Light locations on earth

Did you know that during this time millions of light beings work to help us and the earth ascend in lighter dimensions? The “keepers of the light on earth”  are beings who help create portals of light on the earth’s surface. They call them “light locations” and you can access them to speed up your ascension. The earth is well on its way to massive changes and you get affected as well. read the direct channeling from the “keepers of the light on earth”

Channeling from keepers of the light on earth:

earthly connection

As you exist on this physical plane, you are connected with the earth, through particles of your body. This makes you somehow affected by the transmissions of light frequency that occur within the earth. Through your earthly connection, you become awakened, illuminated, healed and ascended to higher dimensions of light. The earth sends you light particles that you absorb through this connection; they help you in feeling vibrant, well connected with the world around you, with your physical body, and with the timelines that exist within the earth.

As the earth goes through internal changes however, those timelines begin to shift. As the earth begins to accelerate and transform you become affected as well.  You cannot exist on earth, and not alter through the earth’s changes.

Many people are yet unaware, that they undergo a massive change in energy, in perspective, in the way of life.  The world as you knew it is collapsing, and you are called to transform to carry the internal shifts that will help you through the “new world” that arises.

We are the keepers of the light particles that exist on earth. We help transform the light of divine frequency into a new transformative reality. To help you better understand those internal shifts we shall guide you through some of them now:

How the earth ascends

The earth’s sphere until now held massive weight of negativity, of earth-bounds, of sadness, of fear. This made the earth’s frequency heavier, and some-what “inactive”, “passive”. All those caused the ascension of the earth to pause, to downgrade even into a slower pace. As a result, the earth could no longer handle to sustain all forms of earth, and many went extinct. Many parts of the earth lost their fruitless qualities, and the phenomenon of ice, desserts, floods, and hurricanes begun to form as a result dismantling the earth’s natural flow even further. Diseases grew and spread because they were a greater match to the existing frequency.

The way the earth affects you, you affect it as well. When you go through hate, misery, sadness the earth suffers also as it receives parts of that vibration. When the world goes through war, plagues, misery, the earth becomes downgraded in light frequency.

Now, there are massive light influxes of light frequency that help restore the natural hemisphere of the earth, clear distortion, and layers of heaviness. This helps in raising the frequency of the earth with greater life force, like a magnet of light pulling the earth towards lighter dimensions. Similarly, all the earth beings begin to accelerate in light frequency, and awaken to greater growth, with more love and light.

As you have understood, the course of the earth is not where it is now. The earth’s purpose is to form more life, to be a habitat for many species, and to help all those experience growth. Growth comes for “awakening” from wisdom, from returning to love. This is what initiates now. Indeed many people don’t experience this yet, but it is only the beginning. The changes that earth undergoes are soon to arise and none can doubt of this pull to the light any longer.

Locations of light on earth

The earth now holds places with increased light frequency. Those are meant to be harnessed and used for growth, for healing, for rejuvenation. There are portals of light that assist a soul recover, harness energy, and spiritual power.

These locations were not there before you see, they become created with the intention of helping the earth sustain a greater light frequency and not become downgraded like times before.

In spirit, those energy transmissions are openly available anytime a soul requires it, but here now, the soul becomes drained easily as the energies that exist on the earth plane range from high to low. You can easily become overwhelmed and further from your soul’s growth. This is the reason that this “downgrade” in dimensions occurred and the human perspective became filled with ego. Now, the earth becomes a place of light transitions to all those who seek for them.

Those locations are spread through the entire earth. They are in other words sources of “light frequency” deliberately added to increase the spiritual acceleration on earth.

How to use light locations

The earth uses those sources of light frequency to absorb light to lift towards greater ascension, remove layers of fear and misery and darkness. It can no longer become downgraded again you see as so much light exists on its surface (and within it) to sustain it.

You can also use those light spots to experience great spiritual growth. There are many ways to do this but we can guide you through one now.

Firstly you intent to experience the benefit from those light locations.

Sit in contemplation and clear your mind from thought.

Speak the words: I connect with the light now, may I benefit from this connection now. May the light clear and rejuvenate my energy and raise my vibration. May it carry away any negativity distortion or fear. May this light surround me with healing, and love.

All you have to do after this is be receptive. Allow the merging to occur. You don’t need to know where these light locations are because with your intention you attract them towards you.

Let Light surround your essence then, clearing layers of ego and distortion and helping you rise in greater joy, health, and illumination.

Light the earth uses the light to sustain raise in frequency, so you too can elevate.

The keepers of the light

we are the keepers of the light on earth And we have come forward now with this information to inform you that there is greater light on earth now than ever before, and it is ever increasing.

Those light locations on earth “charge” the earth with greater light, and affect you in your ascension so that humanity and all physical beings on earth lift in a greater light. There can be no more “downgrading” from where you are supposed to be. Layers of distortion, earthbound, and sources of darkness on earth slowly clear.

Indeed, the earth now holds light on its surface super changing the ascension process. Light frequencies are all around you, and it helps the light that you hold within, and the light that exists within the earth becomes greater.

Ascension is not only a mental state, but it is the ability to experience light frequencies faster, and more frequently. Along with the earth’s sphere, the timelines themselves shed the ones that don’t hold light frequency. Soon the world as you know it will be filled with many changes bestowed by the light. Do not fear, do not doubt, and do not worry all this light illuminates your path, reveals your inner connection with all that is. You are surrounded by light frequencies and you become lighter yourself.

Relax and experience the light transmissions that join you whenever you allow them to do so. Each time, you become a match to your soul light. You are the light.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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