Shifting the 3D spell Angel Forecast November 2020

“You went through powerful shifts during September and especially October, that prepare you for uncovering the veil of illusion. You are no longer held under the illusion of 3D reality. You have the choice to see past that, and into the truth, into the light. So many portals have opened up for you, and wait for you to grasp them. November will teach you or rather let you practice how to move through those portals, how to trust your newly awakened gifts, and experience life in 5D and higher.

You newly awakened activations

So many of you have concluded deep clearings of past lives, karmic bonds, fears and trauma, so much so, that you are vibrating in a different frequency, one that will allow you to capture different understanding and perceptions of a lighter world.

One matter that activated within you is the ability to detract, shift from the 3D spell. What we mean is that you subconsciously know when something, an experience, a thought, a fear, comes from a reality that is no longer a match to you. All the density and empathic skills, have taught you to feel and know when something feels out of alignment, heavy, dense. We ask that you apply this knowledge from now on onward by taking a step back from the chaos of a dense moment. Realize when something doesn’t feel right for you, and shift it. You have been tested over and over for this, and now you are ready to apply this knowledge in November.

When something felt hard or difficult, once you take a step back you will realize that there’s another take to it; a reason, an idea, a thought, a perception, a knowing that will help you see it from a higher vibration. This is a powerful tool that has been activated within you.

Don’t take life as it is given, see the light through each situation. When you look at it from a different perspective, whichever that dense situation or thought, or emotion is, you shine light to it. If you pause and just observe the situation from a place of “seeing its light”, then you manage to shift it to serve the light. November will give you many instances to test this, so that you can become skilled in shifting what feels dense, back to light. Use this tool. See what feels heavy and dense as an opportunity to alchemize it to light.

We explain this with so much gratitude and joy, as you have finally reached this point in your ascension path, that you won’t only shift what is held within you, but also you have the power to shift the density of the world, the earth, and the people.

You are no longer sucked-in the chaos and density, you can see past that. The 3D veil is so thin now, that it won’t affect you as it did before. Practice this tool, and keep practicing it until it becomes second nature. November and December is your “practice period”.


Portals of light

Navigating through November, there are many portals waiting to open, shedding light to false ideals and dense paradigms of the world. What doesn’t serve comes to light, so that it clears. This does not only occur on a global scale, but also a personal one. You will notice situations in your life are put to an end, people, situations and relationships end, truths come to light, illnesses find cures. Whatever holds density sees the light.


Surviving the November shifts

What’s more, moving through these highly charged periods in November (1/11, 11/11, 15/11, 30/11) will continue activating within you special codes that will prepare you to deeper dive in 5D, but also your life’s path.

Follow those impulses, trust your intuition however small it might be. Trust your path, trust your journey and don’t let anyone distract you from it. Don’t let the fear hold you back. Love it and shift it as you can now do easier.


It’s important to move your body among the heavy density and light downloads. Put on music and sway in the rhythm, go on walks in nature. Laugh often, meditate and enjoy each moment. Find balance in your life and don’t overwork. In November spent more time doing things you love. It is not a month of hard work, so set up frequent breaks and weekends away. You will need them to restore your frequency and re-charge.

The symptoms you will face in November vary as you’re still navigating intense energy periods. But one symptom very frequent will be tiredness. Your body and mind needs to re-charge to implement those heavy changes in your cells and subconscious. Love yourself through the symptoms and honor what your body tells you.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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