align your desires for the New Year, prepare to receive them indeed, and let yourself be guided to expansion.
We love you, and we greet you in the light.



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